AO Coolers Review – Are These Soft Coolers Rough and Ready?

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For over 20 years AO Coolers has been shaking the soft cooler market. With that sort of life span, we would be neglectful not to assemble an AO Coolers survey. Being around for a couple of decades encourages you to take in some things about how to make due in an inexorably swarmed showcase, particularly against powerhouses, for example, Yeti, and the armies of copycats emulating their example.

In our AO Coolers survey we will set out and light up what makes AO Coolers a name worth their life span. We aren’t talking your dollar container hurl away coolers, AO makes truly in-your-face coolers for the open air aficionado.

AO Coolers – What The Brand Has to Offer

AO Coolers emerges from different coolers, and give reliable execution over the greater part of their lines, because of their Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) liner that makes all the AO Coolers spill and sweat proof. Every cooler is protected with 3/4″ of shut cell froth that is sufficiently thick to keep ice strong for whatever length of time that 24 hours in temperatures that exclusive prickly plants are comfortable in.

Look at this table to perceive how the individual models of AO Coolers vary to enable line up the cooler that to the greatest extent will best fit your needs and wants. With 9 distinctive cooler lines to browse, ideally this will enable you to get on the way somewhat faster.


 AO Canvas  AO Vinyl  AO Carbon  AO Stow-N-Go  AO Hybrid
 Series  AO Canvas  AO Vinyl  AO Carbon  AO Stow-N-Go  AO Hybrid
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 Sizes  12 Pack, 24 Pack, 36 Pack, 38 Pack, 48 Pack, Backpack  12 Pack, 15 Pack, 24 Pack, 36 Pack, 38 Pack, 48 Pack  12 Pack, 24 Pack, 36 Pack, 48 Pack  38 Pack  24 Can Pack, 64 Can Pack
 Best Uses  Fishing, hunting, boating, camping, tailgating, groceries  Fishing, hunting, boating, camping, tailgating  Fishing, hunting, boating, camping, tailgating  Fishing, hunting, boating, camping, tailgating, groceries  Fishing, hunting, boating, camping, tailgating
 External Material  Canvas  1000 denier vinyl  Woven 1000 denier vinyl in carbon-fiber pattern  Canvas & carbon-fiber pattern  Welded Thermoplastic Polyurethane & molded EVA Bottom
 Heavyweight Leak-Proof Liner  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
 Holds Ice for 24 Hours (Up to 120 Degrees)  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
 Strap  Removable shoulder strap  Removable shoulder strap  Removable shoulder strap  –  Removable shoulder strap
Dry Storage Side pocket Side pocket Side pocket Top pocket Top pocket
Low Profile
Available Colors Black, Charcoal, Mossy Oak, Navy, Red, Royal Blue Black, Royal Blue, Silver Black, Silver Black, Carbon Black, Carbon Silver Gray/Blue

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Becoming acquainted with AO Coolers

The Company

Based out of Southern California, in the City of Corona, AO Coolers are pioneers in the overwhelming duty soft cooler industry. They claim to be the first to utilize Thermoplastic Polyurethane as the liner for their soft coolers. Throughout the decades they have developed their effective soft coolers to incorporate fridges, and half breed coolers that look to cross over any barrier amongst hard and soft coolers.

Item Introduction

Item Introduction

At its heart, AO Coolers is an organization of outside devotees who simply need a quality bit of hardware that will survive an end of the week out on the lake as effectively as you survive an end of the week with the in-laws. As we specified previously, AO Coolers utilize TPU liners to ensure that you don’t get a cracked spigot rather than a substantial heavy-duty cooler.

The TPU lining likewise makes an extra boundary between within and outside of the cooler to shield dampness from creating outwardly of your cooler. An awesome component for ensuring you don’t wind up with truck bed that resembles within an over-hydrated little child’s diaper.

The outside of the AO Coolers is produced using delicate materials to avoid scratching up of your automobile. All the more vitally, this delicate yet tough external layer won’t scratch or rub against you either as you pull it around the pontoon deck, shoreline, or mountainside.

One of the neatest highlights that is extraordinary to AO Coolers is the AO Cooler Backpack fashioned to make bearing your frosty delectability all the simpler. This is only one of a few lines offered by AO to make a soft cooler answer for any event.

As a major aspect of our AO Coolers audit, we will look at every one of the 9 lines to indicate how each one expand on the elite highlights to fulfill your wants and employments.

