Looking for the Best Insulated Cooler? Welcome to Our Rotomolded Coolers Guide!

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Looking for the Best Insulated Cooler? Welcome to Our Rotomolded Coolers Guide!

There is a great difference between usual coolers and high end coolers. If you need something for a short time and do not bother what will happen with your cooler after one or two years of its using, than you can go to the nearest shop and purchase your cooler there without even reading this article. But…if you really want to purchase something that will serve you during many years without any disappointing – welcome to the world of the best high end coolers!

In this article we are going to speak about best insulated cooler and best rotomolded cooler. Aft reading this post you will eventually understand if there is difference between these two definitions or not. So, sit down comfortable and let’s start!

Our Top 8 Best High End Coolers:

Picture Product Name Size Available Roto-
Ice Retention 
(our score)
  Yeti Tundra 20 – 420 QT Yes   $$$
  Igloo Yukon 50 – 150 QT Yes   $$$
  Pelican ProGear 20 – 150 QT Yes   $$
  Grizzly Cooler 15 – 400 QT Yes   $$$
  Engel DeepBlue 25 – 320 QT Yes   $$
  Canyon Coolers 22 – 125 QT Yes   $$
Editor’s Choice Orca Heavy Duty 20 – 140 QT Yes   $$$
  K2 Summit 20 – 120 QT Yes   $$

TOP 5 Lucky Ones or List Of Best Insulated Coolers For You.

Nowadays rotomolded coolers are popular because of their long duration of ice retention period and of course because of highest quality that significantly distinct them from the crowd. Our team has gathered the best representatives of high end coolers to save your time and help you to make a correct choice. So, 5 best coolers are presented to you and are waiting till you bought them.

#1 – Engel DeepBlue High Performance

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The #1 place in our Top list is occupied by Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler.  It is a high quality rotomolded cooler that has a great number of positive reviews in the Internet. If you want new cooler in bright colors we recommend you to pick these up in a variety of colors.

Speaking about cooler’s characteristics the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler is created with two-inches thickness of walls that makes it insulated and provides long term of ice retention in comparison with less expensive variants available in shops.

Secret feature of the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler is its insulation. While other coolers are covered with the layer of special foam that makes them insulated only at the sides, the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler is covered with this foam completely including bottom and lid. Due to such technology this cooler can hold ice inside much longer than others.

Durability of this cooler also deserve some special attention. Users in their reviews write that the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler has so durable latches and body that you can stand on it without any fears that it will break. Users affirm that this cooler will withstand any rough terrain that will occur during your trip. So you can easily take it with you without any worries.

One user wrote that ice inside cooler was during a week while several other users wrote that they found an ice after eight and ninth day of their trip. Because of all listed above we definitely make the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler #1 in our Top list.

>> Check out Engel DeepBlue on Amazon

# 2 – Pelican ProGear

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The Pelican ProGear cooler is available in sizes from 20 to 150 quarts. With the same thickness of its wall as the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler has the main difference between these two coolers is in duration of ice retention period. Unlike the Engel DeepBlue High Performance cooler Pelican ProGear can boasts of 10 days of ice retention!

Pelican ProGear is equipped with wide durable latches that make it easier to transport and give you an ability to open it fast and easily. You can without any efforts transport it from the truck of the car to your boat even if it is completely filled. Also this cooler is very secure. Being equipped with durable lock you should not be worry that some other people or animals open it and damage or take away its content.

Among all these advantages that were confirmed by its users we have also found the negative review. One user complained that this cooler is too heavy when it is full. He said that in their trip they needed more than two people to take it from the truck of the car. All that we can add to it is that the weight of each cooler is directly proportional to its durability. Because of the highest level of durability Pelican ProGear can seems too heavy for some its users but in this case you should decide what is more important to you – weight or durability.

With such quality this cooler can serve you during all your life. And yes, of course it is bear proof.

This cooler is one of the best high end coolers for you and we definitely recommend it.

>> Check out Pelican ProGear on Amazon

# 3 – Igloo Yukon

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For those our readers who are searching for wide range of different high end coolers’ sizes Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler will definitely suit most of all.  The manufacturer offers to users as small sizes equal to 50 quarts as good as big sizes up to 150 quarts.

The main characteristic that differ this cooler from the crowd of other variants is its security level. Thanks to special system of double locks on its lid this cooler has a title of the most secure high end cooler. Because of such locks your beverages, food or maybe catch will be not only cold, but also SAFE. Convenient construction of cooler’s body makes its cleaning very simple and fast. Speaking about ice retention period of Igloo Yukon all that we can say – it is startling! Users write that this cooler holds an ice during one week while other user said that it had an ice inside on the last day of his hunting that lasted two weeks. Manufacturer claims that the ice retention period of Igloo Yukon can last from one to two weeks that coincides with the most users’ reviews in the Internet that report that you will still have an ice staying in cooler up to two weeks.

