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Which 30oz tumbler is the best available? In this Ultimate tumbler survey I’ll take a gander at the significant brands of tumblers available and how they contrast with each other in highlights and execution.

I for one obtained myself a Yeti 30oz, RTIC 30oz, Engel 30oz, Pelican 32oz and Orca 27oz tumbler and utilized every one of them for a matter of months before composing this survey.

Fundamentally I utilized these protected containers for my every day smoothies, tea and espresso and as a general rule I topped them off just before going for a drive some place. In the course of recent months or so I’ve gotten a better than average thought regarding the distinctions in these tumblers.

I should concede that when I spent the cash to purchase 5 tumblers that were all to a great degree like each other I figured 2 things would be the central elements of which tumbler is the best. (Turned out I was thoroughly off-base.)

1. Execution

I believed that whichever tumbler played out the best by holding ice the longest (or keeping my tea hot the longest) would win my vote.

Be that as it may, the reality of the situation was these tumblers outflanked my real everyday necessities. They kept my smoothies cool for a considerable length of time, even in the hot auto when I went to the shoreline. Also, my tea/coffee was altogether gone before it had an opportunity to get even lukewarm.

Since execution was so great thus comparative between these tumblers it really had zero bearing on which tumbler I thought was ideal.

2. The Lid

The Lid

I’d see these tumblers with a changeless gap in the cover (I’m taking a gander at you Yeti) and thought:

That is idiotic! The ones with top spreads will be way better” … however the inverse really ended up being valid.

The hooks on the tops aren’t exactly sufficiently solid for you to believe them in your sack. So regardless you utilize them the same as a tumbler with a gap in the cover, just they are considerably harder to tidy and wound up with 3-day old smoothie covered in them.

The Best 30oz Tumbler Is…

In spite of alternate brands being path less expensive on Amazon I observed the Yeti 30oz Tumbler to be my most loved tumbler of all. I’ll discuss why in only a moment.

The Best 30oz Tumbler Is

After the Yeti my most loved tumblers all together are:

  • Orca 27oz
  • RTIC 30oz
  • Engel 30oz
  • Pelican 32oz

The Engel and Pelican came last in light of the fact that the cover tops wound up being to a greater degree a deterrent than an assistance. They simply aren’t sufficiently solid to trust when they are slamming around in your sack (protected jugs are better) and when you leave your natural product smoothie in the auto for 3 days (as I did) and after that attempt to wash it you’ll figure out how terrible these tops really are.

The RTIC has a somewhat more extensive width at its base than the Yeti meaning it didn’t really fit in my container holder (making it totally pointless to me) and the shape of the Orca made it marginally harder to hold than the Yeti, in addition,it is marginally littler.

Budget PickBudget Pick

In the event that cost is a worry to you then by all methods go for the RTIC 30oz. It’s as yet an awesome container and performs similarly with the Yeti. In addition, in case your glass holders are more extensive than mine you won’t have any issues.


With regards to execution, these coolers perform amazingly well, holding ice for more than 24 hours and keeping refreshments warm for more than 5-6 hours.

Truly attempting to analyze the execution of these tumblers is about as gainful as endeavoring to milk a flee. You simply aren’t generally going to get much for all the exertion you’ll put in.

Distinctive tests indicate diverse tumblers performing better with no evident champ that totally beats the other.

By all means, go through YouTube and search out the exhibitions tests (I viewed around 10 of them) and you’ll arrive at an indistinguishable conclusion from me.

They are for the most part incredible, and likely perform superior to anything you’ll really require them to. It’ll be alternate highlights that figure out which is the best tumbler not the warmth protection/maintenance.

Do these tumblers beat a standard container? Totally.

Is it accurate to say that they are justified regardless of the cash? As I would see it, certainly!

Do they keep ice solidified for a to a great degree long time? Indeed, and they’ll keep your espresso warm for a considerable length of time moreover.

They work extremely well, yet they all work extremely well so I’d encourage not to settle on a choice in light of performance alone.


Except for the RTIC, which is way less expensive, the majority of the tumblers retail for a similar measure of cash.

Be that as it may, costs can regularly be way less expensive than the prescribed cost on Amazon. See the connections beneath for the most up and coming Amazon costs and a preview of costs when I composed this audit.

Sasquatch 30oz – $39.99

Orca 27oz – $39.99

RTIC 30oz – $9.99

Engel 30oz – $39.99

Pelicon 32oz – $39.95

I’d abstain from purchasing the Yeti on Amazon.com (despite the fact that I’m an associate) in light of the fact that a considerable measure of the Yeti’s on Amazon are fakes. You’re in an ideal situation purchasing from Yeti specifically or from an enlisted neighborhood merchant.


I figured it is valuable to really expound on every one of the highlights of every tumbler on the off chance that you need to know more info.

I’ll likewise discuss what I preferred and what I didn’t care for about each.

Yeti 30oz Tumbler – $39.99 RRP

Yeti 30oz Tumbler

Yeti are THE brand name in the two coolers and tumblers and have set the standard that every other person takes after. For tumblers this is no exemption, relatively every other brand is gotten from the Yeti.

It’s an exceptionally basic decreased outline with a slender base so you can hold the container effectively and thicker at the best to hold more fluid.

It has a reasonable plastic top with an elastic seal that when pushed into put holds extremely well. I never need to stress over this tumbling off while I’m drinking and having my drink pour everywhere all over.

