Best Fishing Coolers and Insulated Fish Bags for Your Amazing Fishing

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There is great number of various fishing coolers and insulated fish bags that presetly are available on the world market. You are able to choose an appropriate size, form and design. Most of them are different and fit different situations and fishing.

Many people think that fishing is like a hobby in most of cases, but actually it is much more than average hobby, for many people fishing is a LIFESYLE. Also many people consider fishing as a sport or big business. Whichever will be your attitude to fishing, if you are in this game, you understand how many different equipment and high-quality specific products, designed especially for fishing, each fisherman needs.

We have created this article for those our readers who are keen of fishing. Only these people are able to understand all necessity of such products as fishing coolers or insulated fish bags that will be considered in our article.

As well as coolers for offshore fishing and other kinds of this sport (hobby, business, you can call it as you want) in this article we are going to review some specific and unique coolers that impressed our team significantly by their characteristics and functionality.

Best Fishing Coolers. Let’s Compare!

Editor’s Choice        
Editor’s Choice
Canyon Insulated Fish Cooler Bags Reliable Fishing Products Kill Bag Silver Horde Katchkooler II Bag Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler ENGEL USA Fishing Cooler with Rods Holder
Features Features Features Features Features
• Lifetime warranty
• Heavy-duty
• Drain plug
• 12 sizes
• Made in the USA
• Heavy-duty
• Mildew and UV resistant
• Drain plug
• 9 sizes
• Closed-cell foam insulation
• Waterproof fabric
• Carrying handles
• One size
• Rod holders (on 60qt)
• Wheeling system
• 3 sizes
• High-quality
• Stainless steel latches
• Fishing rod holders
• 19-quart
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We have noticed that a lot of people prefer insulated fish bags over traditional coolers when they are going fishing. After short thinking-over we have made a conclusion that there are several important reasons for such choice. Firstly, many people think that insulated bags are more convenient in transportation, they are more portable and not as bulky as large ice-chests.

One more reason is that insulated fish bags are used when people are going to tournament fishing where they have to carry their catch to the dock to weight it.

In fact insulated fish bags can keep your catch as fresh as no one other cooler can. It happens so because these bags are specially designed to keep moisture in fish thereby without losing of its initial weight. This feature makes the fish bags leaders among other coolers when we are talking about FRESHNESS terms.

We have prepared a list of TOP insulated fish bags for our readers. There will be three leaders, some of which we picked up because of the high performance and some we added to this list because of excellent combination of cost and features’ quality.

List of TOP Insulated Fish Bags and Fishing Coolers

#1 – Canyon Insulated Fish Cooler Bags (Various Sizes)

















These bags are like cherry on your ice cream. They are really the BEST. Having a title of 2016 “Gear of the Year” product by Florida Sportfishing Magazine (FSF), each of these coolers is manufactured with the highest-quality characteristics. And of course, they are MADE IN USA.

In these coolers you will be able to find all characteristics and features that you want. Starting from specially created unique outer layer made of heat-sealed interlaced fiber, durable handles, convenient storages and finishing with lifetime warranty and leak-proof covering these coolers are rally ideal variant for fishing.

You can look through available variants and check them out on Amazon right here.

One more very convenient feature of the Canyon fish bags is their drain plug that has a unique design for the most convenient and quick rising or cleaning of your fish bag.

You can find many different available sizes of Canyon coolers at various prices. Here is the list of sizes available:

Sizes of Canyon Fish Bags:

  • B-14 Medium Boat Bag (30″ x 65″)
  • B-15 Large Boat Bag (40″ x 80″)
  • B-16 Swordfish Single (30″ x 96″)
  • B-18 Swordfish Double (60″ x 96″)
  • B-20 Big Eye/Albacore (40″ x 84″)
  • B-22 Yellow Fin (40″ x 60″)
  • B-25 Wahoo Bag (20″ x 65″)
  • B-26 Wahoo Large Bag (20″ x 72″)
  • B-27 Striper Bag (30″ x 54″)
  • B-28 Redfish Bag (20″ x 36″)
  • B-30 Flounder/Fluke/ Blackfish Bag (20″ x 24″)
  • B-31 Trout/Bait Bag (20″ x 12″)

As mentioned, above sizes have been available Amazon at the time of writing this post, here’s a direct link.

