5 Best Ice Packs for Maximizing Ice Retention of Your Cooler. It’s gonna be cold!

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It is obvious that for each cooler its ice retention is like the identity card. This characteristic immediately clarifies the class of the cooler, its quality and performance. And of course, it is the one of the most important features that can influence on your decision whether buy this option or not. But if you still have not find the cooler with the ice retention period that fits your needs, or you want to somehow prolong this period for the cooler you already have, then there is a great way out – ice packs for coolers.

Ice packs for coolers have been created especially for those people who need to prolong the duration of ice retention of their coolers for as long as it possible and are ready to pay extra money for it. With the best ice packs for coolers you will get a maximum ice retention that definitely fits all your needs.

In this article we will tell you about best cooler ice packs and help you to choose the best one that fit your cooler. Also we are going to clarify all pros and cons of using such ice packs for coolers. Thus, if this preface has interested you, then let’s start!

Top Ice Packs for Coolers. Let’s compare!

In this table you will find the comparison of all the most important characteristics of best ice packs for coolers existing in the market nowadays:

Cooler Shock Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Arctic Ice Chillin Brew Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet Yeti Ice Packs
• 100% non-toxic
• non-hazardous
• flexible and easy to use
• good price
• small size
• very durable
• multi-color option
• best performance
• longest last
• PCM material
• small size
• easy to use
• 100% water-based
• cuttable
• flexible and easy to use
• sizes: 1LB, 2LB, 4LB
• very durable
• very expensive
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Are You Ready to Cold? Reusable Ice Packs for Coolers.

Will you agree that the combination: cheap and quality occurs very seldom, even almost never? This also applies to coolers, namely ice packs for coolers, because in this article we will be speaking about them. Actually you get for what you have paid for. If you economize each dollar and are trying to buy something cheaper, then you will get the quality and features that are really far from best.

The rule is incredibly simple, there isn’t any secret in it – you pay more, you get more. More quality, more durability and, of course, more performance. If you don’t want your ice packs to disappoint you with the duration of their service, then we highly recommend you NOT TO ECONOMIZE on them. When using one of the top rated cooler you will be really satisfied with their work.

Regular Ice or Ice Packs? What to Choose Better?

So, what is the difference between regular ice and ice packs? Which of them are better to use with food? With beverages? What to choose? Stop for a while and we will answer all these questions and tell you about main pros and cons of using both these ‘Kings of cold’.

First thing that differ regular ice and ice packs is that ice packs don’t create a little ‘flood’ when they melt. Great, isn’t it? Actually it is TERRIBLE when you take your long-awaited sandwich from the cooler and realize that it is completely wet and disgusting because of melted ice inside. So, one point in favor of ice packs.

One more thing that differ these two variants of keeping ice is the compactness of each of them. Regular crushed ice takes up much less free space comparably with ice packs. This moment is very important when you completely fill your cooler with beverages and food and don’t have much room in it for ice. So, one point in favor of regular ice.

Another thing that differ them is purpose of using. Cooler ice pack most of all fits small cooler or lunch bag where you keep more food than beverages, while regular crashed ice will fit better to coolers where you keep more beverages.

Both these ‘Kings’ are frequently using nowadays and it’s up to you which of them to choose. Take into account that correctly selected variant can significantly prolong the ice retention of your cooler.


Construction Features of TOP Refreezable Ice Packs.

Nowadays the problem of ecological products has become very actual. Most of companies highlight the using of ecologically clear, environmentally friendly and chemical free products without any toxins that can cause harm to your health. These features are the main indicators of highest-quality products at the world market in the modern world. In this paragraph we will tell you about all secrets that use ice packs’ manufacturers in order to create ecologically clear products for safe using without worrying about you health condition.

One of the latest inventions in the world of ice packs was the using of special material that is called phase-change material, or PCM. The constituents of this material are based on plants that make it safe in using because of its biodegradable features. PCM or phase-change material locks cold inside a pack by consuming heat from environment. With these packs cold inside it will be locked like a Alcatraz prisoner from the famous literary work.

