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The cold is coming, bears hibernate, birds fly south, and only we have to wake up each cold morning and go to work. So, how to survive in this harsh time and maximally save the productivity? Is it possible to turn off the “sleep mode” and force yourself to do something? The answer is yes and in this article, we are going to explain to you how to do this.

We have collected 10 best heaters that will warm you up and return to the normal active “life mode” allowing you to work normally and not to hate everyone and everything when waking up in the morning. All the options presented below differ by their price tag, set of the features, and manufacturer. Some of them ideally suit the large premises while others will be a good choice for small rooms or offices.

Review of each heater presented in our article includes its strengths and weaknesses as well as important moments to note. Check the options chosen by our team, compare the heaters that have interested you, and choose the one that suits your requirements most of all.

Name of the Heater Type of the Heater Weight of the Heater Wattage
 Lasko 6462
(Winner of the list)
 Tower  9.45 Pounds  1500 Watts
 DeLonghi TRD40615T  Tower 24 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 Honeywell HZ-980  Semi – Portable  21.1 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 The Holmes  Portable  3.6 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 Lasko 754200  Portable  4 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 Honeywell UberHeat  Portable  3.8 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 DeLonghi EW7507EB  Tower  24.2 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 Crane Fireplace  Desktop 14.08 Pounds  1500 Watts  
 Dyson AM05  Tower  5.2 Pounds  Unknown  
 Optimus H-7328  Tower  12.29 Pounds  1000 Watts  

Heater #1: Optimus H-7328 – Best Rotating Heater

Optimus H-7328

The first position in our review is occupied by one of the most popular rotating heaters. Due to the unique mechanism allowing a 75-degrees rotation, this heater quickly spreads the heat flow throughout the room. It has two heating modes and one-speed mode.

Being created in a tower fan format, this heater has quickly become one of the most popular options nowadays due to its effectiveness, lightweight, good portability, and modern design. Moreover, this option can boast of the title of “the safest” heater due to its ability to turn off immediately when it’s about to fall.

Safe construction and high productivity allow you to use this heater in any room in your house while due to the good portability and lightweight, you are able to move it from one premise to another.

  • Has a remote control;
  • 75-degrees rotating mechanism;
  • Safe construction;
  • Modern design;
  • Good portability and lightweight.


  • Only one-speed mode;
  • Runs quite noisily.

Heater #2: Dyson AM05 – The Fastest Heater

Dyson AM05

When we hear “the fastest”, we think about Usain Bolt but actually, this heater also has got such title and this is fully justified. Let’s see why.

The first thing that should be mentioned about this heater is its design. The manufacturers of this option have done their best to create the most modern design available today. It looks quite simple and futuristic, that stands it out from the crowd and makes a good addition to the design of your interior.

This option belongs to the category of fan heaters and you will ask how it’s possible as it doesn’t have blades? Easily! This heater is one of the representatives of the modern bladeless fans. In addition to this, it can not only heat up the room but also cool it in the hot summer, that makes it one of the most versatile options presented in our article.

The heater has ten settings which allow you to warm up the room much faster than other similar options can. If speaking about the productivity and speed, you will hardly find a better option. Moreover, the stylish futuristic design will make this heater your favorite right after you placed it inside your room.

Simple, stylish, and effective- these words can best describe the second option in our list. In addition to this, the option is lightweight and portable, so it will not cost you any significant efforts to move it from one room to another.

  • Can work both as the heater and as the cooler;
  • Is lightweight and portable;
  • The fastest option for today;
  • Has the ten settings of the fan;
  • Futuristic modern design.
  • The cost is higher in comparison with other options;
  • Runs quite noisily.

Heater #3: Crane Fireplace – The Coziest Heater

Crane Fireplace

When seeing this heater, you immediately start thinking about cozy evenings with the mulled wine near the fireplace when there is nothing but you, soft blanket, and the fascinating fire dance… Ok, let’s come back to reality and consider the main features of the next heater in our list.

Speaking about titles, this heater probably is worth getting “the most aesthetic” one. None of the modern heaters can boast of such atmospheric design with the dancing flames of fire. However, you shouldn’t think that the beautiful appearance in the only one trump card of this option. It is also able to quickly heat up the large room.

