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For those who are suffering from permanent searching of the best lunch cooler we have prepared this post. If you are ready to make your choice and pick up your best lunch cooler than relax and read…

Almost everyone has situation when you have eventually waited your lunch hour after exhausting and nervous day. You sit down, open your lunch box expecting to take a fresh sandwich and a cold bottle of lemonade from it, but what you see there…ice is melted and all your food turned into something… disgusting, stale and certainly inedible. You understand that the problem is in your lunch box but it is too late and your mood together with appetite is spoiled finally.

Of course nobody wants to be a participant of such story. To prevent you from such sad situation our team has prepared a list of the best lunch coolers for your really TASTY lunch.

Only Best Lunch Coolers. Let’s Compare!

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler Picnic Time Pranzo Lunch Tote Igloo Playmate Lunch Cooler Rubbermaid Victory Personal Cooler
• FlipLid top reverse to become a serving tray
• Wide-bottom base for stability
• Comfortable bail handle
• Durable polyester construction
• Isolated sections for hot and cold foods
• Top push-button for easy one-hand opening
• Open to either side for easy access
• Superior thermal retention
• Stain and odor resistant
11 x 8 x 7 inches; Holds 6 cans 12 x 8 x 11 inches 11.75 x 8.25 x 12 inches 14.4 x 11.5 x 10.1 inches; Holds 12 cans plus ice
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TOP 4 Best Lunch Coolers Ever.

If you appreciate fresh, tasty and cold food and drinks this article will be like a priceless find for you. We have picked up the best representatives of world known coolers manufacturers in order to help you make a choice of the best lunch cooler.

#1 – Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

This tiny from the first view cooler will allow you to take up to 6 cans with your favorite beverages. Very convenient feature of this cooler is its lid. It is equipped with cans holders and thanks to the durable rough surface it will serve you like a serving tray. Thus, you should not search a free table at your lunch time and waste your time. With this cooler you will be able to place all your food on it. This cooler is available in two bright colors – red and blue.

The size of the cooler will be enough to put in it meals for you or for your friend too. This Coleman cooler will keep your food cold not so long as other larger lunch coolers, but its ice retention period will be enough to hold your food cold during almost whole day. By reading users’ reviews we have found the reviews from people who said that this cooler is incredibly durable because they have sat on it and the cooler stayed safe and sound.

If you are interested in this option you can Check it on Amazon right here.

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#2 – Picnic Time Pranzo Lunch Tote

When we speak about design and style this cooler has no equal. Each of other models can envy its colors and modern style. If you want to stand out from the crowd of people with similar coolers, than this option will be the best for you.

The Pranzo Lunch Tote is available in many different bright colors and it is so cool that someone can “quite unexpectedly” take away it from you.

This cooler has proudly achieved a title of “multifunctional lunch cooler”. It is divided in several compartments where you can keep hot and cold food separately. Also it has pocket where you can put such necessary things for your lunch as forks, knife and spices.

In theirs reviews users praise this cooler for its multifunctionality and ability to keep both cold and hot food. Also users like this cooler for its outer pockets where it is very convenient to put different important things for your lunch. Basing on such great number of positive reviews we place this cooler on the second place of our chart.









Check the current price on Amazon.

#3 – Igloo Personal Cooler – Playmate

This cooler as well as its manufacturer is extremely popular all over the world and most likely that you have already seen it somewhere at the outdoors party or at your friend’s house. With such easily recognizable design this cooler also has very qualitative characteristics.

The lid of this cooler reliably protects its content while its specially designed construction prevent your drinks from spilling. The cooler is equipped with special button that is situated at its top and allow you to easily open your cooler when you need it. The capacity of this cooler is equal to nine cans that means that you can take drinks not only for yourself but for a couple of your friends too.

In fact this cooler has all features that should good lunch cooler has. Among users’ reviews we have read that people appreciate it for convenient form and stylish look. Also there are a lot of positive reviews where people praise this cooler for its convenient button that allow you to quickly open it without any efforts.

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Get it on Amazon right here.


#4 – Rubbermaid Personal Cooler

The style of this cooler as well as its manufacturer’s name is also easily recognizable. Minimalistic design and highest quality of its functions are the main words to descript this cooler. This cooler is available in the wide range of different bright modern colors. Being equipped with convenient durable handle and with the capacity of 10-quart this cooler can become you next bargain. Many users like this cooler for its size because as they write “it is not too small and not too big”. You can put up to 12 cans inside this cooler and easily carry it even if it is completely filled thanks to it convenient construction.

But among many positive reviews we have found some rather negative too. People write that the only drawback of its cooler is its lid which is too tightly attached to the cooler’s body. Some users write that it is disadvantage because in some cases it is not very easy to open it while some users think that it is the advantage because such lid construction prevents the content of the cooler from spilling in the case when it falls.

The material of this cooler will allow you to clean it quickly and without any efforts. Thus taking into account all pros and cons of this option our team gives the fourth place of our list of the best lunch coolers to Rubbermaid Personal Cooler.

Check it out on Amazon right here.









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The Must-Have Features of Your Best Lunch Cooler

Before choosing your best lunch cooler we recommend you to determine for yourself such moments:

1 – Firstly decide whether you have enough area with free tables where you can take your lunch. If you don’t have such place, than it will be better to choose such variant as Coleman Cooler, which construction will allow you to use its lid as a serving tray wherever you are.

2 – After it decide whether you need extra outer pockets or not. If you want to take with you such things as cutlery or spices than pay your attention on the Pranzo Lunch Tote cooler.

3–   One more important thing is the accessibility to your cooler. In the case when you don’t have enough place to have a lunch or only one of your hands is free, than choose option like Igloo cooler which construction will allow you to open it easily by pushing a button on its top.

In conclusion we want to present you three must-have features that your best lunch cooler is obliged to have.

1 thing – Functionality

This paragraph consists of all previous points. Pay your attention if you need to use your cooler as a seat or maybe you need easily opened lid for your cooler? Before making a choice decide what characteristics connected with functionality should your cooler have.


2 thing – Size

This step is easy and very important. Decide how much drinks and food you are going to take and basing on its amount choose the appropriate size of your lunch cooler. There are many available coolers’ sizes, so it will not be difficult to pick up the necessary one.



3 thing – Multifunctionality

The last thing that you should decide is whether you need some extra features like additional pockets or the ability to hold both hot and cold food, or not. In the case when you don’t need such cooler’s characteristics than you don’t have to waste your money on versatile variants.


All coolers that have been presented here are best lunch coolers but if you want to pick up YOUR best lunch cooler you should clearly understand what features do you need. It may be hard to find the best cooler on the market but if you know what characteristics you want, than this choice will be much simpler and definitely correct. We hope that you will pick up the most appropriate variant for you from this article. Good luck!