Unlike regular crashed ice which starts melting when the temperature increase the PCM-made ice packs will not melt until the WHOLE block will reach the point of melting. Only after it the phase will change. One of the best representatives of such packs is Arctic Ice’s Chillin’ Brew Series about which we will talk a little bit later.

One more product at the world market that has achieved high popularity is flexible foil packs. Initially these packs have been developed for quick transporting blood. The main distinctive feature of these packs is that thanks to their three-layers nylon foils walls they are able to store heat consumed from the environment and therefore accelerate chilling. The great feature of these packs is their price. Comparably with other packs they are relatively inexpensive. Flexible foil packs are also non-toxic and are completely safe to use. As a good example of these packs you can check these 3-packs from Cooler Shock.

We think that most of you still remember the blue gel packs that have been frequently used some years later. Nowadays you also can find them in the market, but with the great change- manufacturers started to make them form ecological material without using of toxic and hazardous components that have been used for such packs before. Nowadays they are BPA-free and safe for your health. An excellent example of such kind of packs is the Blue Ice Packs made by famous Rubbermaid manufacturer. They still have all advantages of reusable ice packs but with much safer components in their construction material.

Quick Recommendations

Size and Compactness.

As it was mention earlier in our article, one of the main cons of ice packs is their non-compactness.  These packs will not fill your cooler as well and tightly as the regular ice do. You shouldn’t expect that these ice packs will tightly fit your cooler’ space and fill the free space in such inconvenient places as cooler’s corners. Even flexible ice packs are rather cumbersome in using and you should put up with this fact. But some coolers ice packs like the Flexi-Freeze’s Blue Ice Packs can offer you a way to avoid this problem a little. These packs can be cut down to the size you need to accommodate them to your cooler’s size. Fit and Fresh’s new Slim Lunch Packs can also provide you with more convenient using thanks to their good packability features because of their small width of only ¼”.

What to Pay Attention When Choosing the Best Ice Packs?

We have prepared for you 3 main points to note when choosing the new ice packs:

  • Be sure that ice packs are made of ecological materials and don’t consist toxic substances. Days of famous blue gel ice packs that were petroleum-based have already passed and today you are able to pick up something much safer.
  • Pay your attention on the size of ice packs and try to pick up the most appropriate ones to your cooler in order to fill as much space inside it as possible.
  • Don’t expect miracles from your ice packs. Of course, ice packs are able to increase the duration of ice retention but up to 60% and no more! They are not magicians and will not increase these terms from one day to several days.

What you Should Know About Long-Lasting Cooler Ice Packs.

For those our readers who are bored to delve into all scientific details we have created a short list why you should use ice packs in addition to regular ice or instead it:

  • Your favorite sandwich will not be soggy because of melted ice inside your cooler.
  • Many famous manufacturers affirm that their ice packs are from 40 to 60% more effective in comparison with regular ice. Almost in each review from users we have found a confirmation of this fact.
  • Almost every user in his review writes that after testing ice packs instead of ice he would never return to using of regular ice. Some of users also say that combination of regular ice with ice packs is much more effective than using only regular ice.

Our 5 TOP Best Cooler Ice Packs. Only Best of the Best Options.


#1 – Cooler Shock Ice Packs.

First position in our list is occupied by these wonderful Cooler Shock Freeze Packs. We have given them the first place of our chart without any doubts and now we explain you why. The most important thing is that these packets are completely safe for using. They don’t comprise any hazardous or toxic substances dangerous for our health. Also these coolers have conquered our hearts with their performance and very high efficiency level.

Under the temperature about 18-degrees Fahrenheit these packs change their phase and start freezing. Thanks to the special flexible material (three layer of nylon foil) packs are very convenient in using.

While using together with the regular ice Cooler Shock packs can significantly increase the duration of ice retention period. You can find these packs in a large size (X-Large 3-pack) equal to 10” x 14” and in the standard size (Standard 4-packs).



#2 – Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Lunch.

