It’s Time for Your New Cooler. Guide About Only Best Options For You.


Can you imagine modern life without coolers? If you prefer to lead active lifestyle, go camping, hiking, biking or doing many other outdoor activities, than nearly 100% that you have cooler, because without it such outdoors activities are almost impossible. But not only active people are keen on coolers, many people nowadays use them as lunchbox to take to work or use them for parties, barbecues, picnics and other similar activities.

Nowadays there are many brands that offer their coolers. All of these coolers have different shape and size. Also you can find a great variety of available colors and styles of them. Not all coolers among those who exist nowadays have an honorable title of ‘best cooler’, but in this article we tried to pick the best options from world famous manufacturers and present them to you. Thus, welcome to our guide and good luck to you in your choice!

Best Options From Famous Brands. Let’s Compare!

Picture Product Name Size Available Roto-
Ice Retention
(our score)
Orca Heavy Duty 20 – 140 QT Yes   $$$
  Pelican ProGear 20 – 150 QT Yes   $$
  Grizzly Cooler 15 – 400 QT Yes   $$$
  Engel DeepBlue 25 – 320 QT Yes   $$
  Yeti Tundra 20 – 420 QT Yes   $$$
  Coleman Steel 54 QT No   $
  Igloo Yukon 50 – 150 QT Yes   $$$
  Coolest Cooler 55 QT No   $$
  K2 Summit 20 – 120 QT Yes   $$

You probably noticed that all almost all options among previously mentioned are rotomolded. Rotatonally molding technology is a sign of good and quality coolers. Those of our readers who want to choose the best cooler with high quality and good features should know that without rotationally molding technology you will not get such high results. To learn more about best coolers and to find a proof of our words we recommend you to check our best high end cooler article.

Why? Reasons to Buy a Cooler.

Many our readers have not decided yet whether they need a new cooler or not. And which one they should choose too. For these purposes we have created this article. Let’s consider firstly why you need a cooler. There are several reasons and we hope that at least one of them will refers to you. Among them are:

  • You are a party-goer and can’t imagine your weekends without great gatherings. It is obvious that for long and amazing party you need permanently cold beverages. In such case you can not do without a cooler.
  • You prefer an active lifestyle and like spend your free time by hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, boating or biking. In most cases such activities require more that one day of your time and you anyway will need cold drinks and fresh food during this period. Cooler is must-have thing.
  • You don’t have normal fridge at your work to hold your lunch and need a special lunch box to keep your lunch fresh and tasty. Small coolers are an indispensable thing for hard-workers who appreciate tasty sandwiches at their lunch hours.

To help you choose the most appropriate cooler for you we will present you 5 best options that we have found on the world market. Highest quality, modern look, high performance. In this TOP 5 list only THE BEST coolers have been included.

TOP 5 Best Coolers From Famous Brands 2020.

#1 – Coolers from YETI Tundra Brand

These coolers are incredibly famous among all coolers available. Most likely you have already heard about this manufacturer or even seen such coolers at you friends’ parties. YETI manufacturer provide you a wide range of different coolers to choose from. YETI series include various coolers with different form, size and features. One thing that unites all them is QUALITY. Thanks to highest quality and durability these coolers are included in all lists of best coolers available nowadays.  YETI series comes in various sizes so to choose an appropriate size will not become a problem for you. You are able to choose large options (65 quarts) or small options (20 quarts) as well.

The most popular options are YETI’s ColdLock Gasket and YETI’s PermaFrost Insulation lineups. Both these lineups provide users with long ice retention period thanks to rotationally molded technology and special construction. Unique form of YETI’s ColdLock Gasket saves cold air inside while hot air stays outside cooler’s walls.

Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

YETI coolers will fit for those users who need cooler for several day using. If you are planning to use you cooler for a day or less, than it maybe will be better to choose another variant with shorter ice retention period and cheaper price. But if you need high-end option on which you can rely during some days, and don’t worry that it will let you down, then it is the perfect variant for you. For camping trips or several days fishing or hunting, for long-term hiking or boating, these coolers will fit all these activities. The price of YETI coolers is rather high comparably with other variants, but it is fully justified. Features that you will be provided are completely worth these money.

