The 8 Best Soft Coolers of 2019

The 8 Best Backpack Coolers of 2019
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Best Overall: Yeti Hopper Flip 18


Yeti Hopper Flip with closed-cell rubber foam insulation sets a new standard for cooling your food and drink. New insulation system with blocking pores blocks external heat. Hermetically sealed and UV resistant design allows you to keep the contents of the cooler cold for several days. Drinks and foods are easily reached from a wide opening. The special lightning does not pass moisture and resistant to corrosion. The body material is made of wear-resistant fabric with protection from moisture and mold. Convenient handles and low weight allow you to transport the cooler at any distance.

An accessory attachment system allows you to carry a lot of accessories. The stylish appearance of the cooler and the color range will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

Best for Camping: Otterbox Trooper LT 30

Trooper LT 30 is a great solution for those who are not enthusiastic about ice coolers. This option allows you to place enough food and drinks in order to keep it cold for 3-4 days. How do you like this result? The system of latches and internal fixation ensures the safety of beverages and food. You should not worry about the fact that the liquid can spill.

The design of the cooler is quite convenient for transportation. You can carry it in your hand or in an extra bag. It all depends on the final distance. Included with the cooler comes a bottle opener and fixation mounts for additional items. The external design of the cooler is resistant to contamination, liquids and odors. You should not worry about the safety of their provisions.

A convenient system for closing the lid ensures the tightness of the design. Flap cover provides quick access to chilled beverages and food. This is a universal design that will suit every traveler. If you wish, you can put up to 50 cans of soda in the main compartment.

Best for Hiking: Hydro Flask Unbound 22L Soft Cooler Pack

Hydro Flask Unbound Soft Cooler Pack is a beautiful and stylish cooler. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, the device keeps food and drinks cold for more than 48 hours. The backpack weighs three kilograms, has comfortable straps with adjustment and is made in white. Side pockets are spacious enough for storing water bottles. A special compartment for small items allows you not to lose valuables.

The cooler is equipped with a comfortable upper part with a folding mechanism. The zipper makes it possible not to worry about the safety of things. The body is made of moisture-resistant material, which favorably affects the safety of food and beverages. The inner section is BPA-free and has FDA food-grade. All products are safe. The case material is durable and not deformable. It is durable to mechanical damage, scratches and cuts.

The rectangular shape of the cooler is convenient for loading and unloading products. Special compression base is convenient for everyday use. You can use this cooler for country parties or traveling in the park. This cooler is also useful on a hot sunny day on the beach. White color reflects heat, which favorably affects the condition of products.

Best for Beach: Mountainsmith Cooler Tube


Many people appreciate the compactness and light weight of coolers. If you are one of the minimal fans, then Mountainsmith Cooler Tube is the best solution for you. This cooler holds up to six cans of soda or any kind of snack. Excellent reliable lightning provides quick access to the contents of the cooler.

The design is very convenient for carrying on the shoulder. Low weight and equal load distribution allows you to enjoy a cold drink on the beach or while walking.

Best Budget: Coleman 40-Can Collapsible Cooler


Coleman cooler is a great choice for those who appreciate classic design and versatility. An empty container is easy to roll up and store in a jacket, or in any drawer in your home. The weight of an empty cooler is only 1.5 kg. In the main compartment fit two packs of soda or beer. Internal and external coating of the cooler is resistant to moisture, mold and odors. The material is easy to clean. The compartment system allows you to distribute all the necessary things for a picnic. You can easily transfer this device in your hands or place it in the trunk of a car. Convenient zip fasteners provide protection from moisture. Side pockets are suitable for small items and paper. Stylish red color will appeal to fans of bright coolers. You will not lose it in the grass or on the sand. Contrast coloration will help identify the cooler anywhere.

Best for Picnics: Columbia PFG Permit 20


Many people dream of a stylish and convenient cooler that would weigh a little more than a pound. Now this dream has become a reality.

Columbia PFG Permit 20 has a stylish appearance, soft walls and a flat base for convenient storage of food or drinks. The outer material of the cooler is made of waterproof material. You should not worry about water getting inside. The cooler closes comfortably and keeps all things inside. You can do any kind of sport without removing the backpack. It is very convenient. Special impregnation blocks the entry of dirt, microbes and any foreign particles into the closed cooler. Special external pocket is suitable for smartphones, keys or small accessories.

Best for Paddling: IceMule Classic


IceMule Classic is a great cooler for lovers of hiking and kayaking. Imagine that you are all day on the water. The sun shines brightly, and the heat melts rubber oars. In such conditions, I want something cold. This cooler will allow you to enjoy ice cola or any other drink up to 24 hours. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Special sealed design is resistant to moisture, dirt and mold. Up to 12 cans of soda or other items can be placed inside the container. We can put the necessary amount of ice to maintain the required temperature. You can wear this cooler like a backpack. The soft design allows you to roll the cooler for easy transportation.

Best for Tailgating: Pelican 48 Can Elite


Pelican 48 Can Elite is the king of all coolers when it comes to a party or a trip out of town. The cooler is made of durable material resistant to liquids, scratches and mechanical damage. The cooler is completely sealed. A solid base holds the shape of a rectangle. Thanks to this, you can gently pack food and drinks for a large company. The weight of the structure is not too heavy, so anyone can get it out of the trunk of the car. You can put up to 48 cans in there. That’s enough for a big company. Any food and drink will maintain its temperature for about two days. This is enough even for long hikes.