Igloo Sportsman versus Yeti – Which Cooler Is The Best Buy?

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When it comes to taking a gander at the Igloo Sportsman versus Yeti Coolers we found that while Yeti is a superior cooler generally the Igloo Sportsman is $100 less expensive. Picking between the two will boil down to individual inclination and spending plan, be that as it may we will take a gander at the 2 coolers in detail in this article to make settling on your choice less demanding.

This outcome originates from taking a gander at an assortment of things, for example, ice maintenance, nature of the assemble/outline and the highlights of every cooler. I will expatiate on every one of these perspectives in detail in this article and demonstrate to you the real contrasts between the Yeti and the Igloo Sportsman.

Igloo Sportsman Vs Yeti Price Difference

The main thing I needed to take a gander at with the Igloo Sportsman versus the Yeti is the distinction in cost.

Yeti were the primary roto-shaped coolers and charge an excellent cost for their coolers, with every Yeti cooler of a comparative size costing around $100 more than the Igloo. See the table underneath at a full cost examination

Model (Click for latest price) $ RRP Savings
Yeti 20 $249.00
Sportsman 20 $179.00 $70
Yeti 45 (37-Quart) $349.00
Sportsman 40 $219.00 $130
Yeti 65 (52-Quart) $399.99
Sportsman 55 $249.99 $150
Yeti 75 (65-Quart)  $449.00
Sportsman 70 $299.99 $150

As should be obvious from the table Igloo Sportsman coolers are essentially less expensive than Yeti. The littlest size has a value contrast of $80, while the vast size has a value distinction of an astounding $150.

You can successfully purchase a Sportsman 55-Quart at an indistinguishable cost from the Yeti Roadie (22-Quart) which is not as much as a large portion of the measure of the Sportsman.

So there are noteworthy investment funds to be had when buying a sportsman over a Yeti.

When we begin taking a gander at different things like ice maintenance, fabricate quality, guarantees and so forth I’ll surrender it over to you to choose whether or not the Yeti is justified regardless of the additional cash or in the event that you’d rather run with the Sportsman.

Ice Retention

There are 2 reasons these coolers are so costly contrasted with something like the Coleman Xtreme. The quality of the coolers and their ice maintenance.

Both the Yeti and the Sportsman guarantee ice maintenance of 5 days or more. There have been different ice maintenance correlations done between these 2 coolers with each test demonstrating unimportant contrast between the two coolers as far as ice maintenance.

A few examinations demonstrate the Yeti performing better while others demonstrate the Sportsman performing better. Each time the distinction is small, a large portion of a day better execution or somewhat more ice in one cooler thought about the other toward the finish of the ice test.

So I would put these two coolers keeping pace with each other. Neither one of the coolers is going to definitely beat the other cooler and you can expect comparable ice maintenance from every cooler (around 5-7 days for the 37/40-Quart sizes).

Item Design

The plan of these two coolers is to a great degree comparable with just little plan changes between the two which I will layout beneath:

Outside Design

Outside Design

Both the Yeti and the Sportsman have a comparable outside outline. Level top with two bolt focuses on the front corners and relatively indistinguishable draw down locks.


The top of the Sportsman contains a ruler in both inches and cms and a raised non slip cutting board zone in the inside. Yeti’s cover is only level with the Yeti mark in the corner.


The hooks are both made of elastic and are a ball and lock framework.

The Sportsman hooks are significantly bigger than the Yeti’s prompting a firmer hold, all things considered it doesn’t have an immense effect.

The Sportman’s hook is likewise recessed into the cooler shielding it from wear and tear more so than the Yeti’s lock which juts marginally.

Drainage Plug

Drainage Plug

The Yeti has a 1 inch deplete plug that isn’t appended. The Sportsman has a 2 inch deplete plug that is appended with a chain.

Some have grumbled that the 2 inch deplete plug makes it difficult to deplete water while holding ice, since all the ice turns out through the bigger opening.

