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It is hot outdoors and the best way to spend your weekends is to go outdoors and relax with friends. “Sun is shining” like in the famous Bob Marley’s song and finally you lie on the beach and relax under the hot sun rays. You can feel a tasty smell of roasting meat and can’t wait to try it.

“One more jump into the water and I will go to my friends” you decide. You make you jump into the cool refreshing water while all your thoughts are full of dreams about hot steak and cold bottle of Coca. Coming out of the water you go to the cooler to take some bottles of cold beverages from it and what do you see there…in the water into which ice has turned your warm bottles lay. Any ice, any cold Coca and any good mood.

After you calm down you understand that this terrible nuisance has occurred because of long standing of cooler under the scorching sun. Due to the quality of cooler (that was far from high) the ice inside it melted and the drinks turned into disgusting draff. What will be your first thought after it? Of course you will think about changing your cooler to the better one.

We have created this article about best beach coolers to prevent such terrible situation and to give you some REALLY high quality variants to choose from.

So, if you need to buy the best beach cooler for the next beach party sit comfortably and read.  We present you the TOP 4 best coolers for your unforgettable trip to the beach.

TOP 4 best beach coolers ever:

#1 – Igloo Maxcold Cool Fusion

Beside the wheels Maxcold fusion cooler combine the best characteristic of soft and hard coolers.  Made from the durable material and being equipped with the strong wheels this cooler will make you party on the beach really stunning. Thanks to the thick walls the Maxcold fusion cooler can hold an ice inside it during long period of time even if it is under the scorching sun rays. Convenient telescopic handle and wheels make it very easily transportable, so you should not worry how to carry it even when it is completely filled.

The MaxCold cooler is produced in a size equal to 17 x 14 x 18 inches, so it will be more than enough place to take beverages and food for you and your friend on your party.

Reviews from users confirmed the high quality of the MaxCold cooler. Many users praise it for the presence of outer pockets where you are able to put some small and very necessary things like smartphone or sun glasses. Also users write that the most of all they like telescopic handle and wheels of the cooler because they are durable and very convenient. After reading so many positive reviews we definitely give the crown of leader in our list of the best beach coolers to the MaxCold cooler.

You can check out Amazon reviews right here (Amazon link) >>

#2 – Picnic Time Cart Cooler

(different colors available – click to view on Amazon)

From the first look THIS definitely doesn’t look like a cooler, but after closer considering you start understand that it is a cooler and it is awesome!


The main characteristic of the Picnic Time Cart Cooler is its spacious size and big wheels that make its transporting so easy that even child can cope with it. The spaciousness of this cooler is 37 cans and it means that you can take beverages on the beach party not only for you but for the company of your friends too.

The size of the Picnic Time Cart Cooler is equal to 15.2 x 13 x 37.5 inches.  This cooler has got its extremely high popularity because it is available in such bright colors as lime, navy and red. The whole list of available colors you can see right here on Amazon and choose the best for you. With such bright colors the Picnic Time Cart Cooler will make your sunny beach party unforgettable.

Users say that this cooler has immediately become their favorite cooler because of the large wheels and spacious form. They say that it is very easy and convenient to transport it. We have found many positive reviews about its color. People like it most of all in lime and red colors because as they said it gives them “summer mood”.

So, we make a conclusion that this cooler will suit perfectly to your next beach party and give it a second place in our list of best beach coolers.

You can check out all reviews on Amazon right here >>

#3 – Yeti Hopper

Everyone who have read our Yeti cooler reviews or heard about Yeti coolers manufacturer knows that these coolers don’t need any promotion. Their quality is proven during many years. But when people hear about Yeti cooler, the first thing that comes to their mind is that it’s something big, heavy and hard.

But actually Yeti manufacturer has created a beat representative of beach coolers and called it Yeti Hopper. This cooler can boast of very high level of durability and long duration of ice retention time.