If you are interested n this manufacturer and especially in Igloo Yukon variant we recommend you to familiarize with information about this cooler available in Amazon.

>> Check out Igloo Yukon on Amazon

# 4 – Yeti Tundra

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If you are searching for the durable construction together with long ice retention period and modern design you have to give a chance to Yeti lineup coolers.

Yeti Tundra coolers attract people not only with their variety of sizes (from 20 to 65 quarts) but also with wide choice of colors available. Thanks to these features Yeti Tundra coolers are extremely popular among youth and not only.

You can take Yeti Tundra cooler to your next hunting, camping or fishing trip without any doubts. Made from the durable highest quality material these coolers will not let you down in the most inopportune moment.

In comparison with other representatives of Yeti coolers Yeti Tundra models have the longest ice retention period.  After reading users’ reviews we have found out that Yeti Tundra cooler can hold an ice up to four days. But one user wrote that after fourth day of his canoe trip he still had inside cooler despite the fact that cooler was under sun rays during all period.

This cooler from a trustable manufacture can become your best partner in the next trip and definitely deserves your attention.

>> Check out Yeti Tundra on Amazon

# 5 – Grizzly

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The last one in our list of Top 5 best insulated coolers is Grizzly cooler. “Last but not the worst” it is said about this cooler. On par with the rest coolers in this list Grizzly has long ice retention period and durable construction that make it one of the best high end coolers. You can find this cooler in sizes from the smallest (5 quarts) to the biggest (75 quarts). You can see all available sizes here.  As the previous one the Grizzly cooler also available in many different colors that make it one of most modern and stylish representatives of high end coolers.

As some options described above this cooler also has two inches thickness of its walls that prolong its ice retention period. One more great feature of the Grizzly cooler is its feet. Thanks to rubberize coating feet of this cooler can keep it stable even on the wet or slippery surfaces.

Manufacturer affirms that the duration of ice retention period is equal to seven days. And it is true. Almost in every review that we have read users write that this cooler can hold an ice during a week. No less and no more. Some users said that Grizzly cooler can keep an ice inside it even being under the sun. Durability of this cooler is at the highest level and it is also IGBC certified that means that it is bear proof.

>> Check out Grizzly Coolers on Amazon

What Features Should Have a High End Cooler?

There are several features that distinct high end coolers from all other cheap coolers available almost in every shop. In this paragraph we have tried to collect them all together and present to you. So, main features that indicates high end coolers:

#1 – Design & Makeup

The design of coolers always is one of the most important moments on which you pay your attention immediately. Modern and stylish coolers also have a great demand among buyers.  Also the first impression is influenced by the rotomolding system of cooler, but about this characteristic we will speak a little bit later,

#2 – Functionality & Ice Retention









The main characteristic that distinguishes all coolers is their ice retention period. Duration of coolers created by different manufacturers often differs too. One high end coolers can hold ice during four days while others are able to hold it during a week or even more.

The long terms of ice retention you will get only after purchasing the best coolers namely, high end coolers.

#3 – Build

The high end coolers are also solid and very qualitatively made. The main disadvantage of such durable construction is coolers’ weight. But unfortunately it can not be avoided in any way. One more thing that distinguishes the best high end coolers is the quality of their latches, handles and other components. In the high end coolers they are always made of high quality steel or other durable materials.

Rotomolded Coolers. What Is It?

Everyone who is interested in coolers especially in the high end coolers often have heard about rotomolding. Of course we know that rotomolded coolers are qualitative and more lasting than others but there are not many people who know what really rotomolding means. After reading this paragraph you will clearly understand what this word means and your further choosing will be easier.

A rotomolded characteristic of cooler means that this cooler has been put through a rotationally molded process.  This process allows manufacturer create the strongest cooling system ever. Also rotationally molded process make cooler as durable as it possible for such device.

Due to the same thickness of the cooler’s walls that is also provided by the rotomolding process such coolers differ by their ability to withdraw the most severe weather conditions without causing any harm to the cooler’s content.

And the last and the greatest feature of the rotationally molded process is that each of coolers that have passed such process can serve you during your whole life.

The most popular manufacturers of rotomolded coolers are IglooGrizzlyEngelYeti and Pelican.

Here are Some High End Coolers we Recommend

Time to Make a Choice

In this article a wide number of high end insulated coolers are presented. We gave you more than enough variants to choose from and now it’s time to make your final choice. Before making it you should clearly define cooler’s features that you need most of all. Will it be ice retention period, security, design or weight? It is very desirable to choose rotomolded cooler, so presence of such feature is important in any case.

Actually all coolers that were listed above have long ice retention periods and durable construction, so if for you these feature are the most important, each of these variants will suit you.

After deciding what features must have your new cooler we sure that you will find the best insulated cooler from the Top coolers that have been presented in our article.