When falling in love with this heater you should note that unlike the usual options, this one doesn’t have different settings that allow you to control the heat. It looks like a fireplace and works like a fireplace, this is its main advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

In addition to this, the heater has quite an affordable cost for its features and design, so it can be definitely related to the most cost-effective options available nowadays. Thus, if you are searching for the effective option that will not make you a bankrupt and add coziness to your living room, at the same time quickly warming it, you will not find a better option than this guy.

Summing up everything about this heater, it is definitely the unique option that will please you with the beautiful appearance and effective work. Also, you should note that the heater’s body is cool to the touch, so you don’t risk to get burned like with the real fireplace.

  • The heater’s body is cool to the touch;
  • The most atmospheric design for today;
  • Adds coziness and heat up even to the large room.
  • Doesn’t have a remote control;
  • Doesn’t have settings;
  • Have to be turned off manually.

Heater #4: DeLonghi EW7507EB – Best Choice for the Office Use

DeLonghi EW7507EB

First of all, it isn’t nice. Just put up with this. It is effective, durable, and powerful, but not nice. This option refers to the oil radiators and is able to heat even the large office premises. Although the heater doesn’t work as fast as its fan-type competitors, it has a great benefit – because of the oil filler, it can heat the room up for up to one hour after you turned it off.

The option is equipped with a timer that allows you to set the necessary time when the heater should be turned on. This is a great feature as you shouldn’t wait for a long time when your workplace will be heated up- just set the timer for an hour before you come to the office. It is a unique feature as the majority of other heaters available for purchasing nowadays offer to set a timer for the certain term you want your heater to run for.

For those who are searching for the effective heater for the large offices and don’t want it to become a part of the overall décor of the room, this option is the best choice. It is durable, safe, runs quietly, and can provide you with a heat even after being turned off. What else do you need to heat up your workplace?

  • Has a unique timer;
  • Runs absolutely quietly;
  • Is able to heat up the large premises;
  • Heat up for up to one hour after being turned off.
  • Doesn’t have an aesthetic appearance;
  • Works comparably slowly;
  • Is quite heavy (however has wheels for the easy transportation).

Heater #5: Honeywell UberHeat HCE200W – The Best Adjustable Heater

Honeywell UberHeat HCE200W

If you are aimed at the functionality and performance, and the price tag doesn’t mean a lot for you, then we recommend you to consider this option. With the modern cylindrical design, this option looks more like a bass drum than a heater. It will become a “zest” of your interior and add style and uniqueness to any room you decide to place it. Besides the modern stylish look, this small heater will surprise you with its performance. Unlike other options of such size, it is able to heat up the middle-size room and do it much faster than its competitors.

Due to its portability and lightweight, you can place the heater wherever you want – under the table, on the desk, and even on the bedside table to sleep in the warmth and comfort. This option differs from many others available today by the many parameters. First of all, it works much more quickly, can heat up larger premises than other options with similar size, and looks more stylish and unique.

In addition to the high-end features mentioned above, this heater has one more trump card and this is the warranty. The option comes with the three-year warranty from the manufacturer and this means that you can be absolutely sure in the quality of the product you purchase. According to the thousands of positive reviews from users, this heater hasn’t disappointed anyone with its performance and functionality, so you will not be an exception.

So, let’s sum up, for whom it will suit better? Actually, there isn’t one and only answer to this question, this heater will be an ideal choice for use both in the office and at home, as it can be an ideal addition to any room you place it. If you want to find a small portable option to heat up small or average-size rooms and want to get the topnotch features and stylish design – stop your choice on this heater.

Some of you may claim that it is too pricey but you should note that each dollar you pay for it, is fully justified with the high quality and the first-class features of this option.

  • Three-years warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Heats up faster than all similar options;
  • Modern stylish design;
  • Lightweight and good portability.
  • It is a pricey option;
  • Runs noisily.

Heater #6: Lasko 754200 –The Best Budget Heater

Lasko 754200

We all used to think that low cost means poor quality and that to find something with an affordable price tag and high-quality features is almost impossible. We are going to break this myth as many of the modern manufacturers decided to create budget options with high-end features due to a high demand.

