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Frio cooler is something different

We are really amped up for Frio. This cooler is something different. Their site says these coolers and their different items were made in Texas, by Texans, for us. Presently, what is so energizing is exactly what amount went into the outline of these coolers.

They are, no ifs ands or buts, a portion of the hardest coolers we have ever gone over anyplace on the planet.

From the roto-shaped development to the ice maintenance capacities in various outrageous temperatures, everything is simply wonderful.

Yet, we’re losing trace of what’s most important. No compelling reason to spill every one of the beans right now. Enable us to take you on a customized voyage through the best thing to emerge from Texas since corn dogs!

Frio Cooler Review

Fabrication and Construction

Fabrication and Construction

This cooler was worked to last. It unquestionably looks dainty when you go over it out of the blue, yet don’t let that trick you. This roto-shaped brute can hand anything from flames to drops from incredible statures.

The great individuals at Frio have posted a couple of recordings indicating them taking Frio coolers through some extreme tests. The Frio coolers get by through every one of them.

One of them includes presenting the Frio to high temperatures. These temperatures are high to the point that the plastic outwardly of the cooler starts to singe. A while later, they open the mechanical review steel locks on the top and observe inside. The ice is as yet in place!

Another test includes conveying bringing the cooler into a solitary motor plane and dropping it from 55 feet noticeable all around. It has glass bottles inside. Not exclusively is the fall fabulous, with the cooler skipping once before settling, however the glass bottles inside are as yet in place!

Frio Cooler Air Drop Test

We infrequently ever get enjoyably amazed by a cooler, however this is one of those uncommon circumstances. This monster may very well be en-route into the lobby of sturdiness acclaim close by other industry pioneers like Pelican or Orca Coolers.

Aside from the quality of the cooler’s body, there are likewise a ton of different things that went into the outline that you will appreciate.

Frio Ice Chest Features

Frio Ice Chest Features


The hooks aren’t plastic like we’re accustomed to seeing on generally all other coolers. The folks in Texas should truly be not kidding about securing their coolers since we can’t think about some other clarification for the way that they introduced stainless steel hooks on these coolers. These things aren’t falling off effectively. You bolt them, they stay bolted till you open them once more.

Awesome Air-Tight Lid

Are the locks overwhelming obligation, as well as the cover is hermetically sealed as well? The gasket is 2 inches thick, and the cover completes a great job of keeping the frosty in and the glow out.

Incredible Handling Capability

Frio refrigerators have amazing taking care of abilities. They have handles on either side of the cooler, which means you can convey your cooler without worrying about the substance sloshing around.

The handles on the Frio aren’t only any handles either. They are made of substantial obligation nylon rope with solid plastic handles. The grasp on these handles is something unique, and the nylon rope will serve you for a long time without you consistently worrying about it snapping.

We likewise adore the way that the littlest Frio, the 25 qt, has a flexible shoulder tie. That implies you get additional conveying choices.

The Frio likewise has secure focuses on the two sides so you can without much of a stretch secure it to your vehicle when you’re out and about. In case you’re stressed over it slipping around, you’ll be cheerful to catch wind of the 4 non-slip feet that hold it secured on any surface.

Ice Retention

The cooler on the Frio is well worked, with thick froth protection and a movement touchy light. We especially enjoyed the movement delicate light thought. You don’t need to open the cooler, switch on the light, and after that search for whatever it was you would get in any case.

Things are as smooth as the light exchanging on when you flip the cooler top open. It resembles utilizing your refrigerator at home, just this ice chest is way cooler and is your friend on your treks outside!

The ice maintenance on the Frio may be its weakest point, however it’s still truly great, even by industry benchmarks. As per the Frio site, if the cooler is pre-cooled before including ice, and put away in temperatures underneath 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it will effectively keep the super cold for a decent 5 days. In the event that the earth has a temperature over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooler will last in the vicinity of 3 and 4 days.

Ice Retention

Such outcome is ideal for generally purposes. We didn’t worry about it in light of the various awesome highlights the Frio has.


In this area, the Frio offers a ton of choices. As far as genuine cooler shading, every cooler must be either white or tan.

Be that as it may, there are huge amounts of additional choices, for example, surf ‘n turf covering and the American banner alternative. On the 25 qt cooler alone we checked no less than 43 outline alternatives for what goes on the 5 sides of the cooler. Also, these are the maker’s choices. We haven’t gotten to their extraordinary customization program where you can for all intents and purposes outline what your cooler will look like from scratch!



There are 4 accessible sizes for the Frio: the 25 qt, the 45 qt, the 65 qt, and the 65 qt extraordinary, that accompanies an arrangement of wheels (more wheeled coolers here). These can be altered at the demand of the client.

