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If you are still searching for your ideal cooler or you have already decided with the manufacturer and don’t know what option to choose, anyway this article will help you to make a final choice. Here we will speak about Bison coolers for sale. Sit comfortably and read attentively. Let’s start!

 Bison Coolers (Brute Coolers). A little Bit From History.


Those our readers who appreciate the label “made in USA” will be very happy because all production of this manufacturer is one hundred percent AMERICAN. The native town of Bison Coolers (you may have heard about them as Brute coolers) is Fort Worth, Texas.

The quality of this coolers is as high as quality of such premium manufacturers as Orca or Yeti coolers. Manufacturers of Bison coolers affirm that their main goal while producing coolers is to achieve the highest quality and make their coolers high-end and world famous. And of course show the world that these amazing coolers are AMERICAN made.

The Bison manufacturer initially has had name Brute coolers (or rather Brute outdoors coolers). These coolers have been manufactures in small amounts and had quite good popularity among fishermen and hunters. Due to such small number of manufactured coolers it was rather difficult to find Brute Coolers for sale in ordinary stores. Because of these reasons Brute outdoor cooler have not got a lot of reviews in the Internet and didn’t achieve world popularity.




After this manufacturer have continued their production and creation of the highest-quality premium coolers but suddenly changed their name to Bison Coolers. Manufacturers affirmed that nothing else would change and they manufacture the same premium class American coolers but in larger scale. If you want to know all detail about changing the name of the Brut company to the Bison company, we recommend you to check this article.

Due to such expansion of the company, presently you are able to find Bison coolers in most stores all over the world or directly order their production from the official Bison website, even with a discount if you use this 5% coupon code that was created by manufacturers of Bison coolers.  It is up to you where you will make your order, the main point is that they are in a free access almost everywhere.

Main Characteristics of Bison Coolers.

On the official site of Bison manufacturer you are able to find the next sizes: 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150-quart.




There are also several different colors for you to choose:



Let’s consider each of these coolers more deeply:

#1 option – 25 QT Bison Cooler

  • Perfectly fits to play or work outdoors
  • Ideal cooler for BEER
  • Great variant for short trips

External Measures:

18.75? L x 16? D x 15? H

Internal Measures:

12.5? L x 11.5? D x 10.75? H


16.50 lbs

#2 option – 50 QT Bison Cooler

  • Good for weekend with friends or family
  • Ideal variant to take into a boat
  • Good option for fishing
  • Good option for hunting

External Measures:

32? L x 16.5? D x 16.5? H

Internal Measures:

24? L x 11.25? D x 11? H


27.50 lbs

#3 option – 75 QT Bison Cooler

  • Easily carrying for one person
  • Fits perfectly to the fishing, hunting, camping
  • Good variant of multi-purposing coolers

External Measures:

35? L x 16.25? D x 17.5? H

Internal Measures:

29? L x 12.125? D x 12.25? H


31.50 lbs

#4 option – 100 QT Bison Cooler

  • Best variant for heavy load
  • Ideal for hunting of big game
  • Best variant for long camping
  • Ideal for several–days hinting

External Measures:

40.75? L x 19.75? D x 18? H

Internal Measures:

32? L x 15? D x 12.5? H


41.00 lbs

#5 option – 150 QT Bison Cooler

  • Also best variant for several-days hunting, heavy loads and long camping
  • Good as a spacious marine cooler
  • Ideal variant for fishing and big game hunting

External Measures:

46.75? L x 23.75? D x 19.5? H

Internal Measures:

38.75? L x 18.75? D x 13? H


58.00 lbs


When you will be thinking over about this cooler and deciding whether it worth taking to your hunting or not, take into account that this brand has been created by fishermen and hunters and they considered all niceties that correspond to such activities. Each of the Brute ice chests is roto-molded and it means that you will get the highest durability and ice retention terms.

They are specifically built to withstand the most brutal conditions that you or the outdoors can manage to throw at them – if you’re not using and abusing them, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

These coolers are created in a special way in order to withstand all negative weather conditions

and they are truly the best combination of premium characteristics and price.

Moreover the manufacturers of this brand provide their buyers with the 5-year money back guarantee on each Bison cooler from their lineup. They are completely sure that you will never need this warranty. We also can’t skip the ‘tough as nails t-shirt collection.

Design and Essential Features of Bison Coolers.

Manufacturers of Bison coolers can boast of the some unique features which are peculiar only to their coolers lineup.

