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For those who can’t imagine their life without camping the camping cooler is one of the major things in the list of stuff that must be with you during a trip.

Just imagine how it would be great to take a cold drink and a nice hot steak outdoors after your long and exhausting driving. After setting of tent you call your friends to the fire and your relax starts. Hot and tasty meals are ready and cold beverages wait until you taste them. To make this dream real and to not be disappointed with melted ice inside cooler and warm drinks instead of cold bottle of Coca you must pay attention on the quality of cooler that you decide to take in your trip.

Bad quality cooler can spoil whole you trip because of spoiled food and hot drinks. When you are going camping the main thing you should be worried about is your cooler and especially duration of ice retention period.

To make your search simpler and to help you choose cooler which will be really worth taking with you on you trip, we have gathered list of the best camping coolers with which your trip will be unforgettable.

Best Camping Coolers – Comparison Table

Picture Product Name Bear Proof Size / Capacity Our Score
(Ice Retention)
  Yeti Tundra Yes 20 – 420 QT   $$$
  Coolest Cooler No 55 QT   $$
Editor’s Choice

Pelican ProGear Yes 20 – 150 QT   $$
  Grizzly Cooler Yes 15 – 400 QT   $$$
  Coleman Xtreme 5 w/ handle No 50 QT   $
  Engel DeepBlue Yes 25 – 320 QT   $$
  Igloo Yukon Yes 50 – 150 QT   $$$
What Qualities Should Have The Best Camping Cooler?

What cooler really deserve to be the best camping cooler? What characteristics make it the best one?

The first thing when choosing a cooler is how long you are going to use it. If you want to take cooler at the outdoor party that will last no more than two days, whichever cooler you choose, it will be good cooler. During such period of using every cooler will provide you with ice and keep your food and drinks cold. Another thing is when you are going camping for example for a week and food and cold drinks will be indispensable constituent of your rest, especially if the weather is hot. In this article we will speak about camping, so this is the list of main coolers’ characteristics on which you should pay your attention:

#1 and the most important – Ice Retention

So, you have decided to stay camping during several days and if you are not going to fish or hunt, you will need food and drinks during the whole period of the trip. Thus you definitely need a well insulated cooler which is able to keep your food and beverages frozen during your trip. Pay attention on this coolers’ characteristic primarily while choosing.

#2 Durability of your cooler

In the case when you are going to rough terrains or your trip will be rather extreme, for example you are going kayaking, you must be sure that your cooler will endure all the trials.  Solid handles and robust cooler’s construction are the most important characteristics for lovers of extreme rest.

#3 Lock- and Protect-ability

In the most cases when you stay camping you will meet with other people or even animals. If you don’t want your food to be eaten by bears or other predators, the durability of cooler’s locks and level of its secure are very important characteristics. High level of protect-ability of your cooler will save its content from undesirable intervention of people and animals.

Top Coolers for Camping

We have prepared for you several high quality coolers each of them will be good for camping. The quality of these coolers is proven over the years and thousands of users can’t imagine camping without them. We recommend you to look at our list of best cooler for camping and chose the best one for you.


Coolest Cooler – Best Ice Chest Cooler for Your Camping

This cooler knowingly received such name because beside of high quality and basic characteristics it is equipped with built in bottle opener and soft grips. For those who like bright and stylish coolers this one will become a favorite. Coolest Coolers are produced in orange, blue or green colors that will make your trip brighter. The distinctive feature of this camping cooler is its built-in blender that can crush ice.

This cooler is also equipped with outdoor speaker that will allow you enjoy hours of favorite music. USB charger, bottle opener and LED light makes this cooler the best variant for active and comfortable rest. These extra features make the Coolest Cooler extremely popular among youth.

But despite of all advantages this cooler has some disadvantages too. One of the main its cons is weight. Because of all previously mentioned extra features when you completely fill it, its weight will be rather high. But manufacturers of the Coolest Cooler have thought through this point and add to its construction telescopic handles and quality wheels. This cooler also can’t boast of long ice retention period, but thanks to its additional features it will be the best variant for outdoor party.

For additional information you can go to Amazon and >> Check out Coolest Cooler on Amazon

Whant Convinient Transportation? Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler is created for you!


In according to users’ reviews this cooler is the best one for camping. The Maxcold cooler is produced in a variety of 40, 50 and 60-Quart. Thanks to special technology this cooler is very convenient in transportation. Manufacturers have made its wheels especially suitable for rough surfaces and hilly terrain. Due to minimal contact with the ground this cooler will be convenient to transportation wherever you will be.

This cooler has got its name Maxcold because of its insulation that makes cooler being able to keep its content cold as long as it is possible.

After reading a lot of reviews we can surely say that the duration of ice retention of the Maxcod cooler is really great. Users say that this cooler is able to keep ice from three to five days that coincides with terms that are promised by its manufacturer.