Heater number six in our list can boast of an excellent price and functionality ratio. Unlike many budget options available nowadays, this one will not break down after less than the year of its use and the main reasons for this is the quality of its hardware. As a rule, cheap options have low-quality construction and their details are not designed for a long-term use. This heater has a well-designed body and is a budget option because of the quite slow speed of its work if compare with other options.

Nevertheless, even being not so fast as more expensive options, this heater will heat up the small room easily and even will stay warm for a certain period after you turned it off. This option refers to the thermostat heaters and it means that it doesn’t blow the warm air as the fan-type options do, but heats up the air in a room instead of this.

This option is considered is one of the best budget heaters affordable to date. In addition to the attractive price tag, it is portable and lightweight. Due to its small size, you can place the heater wherever you want, even on the desk near your laptop to work comfortably in your office. The heater is equipped with the handle for convenient carrying and weighs only three pounds.

Of course, you shouldn’t think that this option will serve you as long as other with much higher price, but it is definitely much better and more durable than the majority of options in this price range. If you are searching for a portable, lightweight, effective heater for small rooms and don’t want to spend a fortune on it, here it is – your ideal choice.

  • Automatically turns off to prevent overheating;
  • Has an excellent portability;
  • Good choice to heat up small premises;
  • High-quality features at a very attractive price.
  • Isn’t as durable as other more expensive options;
  • Doesn’t work as fast as other heaters;
  • Runs noisily.

Heater #7: The Holmes – The Best Choice for Small Spaces

The Holmes

Maybe it’s only my opinion but I think that nowadays it’s easier to find a heater for large rooms than for small ones. In each house in the cold seasons, there are small spaces we want to be heated. It can be a kitchen, hallway, and a bathroom. The latter one is especially important because of those moments when you just going to take a bath and after you have to turn off the hot water and go out are the most terrible. The temperature seems much lower and you think that in some minutes you will turn into a Yeti because of a terrible cold in the bathroom.

The heater which occupies the seventh position in our review can be used in all small rooms in our house including the bathroom. It has a specially protected water-proof plug which makes it absolutely safe in use even if it had a contact with water. Among other features of this option that make it worth your attention is its lightweight and good portability. As well as some other heaters that have been included in our review, you can place it wherever you want inside a house or office.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, this heater is very simple in controlling. It is equipped with the LED panel allowing you to choose the necessary settings easily and what is more important- quickly. This option isn’t overloaded with super-difficult to understand control panels and settings, everything is very simple. To sort out which mode you need at the moment, you don’t have to spend much time. Everything is well optimized and very simple.

Speaking about functionality and productivity, this heater will heat up your room quickly due to the fast speed of its fans. It doesn’t have an outstanding design or other unique features but it is able to perform the work excellently and serve you for many years. As some other options presented in our review, this one also is equipped with the timer but you should note that it will be reset each time when you turn off the heater. Also, some users mentioned in their reviews that the light of the LED control panel is too bright which is not very convenient at night.

So, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of this option, we want to sum up that it is a good heater if you:

  1. Need a budget-friendly option with a set of good features;
  2. Want to heat small rooms;
  3. Are searching for a heater which can be used in a bathroom.

All in all, it is a good option which is powerful enough to heat your room and is portable and lightweight. In addition to this, you will be pleasantly surprised by its price tag.

  • The ideal choice for small rooms;
  • Can be safely used in a bathroom;
  • Is very portable;
  • Is lightweight and small;
  • Has a fast speed of fans;
  • Easily controlled;
  • Is equipped with the LED panel.
  • Light of the LED panel may be too bright at night;
  • You need to reset the timer each time after turned it off;
  • May not be enough for larger rooms.

Heater #8: Honeywell HZ-980 – The Best Choice for Large Rooms

Honeywell HZ-980

If the previous position was occupied by the best choice for small rooms, this one vice versa ideally suits large rooms and offices. This heater has a modern cubical shape which will look unique in any room you place it and become an interesting futuristic element of its overall design. The work of this option is based on the infrared technology that allows heating large rooms in a surprisingly short time period.

Some people claim that all the heaters based on using infrared technology are not energy-effective. However, everything changes after some period of their use when people start to understand the efficiency and performance of these appliances. This option is energy efficient and has high performance, so you will not be disappointed with its work.