Level of Insulation

Previously we have written that Bison cooler are created with using of the rotationally molding technology which means that their durability and quality doesn’t need any additional advertising. If you don’t know about roto-molded coolers or want to clarify some moments of this technology, then go and find additional information here

Manufacturers of this brand have created their own proprietary polyurethane foam insulation material which they use for each Bison cooler. Due to outstanding high quality of this material Bison coolers stay in the same row with the world known top-brand coolers and even surpass them in certain characteristics.

And here is what they say about the thickness of insulation and plastic in compare with competition:

Manufacturers of Bison coolers are proud of the fact that their production has “a full inch more than there’s in some spots.”

Duration of Ice Retention Term

In reviews of users we have read that the duration of ice retention term of Bison coolers is up to one week or even more. Users affirm that everything depends on the weather conditions. If your coolers will be standing under the scorching sun, then it will hold an ice for up to 5 days but if the temperature is not so high, you will get ice inside cooler even after week of using. For prolonging the ice retention terms you can go to the next link and familiarize with Ice Packs available on Amazon.

Distinctive Features

One of the main unique and distinctive features of Bison cooler is their cantilever lid latches.

These things are tested at a breaking point of over 170-pounds of force, which is well beyond the force required to form a good seal between the lid and cooler. The advantage of the latches being built well-beyond their intended usage is that they won’t break down over time. A lot of other top-brands, we’ve noticed, their parts tend to wear out over time, and the performance of the cooler is drastically diminished.

Specially created lid latches in each Bison cooler are able to withstand force equal to 170! pounds.  It means that these latches will serve you during very long period of time without any replacement. In comparison with other famous coolers brands it is very useful peculiarity because many coolers have problem of their components’ wearing and further necessity of changing a cooler because of it.

One more characteristic that make Bison coolers representatives of the unique premium class coolers is their flush-mount hinge system. Such system is designed with using of a single piece of aluminum rod which spans the entire body of the cooler. These feature also strengthens cooler’ construction and makes it extremely durable and strong.



Some Accessories to Your Bison Cooler

Manufacturers of Bison brand are incredibly proud that their production is made in USA and because of it they have not forget about wide range of different vinyl lid decals that will stand out your cooler among others and make it special and unique.

Many of these decals are created in order to support those people who helped in creation of the Bison company, for example and the Ford Raptor Forum.




Also among the accessories for the Bison coolers you can find various non-skid traction pads and high-quality seat cushions for the cooler’s lid, rolling carts with off-road wheels and different durable straps for secure fastening of your cooler to truck or boat.

Soft Sided Coolers in Bison Lineup

Bison coolers are durable and high quality but in several cases, as for example when you go hiking you will not want to carry heavy 70 QT hard ice chest in your hands. It will be ridiculous and of course inconvenient. For such situation the most convenient variant for you will be soft-sided cooler. Such coolers will keep your beverages cold and are much more convenient to carry. For additional information about soft coolers you can check one of our previous posts. But in this paragraph we will spaeak only about Bison soft coolers.

The main characteristic that distinguishes Bison soft coolers from other options is their design. They are really stylish and modern. Each soft cooler in Bison lineup is UV protected and it means that with the process of time their material doesn’t lose its color and you still will enjoy your cooler like a new one.

But besides from stylish design these coolers can boast of their other characteristics. Bison soft-sided coolers can hold an ice during twenty four hours even under the more than 100 degree heat! Secret of such efficiency is in their construction, namely insulation. These coolers are created with the thickness of walls equal to one inch that are made of 1000 denier vinyl shell. In addition to it they coolers tear resistant up to 375 pounds. Impressively, is not it?





Two sizes of soft-sided Bison coolers are available. You can purchase them with spaciousness of 12 or 24 cans.


Also you can purchase your soft pack in four different bright and stylish colors:



We want also to pay your attention on the fact that previously mentioned  5% discount coupon on Bison Coolers also covers all soft coolers from Bison line.

Where Can I Buy My Bison Cooler?

If you have finally decided to stop your choice on the Bison coolers and don’t know where to buy it, here you will get answers to all your questions.

First and the simplest way is to purchase every accessory or cooler that you liked directly from the official website of Bison manufacturer.

This way is also the most secure. Of course you can order your cooler or accessory from other websites or other in-store dealers, but in such case there is a probability that you will not get the warranty offered by the manufacturer.