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If you are tired from permanent searching of the best model of styrofoam cooler you are lucky beggar, because with this article you will definitely make your final choice. Coolers made of styrofoam can boast of the highest level of insulation that is available in the world market nowadays.

For a clear demonstration try to take a plastic or paper cup of scalding tea and compare how your hand would feels when you will take a cup made of styrofoam with the same tea. This simple example can clearly explain how high is the insulation level of styrofoam.
Presently styrofoam material is used almost everywhere starting from the disposable cups and packaging to even the construction materials for insulation of buildings. This material is in so high demand because it is rather cheap in its production and at the same time very functional and effective.

Also styrofoam is one of the most commonly used material for coolers. Many manufacturers create their products with using of styrofoam for the best insulation features without wasting extra money on expensive materials.

You may think that all styrofoam coolers are the same, but actually it is not so. Each coolers manufacturer tries to add some novelties or special technologies for making their products unique. In this article we are going to present you the most popular variants of styrofoam coolers, insulated styrofoam shipping boxes and styrofoam bucket liners with highest-quality characteristics from the world famous brands.

Leaders among styrofoam coolers:


Lifoam 5328 Huskee Collection Powerhouse Styrofoam Ice Chest Lifoam 5345 Huskee Collection Hercules Styrofoam Ice Chest EmmChill ‘Chill Box’ CB-12 Insulated Shipping Cooler Polar Tech 205C Thermo-Chill Insulated Carton w/ Foam Shipper 5-gallon Bucket Companion Cooler/Styrofoam Liner by Leaktite
Features Features Features Features Features
• 1.5” walls
• 28-quarts
• 16” x 15” x 20”
• 30 12-oz. cans
• 1.5” walls
• 45-quarts
• 25.2” x 16” x 12.6”
• 48 12-oz. cans
• 12” x 12” x 12”
• 9” x 9” x 9” inside
• disposable class-7 material
• 1 ?”-thick walls
• 6” x 5” x 6 ?”
• body + press-fit lid
• fits most 5-gallon buckets

“Styrofoam?” What It Is and why Is It So Popular?

Material called styrofoam has been created in a research laboratory by the Dow Chemical Company in early 1940’s.

In fact the styrofoam is created from polystyrene that is made of petroleum-based plastic. While inventing this material many big cities including New York  tried to prohibit manufacturing of this material because its components influence on the environment in a very bad way.

 Frankly speaking styrofoam almost completely consists of air. Being made of the polystyrene with the numerous air gaps that are situated between the main components of material styrofoam is extremely light.

In fact all the secret of so high insulation level is in the fact that numerous air gaps (or you can call them pockets with air) can delay the fast spreading of the heat thereby creating the good insulation. Every usual cup made of plastic without any air gaps doesn’t prevent quickly spreading of the heat and that’s why you will almost immediately feel the temperature of your hot tea or coffee.

Such composition of material fully explains its cost. You don’t need a large amount of material, the small amount will be more than enough because the main point is to expand or “inflate” it as much as it is possible. The more air gaps will be in material the better it prevents spreading of a heat or cold. But the cons also exist in this technology. Because of such large number of air gaps the styrofoam is very easily breakable.

Because of the different styrofoam density not all coolers are the same. Some of them can hold a cold inside longer (more air gaps, low density), while some of them can hold it not so long (less air gaps, higher density). About all this features you can read in our next paragraph.

Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Styrofoam Coolers.


Among the main cons of styrofoam coolers is not so high durability level as for example Pelican or Yeti  coolers have and very negative influence on our environment because of the constituents of material.


Among the main pros of styrofoam is its low price that fully explains its great demand on the market. Coolers made of styrofoam have good characteristics at the INCREDIBLY low price. If you are interesting in more variants of cheap coolers go here.

Our TOP Leaders among Styrofoam Coolers. Best Styrofoam Bucket Liners and Insulated Shipping/Cooler Boxes for You.

The next paragraphs of our article consist of the best models of styrofoam ice chests, bucket liners and shipping boxes. While creating this list we were based on the best combination of high quality and low price.