All AO Coolers utilizes a huge mouth configuration to make it simple to put all your stuff and additionally ice into it. Securing all that set up and augmenting ice maintenance is simple as 1, 2, 3… simply investigate:

Easy as

Ice maintenance

What represents the moment of truth in a cooler is the capacity to keep your ice decent and frosty. The work of the AO Coolers keeps ice in your coolers for up to 48-hours, as long as you are not adventuring in a stove. In the event that you are out in climate that feels like a stove, the AO Cooler line has the capacity to keep that ice for an entire 24-hours. Along these lines, on the off chance that you behave like me and don’t remember to take your cooler out of the car as you are emptying, you realize that you won’t transport puddles.

While the 24-48 hour run doesn’t coordinate the hard coolers and fridges that can keep you for up to seven days, we are in any case awed that a soft cooler line has this ability.

Sizes and Capacity

Extraordinarily, compared to other favorable circumstances to being in the business for so long is that AO Coolers has taken in the requirements of the regular globe-trotter, and gives an extensive variety of size and limit alternatives. Every arrangement of AO Coolers comes in various limits running from 12 to 48 can limits.

Sizes and Capacity

The new line of Everest Hard Coolers offers a powerhouse 80-quart cooler just on the off chance that you have a more stunning end of the week arranged and require all the more conveying limit.


The manufacture nature of the AO Cooler lines is as high as comparative models, and has the toughness that a rough swashbuckler needs to ensure they remain hydrated for their entire trek. Indeed, even with the high form quality, AO Coolers remains behind their items, and their clients.

AO Coolers gives a constrained lifetime guarantee on the cooler liners and on the Top Zipper of their soft coolers. On the off chance that these parts of the cooler fizzle from deformity or typical utilization, so tragically in the event that you utilized it for cut honing, bomb testing, or enabled broken containers and jars to wreak destruction on your coolers.

What is cool about AO Coolers client bolster is that they are notwithstanding eager to repair harms you caused from your endeavors to transport flaring gas over stateliness. For a repair cost of $25.00 you can keep up your amazing cooler on the off chance that it ends up harmed.

AO just has two procedures that you should completely take after:

  1. Send it to them clean. No left overs, angle guts, cigarette butts, or shape.
  2. The cooler must be dry. As in no water, fish pee, or spilled brew.

AO Coolers Reviews

AO Canvas Cooler Series
AO Canvas Cooler

AO Canvas Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 12 Pack, 24 Pack, 36 Pack, 38 Pack, 48 Pack, Backpack
  • Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Mossy Oak

The Canvas line is the first AO Soft sided cooler, and laid the foundation for the quality coolers that AO has turned out to be known for. The canvas line has sizes that range in the vicinity of 12 and 48 can limits.

The Canvas cooler uses an expansive mouth configuration to make it simple to put beverages or nourishment clinched without having a craving for attempting to get jawbreakers out of a glass jolt. The best zips, folds, and after that clasps to ensure that, despite the fact that it has a major mouth, it can close it solidly.

You likewise have 6 shading decisions to meet your wants and needs, including an “overgrown oak” camo design that gives you a chance to conceal your refreshments from conniving chasing amigos.


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AO Vinyl Cooler Series
AO Vinyl Cooler

AO Vinyl Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 12 Pack, 15 Pack, 24 Pack, 36 Pack, 38 Pack, 48 Pack
  • Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue

Much the same as your exemplary rock choice, the AO Vinyl Coolers are intended to keep you cool for quite a long time to come. The external coating of the Vinyl arrangement is produced using 1000 denier lining, which is a fancy method for saying that this texture is more tear and water safe than different materials.

Furthermore, the nylon has been treated with an UV covering to help decrease the blurring of the pack hues. This makes these AO Coolers an awesome partner for going sailing and fishing. The SUP variant of the vinyl even has suction container grapples and ties to keep this little puppy from escaping.

The Vinyl arrangement comes in 12, 15, 24, 36, and 48 can limits, and three shading choices that are lustrous and fun.

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AO Carbon Cooler Series
AO Carbon Cooler

AO Carbon Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 12 Pack, 24 Pack, 36 Pack, 48 Pack
  • Colors: Black, Silver

The AO Carbon is your go-to cooler for any excursion. The woven vinyl outside is intended to look like carbon fiber, which is one of the coolest watching materials out there.