Among users reviews we found a great tip from one of them. User wrote that in order to prolong term of ice retention you can cool your cooler before packing by using ice packs or simply by putting cold bottles inside it.

To be convinced in quality of YETI coolers you can go here to check all customer reviews on the Amazon.


#2 – ProGear Elite Cooler From Pelican Brand

One more famous and qualitative brand is called Pelican. Pelican coolers are in a high demand among users all over the world thanks to it convenience and long ice retention. These coolers are famous by their features that can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

You can take this cooler wherever you decide to go and don’t be afraid that in some days you will find water instead of ice inside it. Users affirm in their reports that Pelican coolers can hold an ice inside up to nine days if use them properly. If you cool it before using or decide to add some additional ice packs the duration of ice retention period will be even longer.

Click to read customer reviews on Amazon

The price of Pelican cooler is less than YETI coolers have, but there are some negative reviews about these coolers too. People wrote that they used to asked for help to the manufacturer of these coolers because of several problems occurred. Some people also stated that these coolers were leaking. But despite these negative reviews the majority of users’ reviews on Amazon are still positive.

These high-end coolers with durable walls made of stainless steel and secure locks that have been created to protect cooler’s content from animals or other people can become a great substitute to YETI coolers if you want to save some money.

Pelican ProGear Cooler comes in different sizes, so to pick the appropriate size for your needs will not be a problem. Good option that worth your attention if you are looking for high-end coolers at a reasonable price.


#3 – Engel USA DeepBlue Series

Click for more color options (Amazon link)

The third position of our list is occupied by Engel DeepBlue coolers that are one more representative of high-end coolers which you can find nowadays. The distinctive feature of these coolers is their specially designed pitched floor for easy water draining. Each coolers owner knows how inconvenient and nasty procedure it is. This cooler will save you from such suffering and turn the procedure of draining water into convenient and simple pastime.

Thanks to two inches of insulation this cooler will provide you with long duration of ice retention and securely lock cold inside it. You will find these coolers  in various sizes in order to fit all you needs.

As it was mentioned above the duration of ice retention can be prolonged by cooling cooler before its using. And it is also undesirably to put warm (and especially hot) beverages inside it. If you put in cooler some bottles with warm drinks, then don’t be surprised when you find the melted ice inside it. In the case of proper using you can achieve great ice retention and use it during several days.

The Engel DeepBlue coolers are well known by their durability. Users state that you can not only sit on this cooler, but also stand and even jump on it without causing any harm to cooler’s body. Thus, durability is one of the main features that these coolers can boast of. Even if you are not going to do tricks on your cooler’s surface, this is a great index of cooler’s endurance and high quality of its construction.

For more information you can find Engel DeepBlue’s product listing on Amazon and check its price and reviews from users there.


#4 – Coleman Steel Cooler

Click to see larger pictures (Amazon link)

On the fourth place of our list there is a Coleman coolers lineup. This brand has achieved great popularity many years ago. Nowadays Coleman coolers have a high demand thanks to their attractive price and high quality. Coleman coolers have existed on the market during many years, so you may have seen them at your parents’ house when you were a child.

This cooler is extremely convenient thanks to its rubberized grips and durable handles situated on the sides of the cooler. Portable form and durable handles make this cooler very convenient to carry even for long distances, so you can take it to your next trip, regardless of how long it will be.

On the market you will find this cooler only in one size. And it is so not because web-site doesn’t have other sizes available, but because of the manufacturer created this model only in one available size. The measures of this Coleman Steel Cooler are 25.5 inches * 17.6 inches * 17.4 inches. This cooler also has large capacity for such size, it can hold up to eighty five cans!

From the first view you may think that this cooler is made of stainless steel, but in fact it is not so. If it is so, the price of the Coleman Steel Cooler will not be so attractive. This cooler is steel belted, it means that in real life it is a cooler made of plastic but faced with steel. Despite the fact that it is not completely steel, this cooler can boast of very high durability level in comparison with other options available. If you are interested in durability and performance together with rather reasonable price,  you may want to take a closer look at it.

Among users reviews in the main we have find the positive ones. People like these coolers for their durability, performance and price. Also many of users noticed that the style of Coleman coolers reminds them about them about childhood.

