Best Canyon Coolers. How to Choose The Best Canyon Ice Chest.

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Everyone of us when hear about Canyon Cooler imagine the Grand Canyon. Actually Canyon coolers that are presented in this review are as stunning as the Grand Canyon is. If you are searching for the durable cooler which is able to withstand all weather conditions including the most extreme ones, then this article has been created for you. Welcome to our Canyon Cooler review!




The first representatives of Canyon Cooler have been created for travelers to take them to adventures into the Grand Canyon. These coolers could stand extreme temperatures and were able to hold beverages and food cold and fresh up to two weeks.  Since then nothing has change and Canyon coolers are still as durable as were many years ago.   We will start from the main point – cooler’s construction.


The Construction of Canyon Coolers

Each representative of Canyon coolers has almost ideal seamless design. How do coolers’ manufacturers have achieved such startling results?







The answer is simple- thanks to Roto-Molded PE technology.

It is not a secret that coolers that have been created with using of rotationally molding technology have the most durable construction and the longest ice retention periods. The thickness of each wall of Canyon coolers is equal to 2.7 inches that provides the highest level of insulation and therefore prolongs the terms during which the cooler’s content stays cold and fresh.

The quality of the Canyon coolers is also certified by the Grizzly Bear Committee. It means that even if grizzly bear will decide to open your cooler and taste its content he will not succeed in it.

Canyon Coolers. What Size to Choose?

The manufacturers of Canyon coolers took care of their users and created a wide variety of coolers’ sizes. You are able to choose a cooler which will fit to one-person trip as well as you can pick up an appropriate size for the trip with company of your friends. Let’s look at the available sizes:

The Canyon Outfitter Cooler

The Outfitter 22 is available in a size of 16.75” x 11.50” x 13.50.” The next bigger size is the Outfitter 35 which is produced in a size of 23.75” x 15.50” x 16.75.”




After these options comes the Outfitter 55 which dimensions are 28.00” x 15.50” x 16.25.” Next  position is occupied by the Outfitter 75 which is available in at 29.00” x 17.75” x 18.50.”

If you need a bigger cooler check the biggest model in the Outfitter line- with measures of  35” x 20.25” x 20.25” Outfitter 125 is available.

Here on Amazon you can check Outfitter series availability and prices »

The Canyon Prospector Cooler

This model is manufactured in only one size equal to 103 at 37.5” x 21.25” x 18.5.”

The Canyon Long Box Cooler




The Long Box is available in two different sizes, first of them is the 222 Long that is equal to 52.00” x 20.75” x 22.00,” after it the 700 Long comes with the size 75.00” x 31.00” x 30.50.”

The Canyon Water Cooler

This one comes in a 5 gallon with dimensions of 13.38” x 13.38” x 20.00.”


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For What Purposes Are the Canyon Ice Chests Created?

Despite the fact that Canyon coolers will fit to any case, everyone should decide for what purposes and occasions you are going to use it. If you want to use your cooler for party or as a launch box, then it will be better for you to consider options from soft cooler guide or best beach cooler guide.

Nevertheless if you are going to use cooler for more extreme cases and want it to withstand proudly very high or low temperatures and despite it keep your food and beverages cold for several days, than the Canyon Ice Chest will become your favorite.

Duration of Ice Retention Period

The manufacturers of the Canyon Coolers claim on their official website that their coolers can hold their content frozen from five up to fourteen days depending on the weather conditions.


Essential Characteristics

In this list we picked up only the most important characteristics of Canyon coolers:

  • UV resistant polyethylene construction
  • Skid plates
  • 100% Flush Design -No Snagging
  • Bullet proof hinges
  • Heavy Duty seal
  • Locking Lid
  • Built in shoulder strap
  • Recessed cam latch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC)

Users’ reviews

One of users in his review noticed that Canyon cooler in no way inferior to the Yeti cooler. User mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised by the combination of Canyon’s high-quality characteristics and price.

Another user wrote that after long search and comparison of ten different manufacturers of top coolers on the market he has finally decided to purchase Canyon cooler and presently he is fully satisfied with its quality and durability.

One more user said in his review that initially he was going to buy a Yeti cooler but after noticing the Canyon coolers lineup with the same highest-quality characteristics but significantly lower price he has decided not to waste extra money and purchased Canyon one.

Canyon Coolers or Yeti Coolers. Which One to Choose?

When you are searching for coolers with the highest level of durability and qualitative characteristics you will be definitely comparing some representative of world leading brands. In this paragraph we will compare Yeti and Canyon Coolers and help you with the choice.




While comparing such world famous brands as Canyon and Yeti many of their characteristics are similar or even the same. Both these coolers have durable construction and long ice retention periods. There are many features of these coolers that are difficult to compare because of their similarity. But the one thing that is really DIFFERENT is their price. Here is small table for you to compare coolers’ features:

Canyon Outfitter 35 Yeti 45 Series
35 Quarts 37 Quarts
Super Tough Roto-Molded PE Construction Super Tough Roto-Molded PE Construction
No-Lose Drain Plug Quick Twist Drain Plug
Wall Thickness 2.7″ Wall Thickness 2″
Lifetime Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
Lockable Lockable
AirTight™ Seal Hycar Wiper Seal
21.5 lbs. 23 lbs.
Check current Amazon price » Check current Amazon price »

If we have to make a final decision and to choose one of these coolers we would choose…Canyon coolers. Why the Canyon Ice Chest?

The simple but very important fact on which we were based on when making a decision is the coolers’ price. The main thing when choosing coolers is their characteristics. It is ridiculous to pay extra money for the same features, but different brand that is more popular and advertised. Thus we think that Canyon Ice Chest is the winner in this battle and worth buying.

Where Can I Purchase Canyon Coolers?

Our readers can purchase their Canyon cooler on the official website or are able to check if there is a location of dealer near you to choose their cooler there.

But if you are on a budget or just don’t want to waste extra money we recommend you to to check Amazon and purchase your cooler from the wide variety of available models, sizes and colors. You will not only have a wide choice but also save your money too.

Handy Canyon Cooler Accessories


Conclusion Words.

Of course it is up to you whether buy one of the previously mentioned representatives of Canyon lineup coolers or not. All that we can say in conclusion is that you will never regret about your choice if you decide to purchase Canyon cooler. If you are searching for the best combination of price, durability, design and long ice retention period – further search will be ridiculous. All that you need is in this article.

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