Other than looking great, the Carbon arrangement is additionally capable at keeping things warm, so next time you are headed to the organization excursion you can tote your potluck thing along without agonizing over it getting icy.

The Carbon arrangement is intended to meet plane portable gauges, so despite the fact that you can’t convey loads of fluids or sustenance on the plane you can even now go in style and have your trusty cooler with you on your next fishing trip with the young men.

The carbon arrangement has two shading alternatives, dark and silver, that come in 12, 24, 36, and 48 can limits.

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AO Cooler BackpackCooler Backpack

AO Cooler Backpack

  • Size: 18 Pack
  • Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Mossy Oak

Alright, this is one of the coolest contributions that AO conveys to the table. One of the greatest issues with pressing a cooler out is that you are either constrained to a shoulder sling, or a best handle. The knapsack arrangement gives you a chance to toss the sack onto your shoulders and convey it in the time-tried agreeable way you learned in school, just this time you get the chance to pull tasty yummies rather than reading material.

This 18-pack cooler has thick cushioned lashes to help decreased the weariness on your shoulders as you climb crosswise over unfriendly timberland floors to achieve your deer daze. You have 6 shading choices to look over, including the disguised Mossy Oak.

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AO Stow-N-Go Cooler SeriesAO Stow-N-Go Cooler

AO Stow-N-Go Cooler Series

  • Size: 38 Pack
  • Colors: Black, Carbon Black, Carbon Silver

One of the benefits of soft coolers is that they can form to fit in tight spaces. Be that as it may, you additionally miss out on the accessible stockpiling that accompanies hard coolers. The AO Stow-N-Go endeavors to conquer any hindrance between the two kinds of coolers with a long and low 38-pack soft cooler.

The Stow-N-Go looks more like a pizza conveyance sack than a cooler, yet regardless it has the 3/4″- inch protection that will continue everything snow frosty for over 24-hours. The position of safety gives you a chance to store this puppy while sparing space, and not crunching or distort your cooler to do such.

The Stow-N-Go is accessible in dark, carbon dark, and carbon silver. Every one of the three choices are solid and sufficiently alluring to take with you wherever your excursion takes you.

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AO SUP Cooler Series
AO SUP Cooler

AO SUP Cooler Series

  • Size: 15 Pack
  • Colors: Royal Blue, Silver

You know what sucks? Having your cooler tumble off your paddleboard or kayak while you journey through the lake. AO has built the SUP cooler to latch down to the surface of a paddleboard or kayak to ensure that you don’t miss out on the nurturing hydration you require while out subduing the wild waters.

4 eye hooks incorporated within the 15 can body of the cooler give you choices to secure your most loved non-mechanized watercraft, or secure in the load hold of your most loved mechanized art. In any case, you can secure this cooler anyplace that you have the possibility of losing it because of knocks and sudden movements.

The cooler doesn’t accompany the tie downs, so you need to utilize your own particular resourcefulness, or you can get one of the two AO tweaked bungee or suction container tie choices.

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AO Hunter Cooler SeriesAO Hunter Cooler

AO Hunter Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 12 Pack, 18 Pack, 24 Pack, 36Pack, 48 Pack, Backpack
  • Color: Mossy Oak

The Hunter arrangement of AO Coolers includes the Mossy Oak shading design connected to different AO Coolers 12 pack, 18, 24, 36, and 48 pack models. You can even get the Mossy Oak in the AO Cooler rucksack model that gives you a lot of alternatives for keeping your jerky and beverages cool as you stalk your prey.

AO has upgraded the design to make it more lively, and common, hoping to enable it to coordinate with your outfit, since colour coordination is a high concern when you set out to hunt.

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AO Hybrid Cooler SeriesAO Hybrid Cooler

AO Hybrid Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 24 Can Pack, 64 Can Pack
  • Color: Gray/Blue

The AO Hybrid Cooler is intended to conquer any hindrance between the extreme and rough hard cooler and the speedy and versatile soft cooler. The Hybrid has unbending sides fixed with a blend of sewn material and welded creases to include toughness and hole sealing. The base of the Hybrid is a formed EVA tub that shields this cooler from clasping under the weight of your 24 or 64 can limit.

The higher limit and more grounded structure of the Hybrid cooler makes this an incredible choice for bigger gatherings, or to ensure you have a lot of room to bring home your catch in the wake of a prolonged day of fishing. Tipping the scales at under 6 pounds, and ready to keep ice for up to two days, this is an awesome choice for somebody who needs an option that is more grounded than a run of the mill soft cooler, yet lighter than a hard cooler.