#1 – Best Styrofoam Ice Chests. Huskee Collection

1 representative – Lifoam 5328 Huskee Collection Powerhouse Styrofoam Ice Chest

The first our representative is the Lifoam Huskee Collection styrofoam ice chest. This durable and small styrofoam cooler can provide you with the good insulation level and high quality characteristics. Despite the fact that it is made of styrofoam, which means its fragility, it is very durable cooler equipped with the strong handles and lid.

The thickness of this cooler’s walls is equal to 1.5” that provides the good insulation and long ice retention period.

This cooler has spaciousness of 28-quarts (up to thirty cans) and with the size of 16” x 15” x 20” it is one of the most portable and convenient variant in our list.

This cooler will fit those are readers who are searching for the quite high quality cooler and don’t want to spend more than thirty dollars.

Go and Find it on Amazon right here.

2 representative – Lifoam 5345 Huskee Collection Hercules Foam Ice Chest

This variant of Huskee Collection is very similar to its “elder brother” – Lifoam 5328 Powerhouse. The qualities of this large styrofoam cooler are the same as the previous variant. It is also equipped with the durable lid and handles and has the 1.5” thickness of its walls. Measures of this cooler are 25.2” x 16” x 12.6”. With the larger spaciousness comparably with Powerhouse it is able to hold 48 cans.

This cooler is one more variant for people who search cooler with good features and at a fair price.

#2 – Best Insulated Shipping Boxes.

1 representative – EmmChill ‘Chill Box’ CB-12 Insulated Shipping Cooler

With a good quality ice pack (not included), the box will maintain a temperature of about 35-46 degrees Fahrenheit (2-8 degrees Celsius), for a period of about 72-hrs. This is usually enough time for standard ground shipping, and eliminates the need to have to pay extra for overnight shipping.

Our next leader is EmmChill Box. This shipping cooler has dimensions of 12” x 12” x 12” and is created from the better polyurethane foam than usual EPS foams that are mainly used for coolers. This chill box is able to hold your content cold and fresh up to three days. Many users say that this period is enough for most kinds of shipping.

For those our readers who are worrying about environment, manufacturers of this Chill Box affirm that the material of this cooler is the ‘disposable class-7 material’ and it means that it doesn’t cause such great harm to environment as other kinds of styrofoam.

Check it on Amazon right here.

2 representative – Polar Tech 205C Thermo-Chill Insulated Carton w/ Foam Shipper

The next representative of Chill Boxes is Polar Tech 205C. This cooler has measures of only small 6” x 5” x 6 ?” (other sizes are also available) and is specially created for transporting content that is highly sensitive to temperature. Among such contents are blood, insulin, different chemicals and reagents, various lab cultures and other items. This small cooler has a 1 ?”-thickness of its walls that is enough for high insulation level.

If you are interested in this Chill Shipper pay your attention on the next  Amazon link.



 #3 – Best Styrofoam Bucket Liners.

5 gallon Bucket Companion Cooler/Styrofoam Liner by Leaktite

This option is the cheapest variant in our list of TOP leaders in the coolers world.

These durable high quality styrofoam bucket liners will fit to your 5-gallon standard bucket and provide you with the effective durable cooler equipped with the convenient handle.

Can you imagine that such from the first view unnecessary things as styrofoam bucket liners are able to turn your habitual bucket with   5-gallon spaciousness into long lasting and functional cooler! Simple and ingenious really.

With such cheap devices you can put several bottles with your favorite drinks into the bucket, close it all with the lid and you will get a portable and convenient cooler that chills out its content during rather long time period. You can follow the link to their product page on Amazon.

Conclusion words

This article is devoted to our readers who want to get qualitative coolers and at the same time don’t want spend a large amount of money. Of course these coolers will not provide you with such long ice retention period as top-of-the-line primo coolers like Yeti or Orca coolers which can hold an ice up to three weeks, but their insulation and duration of ice retention will be enough to party or short trip. So, if you don’t want to go broke when buying a top ice chest we recommend you to check our variants of best styrofoam coolers presented in this article.


As a rule these coolers do not fit people who worry about our environment. Moreover many manufacturers of other coolers aggravate the situation by claiming that the styrofoam is biologically dangerous for our planet/health and so on. It is up to you what decision to make, but if you think that our environment suffers a lot without your intervention and your cooler will not change the situation at the global level, then welcome to Amazon where you can choose and purchase your best styrofoam cooler among many options.

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