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Best Overall: Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

Yeti Hopper Flip is an excellent little cooler that will become an indispensable thing for those who love picnics. This cooler can store up to 16 cans of drink and special ice for cooling. Special sealed insulation keeps foods and drinks cold for a long period of time.

Thanks to DryHide Shell technology, the cooler does not absorb moisture and is resistant to mold. You can drop it in a puddle, and the contents of the container will not be affected. Special HazMat material is resistant to punctures and scratches. The cooler reliably protects all contents, keeping uniform temperature condition. The construction weight is 4 pounds.

The stylish white color, the logo in the center and the blue clasp make this cooler very stylish. Yeti is suitable for small companies who like to relax in the park, on the beach or in the woods. Wherever you are, cool drinks and snacks will always be with you.

Best Budget: Coleman Soft Collapsible Cooler with Removable Liner

Coleman Soft Collapsible has a classic look. The soft design is conveniently folded for storage, and does not take up much space. Such a device is suitable for a classic picnic, country trip or a long trip. The cooler has two zippers, thanks to which the fast unloading of food and drinks is done. A special belt allows you to wear a cooler like a backpack.

The internal rigid container prevents deformation of food and drinks. If desired, the container can be removed. The material is durable and scratch-resistant. This allows you to not worry about the safety of the contents of the container. Special outer pockets are suitable for storing bottles or small items.

The cooler is able to maintain the temperature of food and drinks for a long period of time. A special inner container is treated with preparations to prevent the development of mold and mildew. Thanks to its water resistance, your things inside the container will not get wet.

Best for Camping: KULA 2.5-Gallon Cooler

This rigid container is perfect for those who want to spend time outside the city, on the beach or in the company of friends. Stylish and efficient cooler copes with all the tasks. The ventilation system provides air flow and prevents food spoilage. The container weighs 11 pounds, which makes it suitable for country trips by car. Special hinge allows you to open the top cover in any direction. This is especially convenient in the dark. The built-in bottle opener simplifies any picnic. The case of the cooler is shockproof, water resistant and UV resistant.

This allows you to keep the cooler in the sun for a long period of time. GatorShell technology makes the case very durable. You should not be afraid to deform it when falling. The cooler can accommodate a sufficient amount of food and drinks for a large company. Stylish exterior design makes the cooler a great accessory for all occasions. The flat lid can serve as a small table for food and drinks. It is convenient on the beach and in the forest when you need to put some things on a stable surface.

Best for the Beach: SCOUT Pleasure Chest Insulated Soft Cooler

This cooler will suit beach lovers. Not everyone wants to carry with them a huge plastic cooler. It is hard and inefficient. Many people spend 2-3 hours on the beach. In rare cases, tourists can lie on the beach for half a day. This cooler looks like a stylish beach bag and has two convenient handles. You can dress him on the shoulder and go to the beach with friends. The device has a hard bottom for food and drinks. Internal volume is enough for half a day’s provisions. The bag is very stable on the sand and is easily cleaned from small grains of sand. It is enough to wipe your hand over the surface of the cooler. The bag has two side pockets for small items. There are 19 variants of this cooler in the range. This is sufficient to select the most appropriate device model. A stylish device helps you keep your food and drinks cool. This is a great opportunity to enjoy every moment on the beach.

Best Collapsible: GigaTent Orange Insulated Collapsible Cooler

Stylish appearance of the cooler is a great addition for any user. However, functionality and reliability still come first. GigaTent is an excellent cooler with soft walls and a rigid base. You can fold it to save space. Thanks to 600D nylon, you should not worry about durability and reliability. This material is resistant to friction, scratches and punctures. You can put ice in a container, or store drinks and food without it. The cooler is able to maintain the temperature for a long period of time. Special straps are convenient for transportation. The cooler has a bottle opener and a stylish look. Three color options are a good alternative to monochrome coolers. Up to 16 soda cans can be placed in the inner compartment.

Best for Dry Ice: Yeti Roadie 20

This cooler is a smaller version of the Tundra. This is a great option for short trips and walks. Sturdy construction will survive even the bear’s paw. The body is covered with shock-resistant material, resistant to sunlight and bacteria. The cover has a sealed joint and is equipped with a reliable locking mechanism. You can put dry ice here for long-term cold temperatures. The tight cover does not pass moisture, dust dirt and foreign smells. The waterproof design is great for traveling on water.

This cooler is suitable for companies who want to have a great time on vacation, on the beach, in the woods or in the mountains. A convenient handle will allow you to comfortably transport the cooler to the parking lot. The design weighs 16 pounds, which implies the presence of a vehicle or the transfer of the cooler for short distances.

Best Smart Cooler: Super Real Business Cooler with Speakers

This cooler is one of the most non-standard on the market. In addition to its main function, it has built-in speakers and a subwoofer for 8 watts. Interesting isn’t it? This cooler connects to most modern smartphones and has a charging port. Loud bass, clear mid and high frequencies are great for outdoor entertainment. But what about the main function? The cooler copes with the cooling of food and drinks. The ease of construction allows you to transfer it to any distance. Body material is waterproof. The same goes for speakers. You can count up to 8 hours of comforting cooling of your food and drinks. A variety of colors and shapes will appeal to stylish users. You can even choose a cooler in the colors of the American flag.

Best Soft-Sided: eBags Crew Cooler II

This cooler has a small size and is perfect for carrying things and cooling food and drinks. There is enough space for soda cans, snack packages or plastic containers. You can put dry ice in a special compartment for long-term maintenance of the required temperature. This is a great stylish cooler that not only performs its main function, but also looks very stylish. In addition to food and drinks, the design includes front and side pockets. Here you can store small things, smartphones and keys. Convenient zip fasteners are corrosion resistant and water resistant. Comfortable handles and side belt allows you to comfortably carry the cooler over long distances.

This cooler is suitable for recreation in the park, in the mountains, on the beach and everywhere where access to cool water and food is required. It’s hard to believe, but Crew Cooler II was designed primarily for flight personnel. Despite this, the cooler is very versatile, and is applicable in various areas of life.

Our Process

All team members spent about 5 hours studying various coolers and their features. In general, more than 55 different models from 30 brands were investigated. Experts have studied all the nuances, specifications, design features and appearance. Based on personal experience and more than 100 user reviews, we have compiled the best recommendations that will suit many potential buyers.