Also many users wrote in their reviews that the telescopic handle and strong wheels make this cooler incredibly convenient to transport regardless of its weight. Thus you can full the cooler with everything you need in your trip and don’t worry that it will be too heavy.

>> Check out Igloo Maxcold Cooler on Amazon

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler for Exremely Long Keeping Ice

Click for larger photos (Amazon link)

One more candidate to the nomination of “the best camping cooler” is Igloo Yukon. This cooler will be definitely the best variant for fishers. You are going to ask why? Answer is simple – this cooler is specially developed to hold an ice inside during long periods, while its construction will withstand severe fishing in any weather.

The Igloo Yukon Cold Locker is equipped with lasting dual locks that will save its content. This feature is integral for fishermen who want their catch be protected from intervention of other people and animals. Cooler’s spaciousness is equal to 50 to 150 quarts and it means that you will never have problems with lack of free space inside.

The cooler’s case is specially developed for long trips in all conditions. Some users wrote that they have been using this cooler during long period and kept it in such places as car trunks and boats but despite it the cooler has not got any scratches or damages on its body.

And in conclusion the most important characteristic of this cooler – its ice retention time. Ice retention time of Igloo Yukon Cold Locker is incredible! We have stumbled upon a review where user write that he have found remnants of ice inside cooler after its three weeks using!

>> Check out Igloo Yukon on Amazon

Top Bear Proof Coolers for Camping

IGBC Certified Bear Badge

All people who like camping know that when you stay in a wild, animals or even other people who stay near you can get to your cooler and damage or take away its content.  Moreover these interventions can not only disappoint you, but also be dangerous to you. Some predators like bears can cause harm to your health. It may seems unbelievable but bears are really a great problem when you stay camping in the wild.

In this case you need a cooler whose quality and secure is certified by the IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee). Such coolers are specially developed to protect the content of your cooler from animals. We have collected three best coolers that are approved by Grizzly Bear Committee.

#1 – Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler

Click for more pictures on Amazon

This cooler is a leader among bear proof coolers. Pelican coolers are manufactured in pink, tan, orange, maroon and other colors. So, for lovers of bright and stylish variants they will be a great finding. Beside modern design these coolers can boast of long ice retention period that can last up to week. For coolers it is very long term.

Let’s speak about bears. Specialists have tested this cooler with the real grizzly and make a conclusion that despite Pelican has suffered from such battle, but it has not been defeated. Bear has done all that he could with the cooler but even couldn’t open it!

After such test it becomes clear that this cooler is durable, high quality and its protection is on the highest level. The price of this cooler is lower than others that makes it very popular worldwide. Among all these pros its one and only disadvantage is its weight. Because of the high level of protection this cooler is rather heavy. Nevertheless it would be very strange if the weight of bear proof cooler will be light, so this fact is self-evident and people who want good-protected cooler must be ready for it.

>> Check out Pelican ProGear on Amazon

#2 – Yeti Tundra

Click for more pictures on Amazon

One more representative of quality Bear Proof coolers is Yeti Tundra cooler.  This model is manufactured in sizes from 20 to 65 quarts, so you are able to choose exactly size that you need. Special T-Rex latches of this cooler are created specially to save its content from animals including Grizzly Bears. The ColdLock sealing protect cooler’s content from warm air and protect your food and beverages from heating during long time period.

Speaking about Yeti and Grizzly bears we can make the conclusion that this cooler is able to withstand bears intervention without any serious damages. The look of these coolers has suffered a little from bears but its content stay intact. Even after scratching and rolling, bear could not open it.

If you are interested in this model we recommend you to read Yeti coolers on sale article and check its price and other characteristics on Amazon.

>> Check out Yeti Tundra on Amazon

#3 – Engel DeepBlue

Click to see more colors & sizes on Amazon

Being last but not the worst, this cooler is third representative of TOP 3 best bear proof coolers for camping. You can choose this cooler in different sizes and colors. Durable handles and thick walls make this cooler lasting and convenient to transportation.

Can this cooler withstand the bear attack? As all coolers in this list the Engel DeepBlue cooler also stoically endured all bear’s attempts to get inside it. Users praise this cooler in their reviews for long duration of ice retention period and high protection level. Engel DeepBlue cooler is able to keep an ice during six days and will be the great variant for your trip.

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Time to Choose the Best Camping Cooler

We all are different and our tastes are different too. In this article you have read about several variants of coolers to choose from and whatever variant you choose it definitely will be great. We repeat that the major characteristics for camping coolers are durability, ice retention period and their protection from bears and other animals. High quality of these characteristics will give you a clue to what coolers are the best and help you to find good variants to choose from. We hope that this article will help you to choose your best camping cooler for unforgettable relax and only positive emotions.

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