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AO Motorcycle Saddlebags Series

AO Motorcycle Saddlebags Series

  • Size: 18 Pack
  • Color: Black

At first I was reluctant about a cooler that ties to the side of my bicycle. On the off chance that there is one region where looking great totally matters, it is on my bicycle. Luckily, I was satisfied to see that the AO Cooler bike saddlebag is intended to slide into the current seat packs, you as of now have.

The 15-can capacity of the saddlebag cooler is all that could possibly be needed to pack a couple of beverages and a couple sandwiches along for a Saturday morning voyage. The packs are inclined to form to the state of your current sacks, and are sufficiently light with included convey lashes that you can at present utilize them as a customary cooler when you aren’t out biking.

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AO Cooler Accessories

With a specific end goal to help the utilization of AO Coolers more agreeable and advantageous, they have outlined two or three adornments particular to the AO lines of soft coolers. AO Ice packs are gel ice packs manufactured and intended to remain cooler longer than your normal ice pack, and help to keep up a steady temperature inside the cooler, and along these lines help keep your ice from liquefying. These packs can be utilized as an independent cooling source also for the littler packs.

AO likewise offers an adornment shoulder trap, suction container, and bungee anchors that each assists to make a more agreeable and secure client encounter.

AO Cooler’s New Peak, the Everest Hard Coolers
AO Cooler’s New Peak

AO Cooler’s New Peak, the Everest Hard Coolers

After such a great amount of accomplishment with their soft coolers, AO has chosen to bounce into the warmed hard cooler fight. AO has the upside of two-many years of market understanding, so they know how to assemble a quality cooler that can withstand the misuse of a dynamic outside way of life. These roto-shaped monsters are everything except indestructible despite some the most exceptional chasing, fishing, sailing, and youth soccer competitions out there.

While there are no worked in wheels, a component I like in bigger coolers, the Everest has two handles that are finished with froth cushioned handles to make conveying simpler. In a perfect world regardless you require two individuals to convey the full cooler, however the cushioned handles do make it less demanding to oversee in the event that you need to pack it independently from anyone else.

The dividers of the 80-quart Everest cooler are an entire 3-inches thick. These dividers not just keep everything chilly for up to 5-days, yet they additionally ensure that everything stays where it should as oppose to spilling out everywhere on your vessel deck.

When you would like to clear the left-finished fluids from your excursion, the 1″ measurement gasket, screw style, deplete plug makes cleansing and purging simple. This is a decent component that implies you don’t need to tip the entire thing over while depleting the 40 pounds of ice this puppy is fit for pulling.

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AO Coolers versus Yeti

Despite the fact that AO has been around for quite a while, it is valuable to look at it against Yeti, which is one of the best entertainers in the cooler class. Both Yeti and AO have a broad line of soft coolers that can meet an assortment of requirements for both the devoted outdoorsman, and the end of the week warrior.

The construct nature of the two organizations’ cooler is remarkable and won’t abandon you baffled. In this clash of AO Coolers versus Yeti, the genuine deciding element is down to the value point, look and believe and one’s individual inclinations. The greater part of AO coolers is made abroad (however they have 5 models made in the USA) so they offer their coolers at a lower cost than Yeti, which feels more like a superior brand where you pay some additional to have that sparkly Yeti logo implanted on a cooler.

Anyway, the outcome is the shot for you to get your hands on a top notch cooler at a lower cost than what you can discover for a practically identical Yeti. The broad experience offered by AO coolers guarantees that these coolers will hold their own particular zipper to zipper with Yeti, despite the fact that what you prefer outwardly is dependent upon you.

AO Coolers available to be purchased – Where to Buy?

For the best all-around shopping background, we prescribe checking the assortment of AO coolers accessible on Their client administration, delivering, and merchandise return policies makes transactions less demanding and quicker.In the event that you can’t locate the model, or color, you need on Amazon, going to AO Cooler’s site page is a decent auxiliary choice to get your hands-on data about getting the model and color that you need.

Fixing the AO Coolers Review – Bottom Line

AO coolers unquestionably have life span on their side, and that goes far to influencing these coolers to emerge among the developing rundown of organizations making substantial obligation coolers. While they don’t offer anything new or noteworthy, their predictable quality and execution is sufficient for us to give them our seal of endorsement.