Yeti Hopper is produced in the size of 22.5 x 16.5 x 12 inches and has spaciousness from 20 to 30 quarts. Durable handles make it easily transportable and give it a stylish look. Yeti Hopper is available in blue or grey colors.

If you are worrying about its ice retention time because you are going to a several days trip, you can be calm. Users affirm that the duration of ice retention period of this cooler is equal to four days or even more. And during the whole this period you can leave Yeti Hopper under the sunlight without any fears that ice inside it will melt. So you can start packing your food and beverages and go to your trip. With Yeti Hopper they will stay fresh and cold during whole your trip.

Our team thinks that Yeti Hopper is one of the best representatives of beach coolers and we recommend it for you without any doubts.

You can check out Yeti Hopper on Amazon right here >>

#4 – eBags Crew Cooler II 

(Click to view different color options on Amazon)

The last member of our list of Top 4 best beach coolers is eBags Crew Cooler II. If you are searching for the modern durable and convenient cooler – read this paragraph attentively because this cooler is created especially for you!

The variety of this cooler’s colors is so large that each other cooler will envy it. You can find eBags Crew Cooler II not only in such habitual colors as Gray, Blur or Black but also in Red, Turquoise, Eggplant and Green colors. We recommend you to see all color options here.  This cooler has many outer pockets with zippers where you can put your small useful things and don’t be afraid to lose them.

EBags Crew Cooler II is manufactured at a size of 10.5 x 15 x 8.5 inches that gives you the possibility to put in it all food and beverages that you will need at your next trip or outdoor party.

This cooler has become popular among users because of its big spaciousness comparably with its size. Users say that their other coolers couldn’t accommodate all necessary goods while this cooler copes with this task easily.

After buying the eBags Crew Cooler II you can be sure that you will not have to change it for another after year of using because of its quality. This cooler is made of high quality durable materials and will serve you during many years.

Check out what Amazon customers think of eBags Crew Cooler >>

Our tips

We think that you have already understood that the diversity of beach coolers is great. In this article we have picked up for you only best ones. In order to help you avoid disappointments we have collected a list of questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing you new beach cooler.

The last thing that you should do is to answer these questions and after it you can choose your cooler.

For what purposes am I going to use my beach cooler?

In the case when you going to use cooler at your next trip only for yourself or for you and some friends, you definitely don’t need such big and spacious variants as Igloo MaxCold (but if you are interesting only in Igloo coolers you can read more about them at Igloo coolers for sale) or Picnic Time Cooler. In this case coolers like eBags Crew Cooler II will fit you.

In the case when you are going to go to the beach with the large company it is clear that situation will be reversed and these variants suit you ideally.

During how long term am I going to use my beach cooler?

Ice retention is the most important characteristic when we talk about coolers. You should decide for how long trips you are going to go and basing on this term choose a cooler. If you want to spend more than two days outdoors we recommend you to consider such option as the Yeti Hopper cooler.

On what type of terrains am I going to use it?

The type of your beach cooler directly depends on the type of terrain where you will use it. If you are going to use your cooler on the smooth surfaces then you should consider variants like Igloo MaxCold cooler. If most of all you have trips on the rough terrains then such durable coolers with big wheels as Picnic Time Cooler will be the best variant for you.

Cooler’s price

The cost of cooler is extremely important, this is why in the current article we have tried to pick up the best beach coolers with the price less than hundred dollars. Option that cost more that this price is Yeti Hopper, that costs several hundred dollars. Its price is caused by long ice retention term and by very high level of durability.

Last question that you should ask yourself is how expensive cooler you can afford and what of its characteristics you need at the highest level.

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Short Conclusion

After these questions you can decide whether you need wheeled cooler, large or small cooler or the most durable cooler for your needs.

Each of coolers that we have presented to you in this article can become your reliable partner at your next trip to the beach, so all you have to do now is make your final choice basing on our tips and previously mentioned characteristics of best beach coolers.

Our crew at the hopes that you will find the best beach cooler for you and look forward to your positive review!

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