This can be kept away from by not totally unscrewing the seepage plug, so it is anything but an immense issue. Be that as it may, it’s great to take note of the 2 inch deplete plug isn’t in reality superior to 1 inch deplete plug.


The Yeti has nylon rope handles with a round elastic handle. It is an extremely straightforward outline.

The Sportsman have crease up plastic handles which give a somewhat less demanding conveying background as the cooler doesn’t sway like the Yeti can do while conveying.

Tie Downs

The two coolers have two secure focuses in the focal point of the sides of the cooler and the two coolers have lash grooves in the cover on the off chance that you need to run a tie over the highest point of the coolers.

Cover Hinge

The Yeti has a solitary stick/jolt that runs the distance over the cooler. The Sportsman has 2 pivots both held together with a substantial stick.

The Yeti’s pivot shows up marginally more grounded yet both hingeare probably not going to break with typical utilize.


The Yeti has somewhat thicker protection than the Igloo Sportsman, however the distinction is peripheral.

Colour Options

Colour Options

When it comes to color alternatives the Yeti comes in 3 hues – white, betray tan and ice blue. The Igloo Sportsman comes in only 2 hues – white and tan.

The Yeti’s tan variant is additionally a substantially lighter and more pastel shade of tan while the Sportsman is a considerably more grounded shading. Contingent upon what you like in your cooler will figure out which shading suits you best.

One thing I will state as a Yeti proprietor is that the complete of the Yeti’s regarding the nature of the plastic and their hues beats each other cooler out there that I am aware of. The Yeti has an exceptional plastic finish that you don’t discover in some other brand.

Assemble Quality

While no cooler is immaculate and the two brands have their issues the Igloo Sportsman (despite the fact that it’s made in the USA) appears to have a larger number of issues than the Yeti.

At first I figured it may very well be a couple of disengaged instances of gurgling or issues however the more I investigated it gave the idea that Coleman quality is hit and miss. Numerous clients have talked about parts of the cooler having holes in insulation (utilizing the spotlight test).

The Sportsman additionally doesn’t have the best survey rating on Amazon over every one of their sizes. Their normal rating is around 4 stars or less, and they don’t have a ton of surveys.

At the season of composing this, Yeti had a 4.6-star rating crosswise over 535 surveys. Individuals who purchase Yeti cherish them and they appear to be less issues.

This worry around assemble quality would lead me to prescribe the Pelican or Engel run for the individuals who need to spend not as much as Yeti, however need a superior quality cooler.


The two coolers offer a 5 year guarantee on the cooler. This is for the most part the structure of the cooler itself and does exclude things like the elastic locks or non-slide feet.

Bear Resistance

Both of these coolers are guaranteed grizzly verification, however take note of that they are just bear confirmation when utilized with latches in every one of the 2 front corners. They are not hold up under safe without locks being utilized.

Igloo Sportsman versus Yeti – Which One Would I Buy?

Taking a gander at these two coolers and how comparable are all the best ways I can improve the situation for you, however I can offer my closely-held conviction about which one I would purchase.

Both the coolers have comparable specs, comparable outline, comparative guarantee and perform comparatively under ice test conditions.

The Igloo is less expensive than the Yeti with critical investment funds on the majority of the models, setting aside to $150 on the 70-Quart demonstrate. This is a ton of cash, thus, it totally sounds good to me that individuals would think about the Sportsman over the Yeti.

With everything taken into account I think both about these coolers appear to be extraordinary for the cash. The Yeti being somewhat better and a more solid buy choice in the event that you can bear the cost of it.

For me, I would spend the additional cash and buy the Yeti keeping in mind the end goal to have peace of mind that I am getting a best of the range cooler with likely better quality control.

In the event that I was edgy to get a roto-formed cooler and couldn’t bear the cost of the Yeti then I observe the Igloo Yukon, which is one of the top of the line coolers available today (meet with Yeti). It’s as yet the Igloo mark, it’s similarly as moderate as the Sportsman go, yet is by all accounts a more adored cooler.