Thus, if you need a cooler with high quality characteristics and long ice retention period and you don’t want to spend a great sum of money on it, then it will be the perfect option for you. We recommend you to go here and see the latest price on Amazon together with many reviews from users from all over the world.


#5 – Extra Heavy Duty Cooler from Orca Brand

Click for more details (Amazon link)

Orca coolers finish our list of TOP 5 best coolers available on the market nowadays. These coolers are famous because of the presence of an additional storage space that each Orca cooler has. If you are searching for good cooler with an extra storage space, than it will be great for you to consider various sized coolers that Orca has to offer.

When we say additional storage space we mean real extra storage space that is situated on the back of each Orca cooler. With this cargo you can take a lot of additional things to your next journey that you don’t need to chill.

The Orca manufacturers are proud of the fact that all production they create is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. For those users who appreciate American quality this fact can be decisive when choosing a cooler.

Users write in theirs reviews that the duration of ice retention of this cooler can lead up to four days. People affirm that the duration of this cooler’s ice retention can be long even under the extreme weather conditions, so you shouldn’t be worry that under the hot sunrays you will find water instead of ice inside your cooler at the end of the day.

One and only (according to users’ reviews) disadvantage of the Orca coolers is their weight. These cooler are heavier in comparison with other options because of the presence of an additional storage space. But for people who really NEED this cargo, such disadvantage will not become a problem. Despite the weight the Orca coolers are very portable and convenient to carry and transport. So, their transportation will not take much your efforts and time.

Thanks to wide choice of available sizes you will be available to purchase the one that fits your need without any problems. If you are interested in this functional, durable and convenient option with the reasonable price, then you can use this direct link to the Amazon listing.

Brands Leading Brands in the Coolers World Market 2020.

Among the GREAT variety of available brand that manufacture coolers nowadays we have prepared a list of seven best brand for you to make your choice much easier. Here they are:

#1 – Yeti Coolers 2020

Yeti brand nowadays recognized as the index of high-end coolers and ‘sets’ the level of features’ quality, performance and characteristics of other coolers that pretend to get a title of ‘high-end’ or best coolers on the market. Designed by the Seiders brothers who were keen of active lifestyle and created this brand for outdoors men, these cooler will become a great finding for people who can’t imagine their life without hunting, camping or fishing. The main competitor of Yeti coolers is the Pelican brand, so you can find the battles between Yeti vs. Pelican in many articles in the Internet. If you decide to stop your choice on this brand, than go to Yeti coolers on sale and make diversify your life.

#2 – Pelican Coolers 2020

The main competitor of Yeti cooler and definitely one more LEADER among coolers is Pelican brand . As it was mentioned above the Pelican vs. Yeti battles occurs almost in all articles where high-end coolers are presented. Being on the world market during many years, these coolers have achieved the ‘ideality’ of their characteristics and features. Highest level of durability together with good functionality has made these coolers unconditional leaders in the coolers world. For more info you can read our Pelican coolers on sale article.


#3 – Coleman Coolers 2020

Coleman coolers are one of the most cheap and available variants if we speak about the most optimal combination of price and quality. Great variety of available sizes and models will save you from the problem of lacking of appropriate size that is needed for you. Convenient form, durable structure and legendary look. All features that you need you will find in these coolers at a very attraction price. You can find best Coleman cooler here and choose the appropriate model and size.


#4 – Igloo Cooler 2020

Igloo coolers are well known on the market for already many years and have achieved the same high popularity as Coleman coolers. There is a high probability that you have seen Igloo coolers at you friends’ house or even you may remember it from your childhood, because Igloo cooler was almost in every house when the manufacturing of this brand started in early 1947. If consider deeper Igloo vs. Yeti battle that frequently occurs in many articles you will find a great fight between future technologies from Yeti and classic quality standards proven over the years from Igloo.  With wide variety of models and sizes you will definitely choose the best Igloo cooler that fits your needs.


#5 – Grizzly Coolers 2020

On the Internet you will find on more interesting battle between two well known brands – Grizzly vs. Yeti coolers. Yeti brand was already described in this paragraph, so here we will describe shortly the Grizzly coolers brand. This brand doesn’t concede Yeti and other leading brands. It also has experience equal to more than thirty years in technology of rotationally molding that makes Grizzly coolers durable and well insulated, that provides users with long ice retention period. If you are interested in Grizzly coolers lineup, than we recommend you to check Grizzly coolers for sale.

