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Every fisherman knows that the best marine cooler is the integral part of successful fishing. The main feature that distinguishes marine coolers from all other is duration of ice retention period. When you are on the boat for several days, without long ice retention time of your cooler your fishing will not end with success. But besides long terms of ice retention there are also some very important features that are necessary for the best marine cooler. In this article we are going to consider them all and to give you some qualitative modern coolers to choose from.

The first important characteristic of the best marine cooler is its resistance to rust. Because of permanent contact with water that will anyway fall on your cooler its rust resistance is incredibly important and you should pay your attention on this characteristic when choosing marine cooler if only you don’t want to change it after each fishing.

One more not less important characteristic is its ability to resist smells that will definitely occur from your catch. Your cooler have to be sealed and it is desirable to be roto-molded.

Also among rather important characteristics can be non-sleep feet that will allow you to put your cooler even on the wet slippery bottom of your boat.  We offer you to familiarize with the most popular coolers at the world market:

Best Marine Coolers from Trustable Manufacturers

Picture Product Name Size Available Roto-
Ice Retention 
(our score)
  Engel DeepBlue 25 – 320 QT Yes   $$
  Yeti Tundra 20 – 420 QT Yes   $$$
Editor’s Choice Igloo Yukon 50 – 150 QT Yes   $$$
  Igloo Marine Ultra 25 – 162 QT No   $
  Pelican ProGear 20 – 150 QT Yes   $$
  Coleman Marine 28 – 150 QT No  
  Orca Heavy Duty 20 – 140 QT Yes   $$$

Main Candidates for The Title “Best Marine Cooler”

Among hundred different marine coolers that are available on the market we have picked up the best ones. As we all are different and have different tastes and preferences, these coolers are also different, so we hope that you will pick up from them one that fully suits you. Let’s begin.

Candidate #1 – Igloo Marine Cooler

You may go fishing alone or with friends, in any case Igloo Marine Cooler will fit all your needs. Thanks to wide variety of sizes that vary from the smallest (25 quarts) to the biggest (162 quarts) you can pick up size that fully satisfy you in your fishing trip. Igloo Marine Cooler is UV resistant and because of its smell and spot resistance you will not have any problems while using it. We recommend you to look through all models of Igloo Marine Coolers that are available here on Amazon and choose the one that fits you the most by its size.

In their reviews users write that lid of the Igloo Marine Cooler deserve special attention. Thanks to durable latch and its construction that will not allow opening it too much the content of your cooler will stay inside it even when your cooler will fall or hit the water.


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Candidate #2 – Coleman Marine Cooler

When hearing name of Coleman manufacturer people don’t ask about quality because quality of the Coleman’s products is proven for many years. The high quality of Coleman Marine Cooler is confirmed by lots of users in their positive reviews. For many people this cooler has become a favorite. Speaking about characteristics of Coleman Marine Cooler we noted the great variety of sizes to choose from, so you can choose it in a size from 28 quarts to 150 quarts depending on how large cooler do you need for your trip.

Along with UV protection and additives to stop the growth of bacteria, this marine cooler can fill most boating needs.

Coleman Marine Cooler can boast of the long ice retention period, duration of which can achieve five and even six days. Among different reviews from users we have found the review from one user who stated that on the seven! day it still saw remains of ice inside his cooler.  With such startling ice retention period this cooler can be your reliable friend even in the long fishing trip. Some variants of Coleman marine Coolers are equipped with the wheels that make their transportation incledibly simple even when your cooler is completely filled.

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Candidate #3 – Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

After reading about the impressive duration of ice retention term of Coleman Marine Cooler it would seem that nothing can be more startling. But it can! Yukon Cold Locker Cooler is really the winner when we speak about ice retention. This cooler has got its name because it really can restrain cold inside it! Each user that has purchased Yukon Cold Locker Cooler was shocked by how long it can hold an ice inside it. One user stated that he decided to note the time during that cooler will keep an ice. Are you ready to know the result? Small pieces of ice have been found inside Yukon Cold Locker Cooler after three weeks! During almost month this cooler is able to lock cold! If you are going to long trip you should not be worried that duration of ice retention period will not be enough. Wherever you go your catch will stay cold more than enough. In addition to such stunning ice retention this cooler is equipped with textured lid which rough surface allow you to cut fish or food on it without any problems. Also there is a wide variety of sizes from 50 quarts up to 150 quarts, so you can pick up the most appropriate size for your catch.

If your brain demands more additional information like price and some other characteristics you can check it out on Amazon.

Needless to say that this cooler will be an amazing purchase and will be a great addition to your fishing trip regardless of how long it will be. We definitely recommend this cooler to each our reader and think that it has all chances to become your best marine cooler for many years.

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Candidate #4 – Engel DeepBlue Boat Cooler

While the previous marine cooler was a leader by duration of its ice retention period, this cooler is a leader by its variety of sizes. Can you imagine that this cooler is produced in sizes starting from 25 quarts up to 320 quarts! With such wide choice of sizes you will definitely find the one that suits you perfectly. For lovers of different colors of coolers Engel DeepBlue Boat Cooler is available in beige or camouflage beside habitual whit color. With all range of colors and sizes you can familiarize here: Amazon link. Specially created rough feet will keep your marine cooler even on the wet and slippery floor of your boat. Thick walls of Engel DeepBlue Boat Cooler provide you with long ice retention period so if you are going to be out on the water during rather long period you can be sure that you will have enough ice inside cooler to hold your catch and to save it fresh till your return.

One user absolutely enjoyed this cooler for all of his boating needs. The user first noted that the textured lid made it a great addition as a platform to stand on while looking for fish. The user also noted that the non-marking feet made sure that it stayed in place in the boat even in rough waters.

Users appreciate Engel DeepBlue Boat Cooler for its ice retention period and add in their reviews that a rough lid of the cooler that is very convenient for different uses.

This cooler is the last candidate for the title “Best Marine Cooler” and is definitely worth your aattention.

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Tips For choosing The Best Boat Cooler.

Now when you have read about the main representatives of the best marine coolers it is time to make a final choice. In order to help you make it correct we have gathered main tips each of that you should attentively think out before make your decision.

1 – Cooler’s size

It is one of the most important characteristics which you should note before purchasing. It is clear that if you are going to travel alone you will not need a large cooler. So, if you have a kayak designed for one person we recommend you to look at small sizes of marine coolers. It will be better for you to choose among coolers that offer a wide range of different sizes. In the case when you are going fishing with friends and during several days you will need food to eat and place where to put a catch we recommend you to pay attention at larger coolers’ sizes. In this case coolers with size of 20-25 quarts will be absolutely inappropriate.

2 – Duration of your fishing trip

Ice retention period directly depends on the duration of your trip, so if you want to spend two or three days out on the water you don’t need such long ice retention terms as for example Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler has. But at the same time if you are going fishing on the week or more such Rotomolded extreme coolers as Igloo Yukon Cold Locker will be the perfect companions at your trip.

3 – Cooler’s sustainability

When you are fishing on the high seas you should get used to permanent wiggles on the waves. But beside it your cooler should also stay firmly on the bottom of your boat regardless of weather conditions and waves height. In this case the most stable variant is the Engel DeepBlue marine cooler.

In conclusion

After this article you may look through the options you like here: Amazon seems to have plenty of different options available. Be stick to our tips and we are sure that you will find the best marine cooler which you will not want to change for many years. Good luck and amazing fishing!

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