Pelican Coolers For You. All That You Should Know About Pelican Brand.

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Pelican Brands is known worldwide. Everyone of us knows that the Lamborghini, BMW and Rolls Royce are luxury premium-class cars but what brand we call first when will be speaking about premium-class coolers? Of course, Pelican Coolers is the first thing that comes to mind majority of us. In this article you will read about the TOP coolers that are available at the market nowadays. Here you will find all necessary information about the main features of  Pelican coolers for sale.

Available Sizes of Pelican Coolers.

20 Quart         35 Quart         45 Quart         65 Quart         95 Quart         150 Quart         250 Quart
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Main Reasons to Purchase Your Pelican Cooler.

Many people need some reasons that will persuade them to make a final decision and choose a certain product. In this paragraph we will list you the main reasons for purchasing your best Pelican Cooler. So, welcome the unique high-quality rotomolded cooler from Pelican manufacturers.

#1 reason – Wide diversity of options

Pelican manufacturers offer to their buyers a great variety of available sizes and colors to choose from. You can purchase large variant of Pelican coolers with the size of 250 quarts or choose small variant at the size of 20 quarts as well. Among the available options you can even purchase unique rolling tailgate cooler that will perfectly fit to your next picnic or barbecue with friends.

#2 reason – Duration of Ice Retention term

When we are choosing a cooler the main thing that we need from it is its ability to hold an ice inside and hold the content cold for the maximum duration of time. Pelican manufacturers affirm that these features are #1 thing that you will get after purchasing their production.

One user wrote in his review that he tested his two new Pelican coolers in different weather conditions. One of them he took to his long trip and affirmed that it held an ice during three days while being on the trip and even after it, when the user came back home, cooler held an ice while standing in the garage during another 5 days. Another cooler he has put in his hot and enclosed garage during four days and even after this term user found the ice inside it.

Some of users claim that their Pelican coolers held an ice during eight! days and even more. Do you need more additional advertising to the ice retention terms of these coolers?

#3 reason – Durability Level

Speaking about for what purposes these coolers have been developed we want to pay your attention on the following moments. If you need your cooler just to take to your work as a lunch box or take it to the few-hours picnic in the park, then it will be better for you to purchase another brand. These coolers like the luxury premium class cars that were mentioned at the beginning of our article, have been created for long trips and severe weather conditions.

The Pelican coolers will fit to such purposes as several-days fishing, hunting or camping. In these cases such coolers will be the best ice chests for you, because the duration of their ice retention period will be enough for holding your catch for several days.

Thanks to the high durability of each Pelican of coolers they can withstand all trips being placed into your truck, boat or in your all terrain vehicle (ATV). Durability is one of the main things that Pelican coolers can definitely boast of.

#4 reason – Availability of Warranty

Each of us at least once in a lifetime have been disappointed with the quality of received product or service, or other many unpleased moments that from time to time occur when ordering goods. In these situations the availability of the reliable warranty is necessary. Good warranty significantly simplifies solving of many problems. The manufacturers of Pelican lineup offer to their buyers amazing customer service which quality is approved with lots of users all around the world.

While choosing the Pelican production you will notice the lifetime warranty. It means that the quality of these coolers is proven over the years and you can be completely sure in the durability and efficiency of chosen product.

‘Made in US’. American Quality of Pelican Coolers.

Those of our readers who are worried about where the Pelican coolers are designed and manufactures can be completely calm. Each of these coolers has a proud ‘Made in US’ title. Being developed and manufactured in America these coolers will serve you long and properly.

Where Can I Buy My Pelican Cooler?


Most of our readers are interested where is better to purchase their Pelican Cooler. In this paragraph we will tell you about several variants including all pros and cons of each of them.

First variant is to purchase it in one of the dealers that offer their buyers different Pelican coolers for sale. It is rather good option because you can find the nearest dealer and purchase your cooler there. Main disadvantage of this variant is that you hardly ever can economize your money by making an order such way.

Second variant that will help you to save a little bit of your money is the Amazon. Here you are able to choose your cooler among ALL available colors and sizes offered by Pelican manufacturer.

>> Click to see Pelican coolers on Amazon

Acme tools also offer a wide variety of Pelican coolers at costs below normally listed prices. Again, these are two other Amazon alternatives, but if you are looking to find the best deals not only on coolers, but also on shipping, then you may want to take a closer look at Amazon.

Two another variants for you, if you don’t want to search a nearest dealer or choose the option in the Amazon, are the Acme Tools and Wayfair. Both of these services offer you a wide variety of available colors and sizes to choose from.

Some of Pelican Coolers Available Colors


Conclusion Words.

As the conclusion we want to state that Pelican coolers manufacturers have united in their products durability, style, quality and long ice retention period. You can purchase high-end coolers with premium characteristics at a very tempting price, especially when comparing them with the price of such famous brands as Coleman coolers. Among wide variety of available sizes and colors you will definitely pick up the one that fits you most of all. We want to wish you a good luck in your choosing and guarantee you that these coolers will not disappoint you.

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