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In this article we are going to speak about K2 coolers. Probably you have already heard about this coolers’ manufacturer. K2 coolers as well as for example Yeti or Coleman coolers place the leading positions in the world coolers market.

The motto that fully describes all K2 production is “This is not your average cooler.” It is completely true because when you take a closer look on the K2’s production you will see that coolers with such startling characteristics simply can not stay in one row with other average coolers. So, sit comfortably and welcome to our list of best K2 coolers on sale.

K2 Coolers. Essential Features.

As well as other premium class coolers K2 coolers are created with using of rotationally molding technology. It means that these coolers will provide you with the highest duration of ice retention terms and best durability that is available in coolers market nowadays.

The amazing characteristics of K2 coolers are caused by special construction of the cooler’s body. Each wall of K2 coolers is created from three inches of highest qualitative polyurethane foam that is able to hold a cold inside cooler as long as it is possible. Outer and inner walls are covered with the thin layer of durable plastic. Thanks to such construction and using of a special kind of polyethylene that is UV stabilized, after purchasing K2 cooler you will get the astonishing duration of ice retention.

Duration of Ice Retention Terms

As it was mentioned above the duration of ice retention terms of the K2 coolers is amazing. It can vary depending on the weather conditions, but despite this fact many users in their reviews claim that these coolers can hold an ice during several days even while being under the scorching sun.

K2 Coolers Construction. All Secrets of Success.

We hope that you have already understand that K2 coolers are created with using of the state-of-art technologies that place them among the leaders positions on world the market. In this paragraph we have tried to figure out what is the secret of such tremendous success.


Special laying made of rubber is situated under the contour of lid. Such technology provides the best insulation and help to hold a cold inside cooler while heat remains outside it.



Second secret from the manufacturer is special hinge system that is integrated into the body of the cooler. Together with a durable rod that is made of metal such system makes lid being attached to the cooler’s body permanently.



Specially designed rubberized latches that are placed on molded-in keepers provide the highest level of cooler’s seal. Ergonomic form makes them very simple to use.



4 – SUREgrip™

Special feet’s technology makes K2 coolers very stable even while standing on the wet and slippery surfaces.





For quick and simple drainage of water manufacturer created a drain plug equipped with a silicone gasket. This plug permanently remains inside cooler, so you shouldn’t worry about losing it.



6 – EASYhaul™

Each of the K2 coolers is equipped with the durable integrated handles that make their transportation very simple. You will also find rope handles for transportation of heavy luggage.



7 – HOLDtight™

Holes for padlock and anchoring points are situated in the way that provides the complete security and safety of your cooler.



8 – Shoulder strap

With the durable and convenient shoulder strap you will be able to carry your cooler easily even in long trips.

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Available Sizes of K2 Coolers

K2 coolers are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, but in this paragraph we have picked up the most popular variants among them. Check out our choice:

 #1 – K2 Summit 20 Cooler

You are able to put up to 14 cans in this cooler. With the weight of 14 pounds and size of 16.9” x 12.63” x 15.6.” it is the smallest option of K2 coolers.

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#2 – K2 Summit 30 Cooler

Second option is the Summit 30. This cooler can hold 20 cans and weighs in at 19 pounds. You can find this model in a size of 20.25” x 18.25” x 16.4.”

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#3 – K2 Summit 30 Wheeled Cooler

Summit 30 Wheeled is the first wheeled cooler in our list. With the spaciousness of 20 cans and weight of 30.45 pounds it is in a high demand among users. Available in size of 20” x 18.25” x 16.4”

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#4 – K2 Summit 50 Cooler

Our next option can hold up to 40 cans and weighs in at 26 pounds. You can order it in size of 29.25” x 17” x 16.4.”

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#5 – K2 Summit 60 Cooler

The middle place in K2 coolers line is occupied by the Summit 60. This cooler has a capacity of 44 cans and weighs 30 pounds. Available to purchasing in a size of 23.4” x 21.5” x 19.3.”

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#6 – K2 Summit 60 Wheeled Cooler

One more wheeled cooler in our list has the same capacity of 44 cans  as the previous one but  weighs 33 pounds. Its measures are also different:  31.5” x 17.38” x 16.9.”

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#7 – K2 Summit 70 Cooler

This model has a spaciousness of 49 cans and weighs 32. You can find it in a size of 33.875” x 17” x 18.”

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#8 – K2 Summit 90 Cooler

This cooler is one of the largest in K2 lineup. You are able to put 63 cans in it. Cooler’s weight is 40 pounds and size is 36” x 18.5” x 19.3.”

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#9 – K2 Summit 120 Cooler

The last and the biggest cooler in K2 line can hold 86 cans and weighs 43 pounds. You will find it in a size of 41.625” x 19.25” x 19.5.”