Something you don’t see in the photographs is that the top is angled toward the tasting opening, so if any fluid gets onto the cover it just keeps running once again into the glass.

The tasting opening is wide and satisfactory for drinking enabling the fluid to pool a bit as you drink it. Gives the impression you are drinking out of a mug.

While at first I thought the open tasting gap would be an issue it never ended up being and I’ve never had a spill from this glass.

It’s likewise extremely simple to clean which I discovered extremely critical.

Orca 27oz Chaser – $39.99 RRP

Orca 27oz Chaser

My #2 pick the Orce is fundamentally the same as the Yeti (you’ll hear me saying that a considerable measure).

It’s marginally littler (just 27oz rather than 30oz) however I never extremely saw the distinction. Regardless it held more than enough fluid for me and my better half to share a smoothie.

The width at the base is a little piece more extensive than the Yeti however scarcely noticeable. Rather than having 2 unmistakable thicknesses like the Yeti does it just gradually increment in thickness until about most of the way up.

This makes it marginally harder to hold than the Yeti.

The tasting gap is marginally bigger yet you don’t see and the top has 2 pulling tabs to get the cover off rather than 1. Again this isn’t generally seen as you just truly require 1 and don’t utilize the second.

The seal on the cover is really more grounded than the Yeti meaning it’s even more averse to fly up and spill if dropped, so that is a plus.

All things considered it’s a decent tumbler.

RTIC 30oz Tumbler – $9.99 RRP

RTIC 30oz Tumbler

The RTIC has truly made it’s name from ripping off Yeti. They even completed a noteworthy promoting effort discussing how they are the same as Yeti yet less expensive.

Detectable contrasts to the Yeti incorporate the seal on the cover which is discernibly weaker than the Yeti. It’s not all that terrible that it would drop out as you drink, however in the event that you dropped the container onto the ground the Yeti top is probably going to remain on while the RTIC cover I’m not entirely certain about. Could be a major issue for a few people, however a great many people won’t take note.

The tasting gap has a little indent making it greater than the Yeti and permitting more air in as you drink. This implies the liquid streams speedier so on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to scull your drinks quick then this is the glass for you.

The greatest thing you’ll see with the RTIC is the gigantic value rebate contrasted with different brands. $10 rather than $40! It’s a cracking take and extremely all around evaluated.

My greatest issue with the RTIC was the more extensive base, which really turned out to be a central factor for me as it didn’t fit in any of the glass holders in my auto making it basically futile for me.

Yeti vs Rtic

It’s just slight, possibly 1/4-1/2 inch in distance across bigger however for reasons unknown that was simply too huge for my auto to deal with.

For me cash wasn’t an issue as I needed to audit the most understood brands, yet in the event that you’re on a spending, avoid the Yeti as the RTIC will perform similarly too at a fourth of the cost.

Engel 30oz Tumbler – $39.99 RRP

Engel 30oz Tumbler

Before really trying out the tumbler the Engel was my #1 pick and I figured it would be my supreme top choice.

Be that as it may, every one of the things I thought would be pluses (top, screw on top, elastic base) ended up being negatives.

The cover top is great and has a firm seal yet it is highly unlikely that I would believe it slamming around in my sack with my stuff. One wrong knock and my pack could rapidly top off with smoothie or tea. So it didn’t offer the adaptability I was seeking after.

Additionally, when I cleared out my smoothie in the auto for quite a long time in the wake of drinking a large portion of it I had deposit built up to the top which was extremely difficult to get out. This was the major issue for me.

The screw on cover feels more secure than the fly on tops of the Yeti yet when it was wet it was extremely difficult to screw on. I recollect one day I needed to take the Engel yet couldn’t get the cover on so wound up taking the Yeti.

The non-slip elastic base makes the tumbler… well tumble…on the off chance that you thump in coincidentally when on the table. On the off chance that you thump different tumblers like the Yeti they slide and are to a lesser degree a falling peril.

The elastic grasp bottoms are a major no-no as I would like to think.

All things considered it’s a not too bad tumbler, however it has a couple of things that make it irritating to utilize and in this manner I would prompt running with something different unless you totally should have the closing cover.

Pelican 32oz Tumbler – $39.95 RRP

Pelican 32oz Tumbler

This thing feels like it is made for mammoths. I’m 6-foot-tall yet felt like a blockhead with this thing as it’s way taller than the various tumblers.

The screw on cover was REALLY difficult to get on and off. It get’s misaligned truly effectively and stalled out on events that I just abandoned everything together.

The pop cover is weaker than the Engel and has a projecting lip that when knocked, open the top. So certainly not sack safe.

The tasting opening is littler and you need to pool your fluid in the tip before drinking it which was somewhat of an irregular affair.

I know they have updated this container now, yet unquestionably stay away from this outline as different tumblers are simply way better.

In Summary

To outline this tumbler survey, the majority of the tumbler perform generally the same.

The Yeti is somewhat more pleasant to hold than alternate in addition,it has the superior brand name giving you boasting rights.

The RTIC is way less expensive and similarly as great, just the base is more extensive so be watchful there.

The Orca is nearly on a par with the Yeti, the Engel is fine yet not awesome and the Pelican is to be stayed away from unless you are a goliath or totally committed to the Pelican mark.

I trust this Ultimate 30oz tumbler survey has helped you to settle on your choice. On the off chance that you discovered this article accommodating please consider acquiring through the connections on this page as they are offshoot connections and help bolster the site.

Remain cool!