The main thing that differs the heater from most other options is its safety. It is definitely worth getting “the safest” heater title. Let’s consider why. First of all, it has a special “trip over” sensor that was specially designed to prevent different hazardous situations that occur because the heater accidentally fell. In addition to this, the option has a timer which immediately turns it off if the heater is close to being overheated. Both these features make this option one of the safest available nowadays.

What about operating this heater? Here humanity is divided into two types:

  1. People who prefer analogous control;
  2. People who like digital control.

These people are different as night and day and no one of them will choose digital features instead of analogous and vice versa. This option comes with the digital-type control that makes its operation simple and quick due to the digital panel. Moreover, it has a remote control which also significantly simplifies the overall setting of the heater.

So, summing up everything, let’s consider which of the features have made this option the best one in this category. First of all, it is safety. It actually doesn’t matter whether it’s an option designed for small rooms or for the large ones, the heater should be maximally safe. Then, digital controls and the presence of the remote control. The latter one greatly simplifies the process of adjusting the heater and minimize your moves, that is quite important when speaking about using the appliance in a large room.

In addition to the features mentioned in the previous paragraph, this heater has a stylish cubical design. Also, due to energy efficiency, it will save your electricity costs. This heater may seem a bit bulky but you shouldn’t forget that it was designed for the large rooms where small compact options will not be enough. So, if your main aim is to heat up the spacious room, this is the best combination of the appearance and performance available nowadays. Being equipped with the high-end features, this heater has the reasonable price that also is a great advantage.

Fast work, high performance, remote control, and high safety level are only some of the reasons to choose this heater for the large rooms.

  • The remote control is included;
  • Modern and unique cubical design;
  • Excellent safety features;
  • Work faster than other options;
  • Is energy-efficient;
  • Digital-type control.
  • Not as effective as radiator-type options;
  • May seem a bit bulky;
  • Is quite heavy.

Heater #9: DeLonghi TRD40615T – The Best Energy Efficient Choice

DeLonghi TRD40615T

Now it’s time to talk about energy efficiency. When we are searching for the heater the main parameters for us are its performance and energy efficiency. If with the first parameter everything seems obvious, the second one should be considered more in detail. Of course, none of us wants to calculate each time when turning on the heater how much hours of its work we can afford. We don’t want to get bills with the shocking numbers at the end of each month and save on our comfort to reduce them. The best way out of this situation is purchasing the energy efficient heater. The number nine option in our list can boast of this title. Let’s see what else it can offer us.

We called this heater the best energy efficient option and this is fully justified. First of all, this heater produces a heat even after being turned off. It means that even after shutting the appliance down, you will get the heat that stays in the room for hours. And the most important – it stays without any energy consuming. This significantly saves the electricity and reduce your bills.

Speaking about safety, this option also doesn’t lag behind. The heater has a special shutting down system that prevents overheating and turns off the appliance after 24 hours of its use. In addition to this, the body of this radiator remains cool even when it’s working. It is really a great advantage as each of us at least once has accidentally come into contact with such-type heaters and agree, it was not a super pleasant experience.

This oil filled heater seems a bit bulky but you should take into account that it was designed to heat up large rooms and we can surely claim that it copes with this task excellently. For the better transportability, it is equipped with the durable wheels. The heater is equipped with the convenient control panel, so you can easily make all the necessary adjustments. The control panel also has a timer that is a great feature of any heater as you can go to bed and leave it turned on without any worrying that the appliance may overheat or will consume too much electricity.

Having reviewed pretty much options we want to claim that the oil filled heaters are the best choice for the large rooms as they don’t consume a lot of energy and are powerful enough to heat up the whole room in a comparably short time period. Oil heaters are heavy and bulky if compare with other-type options but their safety and energy efficiency has no equal. If you need to heat the large office or a living room in your house, the ninth option in our list of best heaters available today will do it better than any other.

Do we recommend this heater? Of course, yes! It has both advantages and disadvantages as any other option but its features make it a great choice for large rooms. The heat that stays in your house for hours and best energy efficiency stand this option from the crowd and make it worth your attention.

  • Heat stays for hours even after turning the appliance off;
  • Bets energy efficiency;
  • Has a timer;
  • Works noiselessly.
  • The oil may smell when heated;
  • Heats more slowly than fan-type heaters;
  • Doesn’t have a remote control;
  • Is comparably heavy and bulky.