#6 – Engel Coolers 2020

Engel brand can provide you with the extreme durability that makes these coolers being able to withstand even intervention from wild animals such as bears (not to mention people). Engel coolers are worthy competitors to Yeti coolers in the Engel vs. Yeti battle. These coolers will be a great choice for the people who lead an outdoors life and like to go camping or hunting in places where animals can damage the content of your cooler. In this case Engel coolers will fit you perfectly. Are you interested? If yes, then check Engel coolers for sale.

#7 – Orca Coolers 2020

Again, if we compare Orca vs. Yeti coolers these Orca coolers will worthy withstand this battle. These coolers made and designed in USA can boast of good quality and high performance that makes them be among the leading brands nowadays. Cliff Walker who has created these coolers was focused on the durability and made these coolers being able to withstand any extreme weather conditions. Good option for long trips with highest-quality features. For more information check Orca coolers for sale.


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Moments to be Thought Out Before Buying a Cooler 2020.

In order to make your choice correctly and don’t regret about it after first time using, you should think out several moments before purchasing a cooler. Among them are:

#1 – For What Purposes Do I Need a Cooler?

You should understand for what purposes you need your cooler. Whether you need it for long several-day trips or for one-day using? Or maybe you need it for several hours as a lunch box?

For long-terms trips the best option for you will be the Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler. It will be also useful if you afraid of intervention of animals or other people to your cooler’s content.

If you need cooler for shorter periods, than the smaller options will suit you most of all. You can choose such variant among the best camping cooler or best small cooler. Also you can choose thermoelectric option if you need a RV cooler for your camper.


#2 – Water. Land. Air.

Second moment to pay your attention on is the environment where you gonna use your cooler. Whether you will use it on your boat or you want to take it to the forest while camping. For those people who need their cooler to be on the boat (it means permanent contact with water and sunshine) it will be better to choose option like Engel USA DeepBlue Series High Performance Cooler that will not scratch the floor of your boat and withstand all contacts with waves and sun.

In fact Engel coolers are considered as the best coolers for boaters. Many users who like boating said that these coolers perfectly do their job while being on the water.

So, you should choose your element, whether it will be water or land and decide where you will use your cooler more frequently. Your final choice should be based on this moment too.

#3 – How Much?

Next step is to decide whether price of the cooler is important for you or not. If you want to purchase real high-end cooler with the premium high quality characteristics and its price is absolutely unimportant for you, then Yeti lineup will be the most appropriate variant for you. Also you can consider Engel and Orca lineups if you don’t bother about price.

In the case when you are on a budget, you may have found something cheaper than Yeti coolers. For example Coleman Steel Cooler can provide you with similar characteristics but its price will be much cheaper. For more information about coolers like YETIs, but cheaper follow this link.

#4 – Small, medium or large?

One more important moment to notice is size of your cooler. Almost all leading brands offer wide variety of available sizes to choose from. In this case you should firstly decide how much food and drinks you gonna pack to your next trip. Whether it will be sandwiches and beverages for the company of several people or only for one person? Also think out for how many days you have to take food, whether your trip will last week or only several days? Or maybe it will be one-day picnic? All these moments should be clarified in order to prevent mistake in choosing the appropriate size and all inconveniences that will follow it.

We recommend you to consider Orca Heavy Duty Cooler because this brand offers wide range of size starting from 20 quarts and to 75 quarts, among that you will be able to choose exactly size that you need.

Conclusion Words.

Big and small, wheeled, roto-molded, with telescopic handles and without them, soft coolers and ice chests, lunch boxes and backpack coolers  – all coolers that exist nowadays are different. In this article we have picked only the best brands and the best options among many others available on the market nowadays. We hope that this article will be useful for you and bring you some tips and important information about choosing your new cooler. The most important rule that can generalize all previous information is that you should exactly understand for what purposes you need cooler, how big it will be and what price tag you can afford. Actually if you are stick to the previously mentioned tips about important moments before buying, you will never make an incorrect choice. We hope that our article have helped you and wish you many unforgettable trips!

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