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Everyone who like travelling and really appreciate qualitative coolers at least once in his life ask a question- what is the best cooler bag?

There are always different situations. Sometimes you go to a trip with your friends and you need large and spacious cooler and sometimes you are going to travel alone and in such case you are searching for something portable, small and convenient.

Of course you can take to your next trip your regular sized cooler, but what for you will take extra weight? Much better will be to choose something more convenient and lighter. Each cooler bag that is presented in this article is different, but they all are PORTABLE and this is the main point. To help you make a choice we have prepared a comparison table with essential characteristics of the best cooler bags:

Best Cooler Bags. Comparison Table.

Picture Product Name Size / Capacity Our Rating
(incl. Ice Retention)
Editor’s Choice Yeti Hopper 18 Pack $$$
  Icemule Cooler Bag 10 – 20L $$
  Engel Cooler Bag 24 Pack $$$
  Norchill Cooler Bag 48 Cans $$
  Igloo Marine Ultra Series 24 – 26 Pack   $
  Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack   $$
  Coleman Soft Cooler 16 Cans   $

Our TOP List of Best Portable Cooler Bags.

After long and exhausting search our team has eventually picked up the best portable coolers from the variety of options.  We are ready to present you our TOP 4 variants: 

#1 – Yeti Hopper Cooler








If you like travelling but don’t know anything about a Yeti (relax, we speak not about a creature), than most likely you are not from this planet.  Yeti coolers have a great demand among users because of their highest quality, stylish design and trustable manufacturer. We give a title of the best portable cooler bag to Yeti Hopper cooler basing on several important reasons. Let’s consider them more deeply.

Yeti Hopper cooler is a typical representative of Yeti coolers. And it means that this cooler is durable and has a great ice retention period. You can find the Yeti Hopper in a size of 24 x 19 x 13 inches. With the weight of 9.9 pounds you can easily take it with you wherever you decide to go. Despite small size this cooler can accommodate up to 18 cans that will be enough not only for you, but for your friends too.  By reading users reviews we have found only positive ones. People like Yeti Hopper for easy transportation and long duration of ice retention period. Users write that this cooler will be the best variant to take with you for several days trip.  

For more information about Yeti coolers available on the market you can read this post.

If you like Yeti Hopper and want to know more detailed information about it we recommend you to check this product page on Amazon for details and customer reviews.

#2 – Icemule Cooler Bag









With such strange name for cooler Icemule Cooler Bag can boast of the highest-quality characteristics.  This cooler proudly achieved title of the best insulated cooler bag on the world market.

Icemule Cooler Bag looks like spacious backpack equipped with durable convenient handle made of the quality material for easy transport even when it is full.  Users love this cooler for its stylish minimalistic look and ability to carry it to the long trips because of its portability.

The weight of this cooler is unbelievable light. With the weight of only 1.7 pounds Icemule Cooler Bag can hold 12 cans with ice. This cooler is able to keep an ice inside up to 24 hours or even more, but some users wrote in their reviews that this cooler can keep an ice during three days. Moreover manufacturer  claims that Icemule Cooler Bag can float and it means that even if you take cooler to the boat and it falls into the water, it will stay safe and sound.

One of the main advantages of the Icemule Cooler Bag is that it is soft sided. It means that you can simply roll it and put in some other bag in the case when you don’t need it.

You can use Icemule Cooler Bag as your personal lunch cooler when you don’t need it at the trip.  If you are interested in this option you can check our Icemule Cooler Review that has been published on our website.

>> Check out Icemule’s images and reviews on Amazon

#3 – Coleman Small Cooler Bag








The name of Coleman manufacturer is as popular as the Yeti and if you are interested in high quality coolers you must hear it. Coleman Small Cooler Bag has achieved a title of the best small cooler bag by combining the best characteristics of soft and hard coolers in it.

This cooler is available in size of 10 x 8 x 7 inches and with capacity of 9 cans it will be the best variant for one person trip. With the weight of 1.2 pounds and small measures you can easily take it with you even to long trip. Coleman Small Cooler Bag has convenient form and outer pockets with lasting zippers where you can put different important things.

This cooler has achieved a great popularity among users because of its portability and easy cleaning thanks to special removable lining.

Thanks to the highest level of durability this cooler will serve you during many years. One user wrote in his review that he has used this cooler during 12! years.

If you are interested in Coleman manufacturer we recommend you to check top Coleman coolers where you will find additional information about best Coleman coolers.

In the case if you need more information about THIS cooler – follow the next link and you will get an answers to all your questions.

Check the current price and read customer reviews.

#4 – Cooler Bag By Freddie And Sebbie








This cooler bag completes our list of 4 best cooler bags. Being at the fourth place this cooler’s characteristics are far from the worst. The Cooler Bag by Freddie and Sebbie has achieved a title of the best picnic cooler bag.

With the weigh about one pound and size equal to 12 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches this cooler can be really the best cooler bag to take to your next picnic.

This cooler can accommodate all containers, bottles and lunch-boxes that you will need at your trip. Thanks to many pockets that you will find outside the cooler you can take things that you don’t need to be chilled.

Most of all users appreciate this cooler for its spacious size and removable lining that allows to clean this cooler easily. In reviews many users write that that don’t afraid anymore to spill some drinks in the cooler because its cleaning takes only few minutes.

The great proc of this cooler is that when it is empty you can roll it and put into some other bag. Also thanks to the durable material you should not be afraid that it will tear at your next trip.

For additional information about this cooler you can go to the next link and check out Cooler Bag by Freddie and Sebbie on Amazon.

Tips for the Right Choice of Best Cooler Bag.

In conclusion we have prepared several tips for you that will help you to make a correct choice and to not regret about it in the future.

1 – Capacity






The main thing when choosing a cooler is its capacity. Take into account that some of manufacturers point capacity with ice and some of them – without it. Think out what number of cans you will need and pay attention will they fit into your cooler WITH ICE or not.

2 – Purpose of using







You must understand that cooler which you need to your trip and cooler that you sometimes can use as a lunch box – are two different coolers. In the majority of cases you need different characteristics for different purposes. For example if you want to take your cooler to the boat trip, Icemule Cooler Bag that can float will suit you, but if you want it to take to work as a lunch box then Cooler Bag By Freddie And Sebbie will be the best.

Also if you are searching for convenient cooler that you will take to long trips you should choose soft cooler made of high quality material with comfortable and durable handles.

So, decide for what purposes you are going to use cooler and make a choice based on this.

3 – Pockets 





Another thing that should be thought out is the presence of the outer pockets. Decide whether you need pockets where you can put such necessary things as cutlery or sun glasses. In the case when you can not do without number of important small things than you can skip such variants as Icemule or Yeti and pay attention on Freddie and Sebbie and Coleman coolers.

4 – Price

The last but certainly the most important moment is the cooler’s price. All variants that have been presented here have different prices, so decide how expensive cooler you can afford and choose among variants in this price range.

For those our readers who search the highest quality and durability level of the cooler we recommend to pay attention on Yeti cooler. In the case if you need something more economical option we recommend to consider Coleman cooler that also have high quality characteristics, but more affordable price.

For additional information about best cooler bags we recommend to >> Check out all cooler bags available on Amazon