Heater #10: Lasko 6462 – Best Option with 360 Degrees Heating

Lasko 6462

The main thing that makes this option unique and adds popularity is the special mechanism of 360-degrees rotation. Due to such construction, the heater spreads warm air throughout the room and heats it much faster than the usual plain options. We have already mentioned the rotational option in our list but this one is able to spread heat in all directions when rotating unlike the first heater in our review.

In comparison with other types of heaters, this one is more efficient and can distribute the heat uniformly. The Lasko brand is one of the well-known nowadays and its products occupy the TOP places in many reviews. Such popularity is justified as this option is not only efficient but also safe and easy to use. It doesn’t have a trip sensor and this is its main drawback but it is equipped with the timer that prevents overheating. So, if the temperature of the appliance has reached a dangerous level, it will be turned off immediately. In addition to this, it has a good ventilation system.

The option has a display where you can easily make all the necessary adjustments. This heater is a good choice for small and average-size rooms. It will not take much space due to its compact size and will become a stylish addition to any décor.

Among the main disadvantages of this heater is only the lack of the trip sensor while the number of advantages is quite high. It has a modern and stylish design, is portable and energy efficient and is able to uniformly heat up the room. This option completes our list of ten best heaters for now and as well as each of the previously reviewed appliances will become an excellent choice for cold seasons.

  • Has many modern features;
  • Is easy to use;
  • Distributes the heat uniformly;
  • Is portable and stylish.
  • Doesn’t have a trip sensor.

Golden Tips or How to Choose the Heater by Yourself

Nowadays it is a real challenge to choose a good appliance at a reasonable price and with the topnotch features. We want the heater to serve us long and properly as well as don’t want to get the shocking bills at the end of each month. Specially for people who have decided to choose an appliance by themselves, we have collected “golden tips” that will help to make the right choice.

First of all, you should decide which type of heater do you need. Nowadays there are different types of appliances and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no “ideal” option that will be recommended for everyone because it is “the best” one. In our article two main types of heaters have been considered. Let’s check which one of these types will suit you best.

  • Radiator type heaters fit people who are aimed at heating the large rooms. This is the best type of appliances as they can easily warm up the whole premise and don’t cool down as fast as the fan-type heaters. This helps to consume less energy and increases the overall heater’s performance as your room will still be heated even when your appliance is turned off.
  • Fan-type heaters will become an excellent choice for people who need to quickly warm up the small rooms and need the appliance which will be lightweight and portable. Fan heaters can be easily moved from one room to another and because of their fast spreading of the warm air, your office or room will become well heated in the much shorter time period. This type of appliances consumes more energy but you need less time to feel the result of their work, so it depends on your needs.

It can’t be said that one type is better than another as they were designed for different heating needs. For some people, the first type will ideally suit while others will not find better than the second one.

Besides the type of the heater you should take into account some other important factors:

  1. Safety level. We all should understand that safety must be in the first place when choosing a heater. Especially if you are going to leave it working at night or when you are not at home. This is the parameter on which you shouldn’t save.
  2. The design of the appliance. For many people, it is important that the heater will suit the overall design of the room where it is placed.
  3. Energy efficiency. This is clear – the less energy your heater consumes, the less money you will spend to pay bills.
  4. How noisy your heater is. This parameter is extremely important if you are going to use the appliance in the room with small children or simply don’t want anything to disturb you with the annoying buzzing.
  5. Does your heater have a timer or not. If you want to use it when going to bed or come from the work to the already heated room, it is better to choose an option which comes with an auto timer.
  6. The heater’s size. It is an important feature as well as the appliance’s portability. If you are going to move the option from one room to another it will be better to choose the small heater or option which is equipped with wheels.
  7. Whether the heater’s body remains cool while its work. The majority of the modern options have this feature and this is a great advantage as none of us wants to get burnt when accidentally touch the heater which has been working for some hours.
  8. Whether the heater is turned off when is overheated. This feature refers to the overall safety of the appliance and is also very important. Almost all modern options are equipped with the special timer which turns off the appliance when it is close to being overheated in order to avoid hazardous situations.