The second place of our chart is occupied by the Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs. We have given the second position to these coolers together with the title ‘best value ice pack’. These coolers are representative of very rare combination – cheap and efficient. At a VERY CHEAP price they will please you with excellent performance.

The one and only disadvantage of these packs is their size. They are really very small (each of them 4.75” squares about ¼” thick). Thus, they will perfectly fit to lunch bags or to coolers whose size is less than 25-quarts. These cooler packs are also completely non-toxic and non hazardous and don’t contain BPN.

The lineup of Fit & Fresh standard packs consist of standard grey/clear colors of packs, but the manufacturers have also created a lineup of Cool-It Color Packs that definitely will be liked by your kid because of the availability of four different bright colors.



 #3 – Arctic Ice Chillin Brew.

The third position of our list of 5 TOP best ice packs is occupied by the Chillin’ Brew series from Arctic Ice. These ice packs have achieved the title ‘longest lasting ice packs’. Really, the performance of these coolers is unbelievable. These coolers are designed for fishermen or hunters that can use them in their premium-class  rotomolded coolers manufactured by Pelicans or YETI.

The Arctic Ice packs have stunned hundreds of people with their efficiency. While reading reviews from users we have not found ANY negative review among them!

These packs are made of PCM material that was previously mentioned in our article. Dimensions of these packs are 11” x 8” x 2”. And of course, about their unique ice retention features..Packs are created to freeze at the temperature about 28-degrees – lasting and can last as long as any others that you or your friends have used before.

Beside the lineup of Chillin’ Brew ice packs manufacturers have produced one more Alaskan Series. These coolers are larger and can freeze at the temperature of about 5-degrees Fahrenheit. These packs have achieved a great demand among hunters or fishermen who need their catch to be fresh during several days.

One more distinctive feature of these packs is their variety of available colors. The range of colors is really tremendous. You can even pick up packs the same color as your cooler. And the last one point- manufacturers claim that you can refreeze these ice packs more than 100,000 times. Unbelievable? Try to count!

#4 – Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender Freezer Cooler Pack.

The next position of our chart is placed by the Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender. These ice packs are similar to the previously described Arctic Ice Chillin Brew packs, the only difference is that the price of these packs is higher while their size is smaller (8” x 5” x 7”) than Arctic Ice have. You can choose these packs in singles or 2-packs. These packs will not provide you with such long duration of ice retention term as Arctic Ice, but they can also increase this period, especially if using them together with regular ice.



#5 – FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet.

We finish our list with these FlexiFreeze’s brand new Ice Sheet 3-packs and give them title ‘best packable ice packs’. These ice packs are really unique and have all chances to get the award of the most innovative decision in the ice packs world.

These ice packs are fully refreezable and reusable and have one feature that make them very popular – they can be cut down to the size you need! And moreover, using scissors you can make them shape that you need and that will fit your cooler most of all. Really impress! Our team has immediately fall in love with these packs and definitely recommends them to purchasing.

So, we have pleased you with our list of TOP 5 best ice packs but we forgot to tell you about…

…YETI Ice Packs. Yes, you read right.

Famous YETI lineup have launched manufacturing of YETI’s proprietary refreezable ice packs that immediately achieved great popularity among fans of YETI products and not only. You can find these packs in three various sizes: 1LB, 2LB, 4LB.

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It is rather unexpected, but these packs have disappointed users with their features and performance. People who waited from YETI manufacturers something highest-quality have got only average products. Users say that these packs are not worth such high price and even don’t deserve a YETI logo on their walls. But, nevertheless, they are produced and maybe there are users who appreciated these packs.

Conclusion Words.

As the conclusion words of our article about best ice packs for coolers we will answer to your final question: ‘whether buy ice packs for cooler or not?’ Of course, our answer will yes, because we have prepared this article, but seriously speaking they really will be very useful especially when using them together with regular ice. No more water mess and soggy sandwiches inside you cooler, only long lasting COLD. Thus, after reading our article sit down, think out all ice packs’ features that you need and make your final decision! We hope that our article wil help you in this choice. Also you can prolong the duration of ice retention even more while using ice, you can read about it here.