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K2 5 Gallon Water Jug

One more interesting option from the K2 manufacturer is the 5 gallon water cooler. Made of the high-quality polyethylene and with using of rotationally molding technology this cooler is extremely durable and have long duration of ice retention period. Equipped with the lid latches made of stainless steel, convenient build-in handles and skids made of polyethylene this cooler is representative of premium class coolers.
Find it in a size of 18.7 x 15.7 x 13.4 inches and in colors:  Red  Blue  Lime

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K2 Coolers for Sale. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions from our readers with answers from our team. Let’s start:

Where Are K2 Coolers Manufactured?

In most of cases our readers ask where are K2 coolers manufactured. Actually K2 coolers’ company is situated in Luisiana, USA, where there design is created too. But in fact these coolers are manufactured overseas. This is the main reason why their price is much lower than for example Orca coolers or Yeti coolers.

Of course it is up to you whether it is a reason to abandon your purchasing or not. But actually such startling characteristics together with so tempting price are really worth lacking of “made in US” label.

For What Purposes are the K2 Ice Chests Designed?

K2 manufacturers claim that their coolers are created for those who are hunting, fishing or camping with the company of friends. “We wanted our cooler to be a must-have piece of equipment for such people.”- they affirm.

Our team completely confirms this statement and we can surely say that these coolers are designed for different weather conditions and thanks to their toughness they will withdraw any trip you decided to go. They will fit you if you like hiking, boating or camping, because these coolers are created for those people who can’t live without outdoors activities.

For more additional information you can read about some other coolers.

What Do Users Write in Their Reviews?

In their reviews users write that the main characteristics that they appreciate in K2 coolers are their ice retention period and the convenience of cooler’s structure. Several users wrote that K2 coolers are very similar by their characteristics and quality to the yeti coolers but cost much cheaper in comparison with Yeti manufacturer. User also wrote that the ice retention period of these coolers is great because his cooler kept the ice frozen for four days despite the fact that it was standing under the sun rays.

Where to Buy K2 Coolers Online?

If you eventually decided to purchase K2 cooler and don’t know where to buy it we will answer all your questions. Of course you can purchase your cooler from the official website of K2 manufacturer or verify the location of a dealer listed on the site, but we recommend you to make order online. In such case you will save money and will receive your cooler in the shortest time period.

You are going to ask where to order it online? The answer is simple- you can check out Amazon for some attractive K2 cooler prices, where you may also get free shipping nationwide. You will find a wide selection of K2 coolers on the Amazon and definitely pick up the most appropriate variant for all your needs.

K2 Coolers or Yeti: Which One to Choose?

The most complicated question when you are choosing among world leading manufacturers is “which one is better?” The same applies to K2 and Yeti coolers. Both of them are premium coolers with world famous names and similar characteristics. So all the same which one to choose?

In order to save our reader from this difficult choice we have decide to compare these two brands.

Both these coolers are roto-molded, have a great variety of sizes to choose from and they both have extremely long ice retention times. The one and only point in which K2 takes the leader position is their price. K2 coolers’ price is much lower than Yeti’s though their characteristics are similar. Taking into account these facts we decided that it is better to choose K2 coolers in this battle of K2 or Yeti coolers.

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Our List of the Best K2 Cooler Accessories

For those who want to make his cooler IDEAL and completely equipped with all state-of-art novelties we prepared an additions:

#1 – K2 Mount

Need your cooler staying in a certain place? These corner chocks made of heavy-duty rubber will help you to mount your cooler wherever you want.




#2 – K2 Locks

As well as any owner will never leave his bicycle or car without locking you will not leave your cooler open for everyone too. If you are worry about safety of your cooler’s content and don’t want to spoil your investment, than we recommend you  this cable lock that has been designed specifically for the K2 ice chest.



#3 – K2 Straps

Whether you are on the water or on the open road, you won’t always have a smooth ride. To ensure that your cooler is secure, pick up these straps to keep your cooler safe at all times.

Your trip will not always be on the smooth surface. If you want to consolidate your cooler while driving through the rough terrains or being on the water you can purchase these straps to keep your cooler safe and sound during your entire trip.


#4 – K2 Ice Packs

It is clear that your cooler will not chill its content without ice. During long trips you have to permanently replenish ice that is rather expensive and inconvenient. You can avoid this problem by purchasing these ice packs made especially for the K2 coolers.



#5 – K2 Smoothglide Kit

This kit will give you an opportunity to slide your cooler where the surface allows. These accessories will provide you with easily transportable cooler in an area that can accommodate slip. Purchase this kit right here and forget about heavy and inconvenient carrying your cooler.

For more accessories you can visit Amazon and check out  the full list of different accessories that are currently available there.




Other Coolers Like K2

Conclusion words.

Each of K2 coolers from this review is worth your attention and purchasing. If you want to read about other premium coolers like the Yeti, or Engel coolers you can read a review of Iglo coolers. Also we recommend you to check out many useful pieces of advice on our homepage.