Frio Cooler 20 Qt Frio Cooler 45 Qt Frio Cooler 65 Qt Frio Cooler 65 Qt Extreme Wheeled

Frio Cooler 20 Qt

Frio Cooler 45 Qt

Frio Cooler 65 Qt

Frio Cooler 65 Qt Extreme Wheeled

Size: 18.5″L x 13.25″W x 16″H
Weight: 15 lbs
Size: 26.25″L x 17.375″W x 16.125″H
Weight: 25 lbs
Size: 32″L x 17.75″W x 16.5″H
Weight: 32 lbs
Size: 34.25″L x 23.25″W x 20.75″H
Weight: 43 lbs
Capacity: 25 Quarts or 24 cans w/ sufficient ice Capacity: 45 Quarts or 60 cans w/ sufficient ice Capacity: 65 Quarts or 100 cans w/ sufficient ice Capacity: 65 Quarts or 100 cans w/ sufficient ice

on Amazon

on Amazon

on Amazon

on Amazon

Frio Coolers versus YETI

Frio Coolers versus YETI

  • Shape/Design

In an industry where numerous coolers are essentially ripping off Yeti’s outline, we cherish the way that the Frio cooler isn’t precisely the same. Of course, the general shape could nearly go for a Yeti, yet Frio makes a special effort to look somewhat changed. The steel hooks, specifically, are a decent touch.

  • Brand versus Brand

YETI, obviously, is the more unmistakable brand for this situation. In any case, Frio, while the underdog, isn’t really of lower quality. Frio simply happens to be less broadly known than Yeti. Change that and give it the distinction it merits and we trust this brand could give some genuine rivalry to Yeti.

  • Build Quality

Both of these coolers are mammoths with regards to assemble quality. YETI coolers are notable for how well they can deal with anything from flame to drops, to hungry bears endeavoring to pry them open. Frio coolers have additionally demonstrated themselves if the tests we’ve seen are anything to pass by. They really help us to remember Icehole coolers a bit.

  • Available Sizes and Colors

With respect to sizes, Yeti takes the cake. The Yeti Tundra and Roadieseries are all around differed with respect to accessible sizes, and this is a huge favorable position for them. With regards to hues, it would appear Yeti still wins, with Frio having just two base hues. Be that as it may, Frio’s outline alternatives are various and make it a probability to give each Frio cooler a one of a kind cooler without buying additional adornments available. We’re calling a tie here.

  • Customization

While it’s conceivable to purchase heaps of outsider embellishments and alter your Yeti cooler, Yeti doesn’t have a customization include like Frio, where you fundamentally get the opportunity to plan your cooler without any preparation and have it conveyed to you looking only the way you need it. We’re giving this one to Frio.

  • Origin

YETI coolers are outlined in the USA and made in USA, China and Philippines (relies upon the model). Frio coolers are outlined and worked by Texans in Texas. This one goes to Frio without face off regarding.

  • Pricing

Frio coolers unquestionably aren’t cheap. They are best portrayed as mid to top of the line. In any case, they are still more affordable than Yetis and offer a similar form quality and nearly a similar ice maintenance.

  • Ice Retention

YETI guarantees their coolers will keep your super cold for up to 11 days. Frio coolers will complete 5 days under simply the correct conditions. We’ll need to give this one to the Yeti however actually… you never know it for us, it generally relies upon conditions, (for example, the climate, temperature, cooler’s substance, measure of ice utilized and so on.)

  • Value for Money

Given the cost and every one of the highlights that accompany the Frio, we’ll need to state it offers more an incentive for cash.

Frio Ice Chest versus Sasquatch: The Verdict

YETI is prevalent in light of the fact that it has effectively settled a name for itself in the market. Frio is an underdog, yet it offers Yeti-like quality at a lower cost. While Yeti’s ice maintenance is predominant and it has more sizes and hues accessible, we feel that Frio’s adaptability and assemble quality more than compensate for that.

Unless you need something well known, we unequivocally prescribe getting yourself a Frio.

Other Frio Ice Chests

Other Frio Ice Chests In the event that you thought Frio’s products ended at hard-sided coolers, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Frio offer soft coolers, tumblers, bottles, and, their iconic retro coolers.

You’re probably wondering what a retro cooler is. Well, think of what coolers might have looked like sometime in the middle of the 20th century. They had a certain elegance to them, and the designs definitely fire you up. Now imagine having a cooler that looks just like that, complete with the whimsical color options, and the ice retention capabilities of a modern-day cooler. There you go, you have a retro cooler!

Frio’s products all have an edge and uniqueness to them that you will be hard put to find elsewhere. That’s what makes them such a great brand. We’re looking forward to seeing them make a good name for themselves in the market.

Frio Coolers for Sale – Where to Buy?

Originally, the only place you could buy a Frio cooler was on their website. However, we recently spotted Frio ice chests for sale on Amazon. Needless to say, we were elated. Amazon is a great place to make your next purchase of a Frio cooler. Among the many advantages you’ll enjoy are:

  • Good prices
  • Real reviews by other customers
  • You may find free shipping options and other benefits, especially if you’re a prime member
  • Easy returns

If you can’t find the particular Frio cooler you’re looking for on Amazon website, then you can get it on their website or at a local approved dealer.

Frio Coolers – The Bottom Line

Frio Coolers have come into the space with a bang, and we are impressed, to say the least. This Texan brand may be the underdog for now, but give it time. As soon as it gets enough traction in the market and becomes more popular, it will be giving major brands like Yeti some healthy competition.

Frio Ice Chests video presentation