#2 – Reliable Fishing Products Kill Bag (Multiple Sizes)

















One more representative of best insulated fish bags in our list is Kill Bag by Reliable Fishing Products (Amazon link). This bag is as good as the previously mentioned Canyon fish bag. It’s hard to compare their characteristics because many of them are similar. It is like you will be comparing such two similar products as  Yeti and Orca coolers. Both these premium-class insulated bags can boast of good performance, high durability level and highest-quality characteristics.

One of the unique and distinctive features of the Kill Bag is its bottom that can expand and allows you to put your insulated bag in upright position. This feature makes your cooler more compact and convenient, and also gives you an opportunity to store your bags out of your way. It is especially very convenient when you don’t have enough place for keeping your large fish bags. The manufacturers of the Kill Bags created a large diversity of sizes that vary from 18” x 36” to 30” x 90”.

The thickness of the bag’s walls is equal to ½” that provides a good insulation. Durable outer lining, that is made of highest-quality marine grade vinyl protects the content of your cooler and makes it fully resistant to mildew and UV. And of course each of the Kill Bags is easily cleaning without any efforts.

Essential  Features of Fish Cooler Bags :

  • Heavy duty 18 OZ vinyl
  • 1/2″ dense closed cell Foam
  • Drain plug on all bags
  • UV/Mildew resistant thread (double stitched)
  • Non-corrosive YKK zippers
  • Heavy duty carrying handles (on 30 x 72″ & 30 x 90″ bags)

If you want to have a closer look at Kill Bags and see what other customers think of them, here’s a handy link to their offering on Amazon.

#3 – Silver Horde Katchkooler II Fish Cooler Bag (40” x 16”)








This fish bag is the choice of our team. Actually the Katchkooler is the best combination of low price and high characteristics. With the price about $50 you will get the durable bag made of quality materials from reliable manufacturer. In comparison with the previously mentioned Canyon or Kill Bags this cooler doesn’t inferior to them by its characteristics but the difference in their prices impresses greatly.

This cooler will be a perfect choice for those users who don’t want to spend extra money just because the famous label of manufacturer. The Katchkooler II fish bag is equipped with such features as heavy-duty waterproof fabric, strong convenient handles and closed-cell foam insulation.

One and only drawback from the Katchkooler II fish bag manufacturers is that this cooler bag is only available in one size that is equal to 40” x 16”. Those people, who need larger or smaller bag, will be disappointed with this fact.

#4 – Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Fishing Ice Cooler (Three Sizes)








Frankly speaking these coolers are similar to other usual fishing coolers, but there are some things that attracted our attention. First good feature of this cooler if its wheels. They are durable, big and made of high-quality material.   One more thing because of that we have included this cooler in our TOP list is the presence of special holders for fishing rods (Only the largest model with the size of 60-quart is equipped with it).

These coolers are available in three different sizes. You can find them in 28-quart, 50-quart and 60-quart size. In fact this is very good variant of small fishing coolers with quality characteristics for surfing or taking to the beach. By following the next link you can check other options of coolers with rollers.

The largest model of fish cooler by the Igloo Marine manufacturer is the most popular variant among fishermen. It is so because this model is equipped with two special holders for fishing rods and two holders for cups. Both these features are irreplaceable for comfortable and long fishing.

Igloo Marine Fishing Coolers Available Sizes:

#5 – ENGEL USA Fishing Cooler with Rods Holder (19-quart)








Last but not least, this is a really neat, super high-quality little fishing cooler that you will find more uses for than you’d ever expect.

Last representative of best insulated fish bags and coolers in our list is this highest-quality small cooler made by well known Engel manufacturers. Because of the really impressive characteristics this cooler has a great demand among users. This Engel fish cooler will provide you with the strong construction, durable handles made of stainless steel, high insulation level and long ice retention period. These coolers are able to hold an ice inside up to two days, that is rather respectable duration for coolers.

This cooler is also equipped with the special fishing rod holders like the previously mentioned variant. You can also remove these holders easily if you don’t need them.

This cooler is available in one size of 16.6” x 11” x 13” and has a capacity of 19-quarts. Well, this is not the largest cooler, but it will perfectly fit to some packs of cans with drinks and sandwiches for your next fishing.

Check out Engel’s fishing cooler on Amazon.

Fishing Coolers. Conclusion words.

As it was mentioned above the fish bags is much more convenient and portable in comparison with bulky ice-chests. For more information you can check one more list of the best marine coolers out there.

As the conclusion we want to say that if you are tired from large and cumbersome coolers and are looking for some with the same high quality but more portable and convenient, then this article will be for you as a priceless finding. Each cooler bag from the mentioned above variants is worthy your attention and will be good companion at your next fishing.

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