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Finding a brand that you can depend on can be a troublesome assignment while hunting down any item, even those as basic as coolers. Be that as it may, you’re in fortunes today, since we will educate you all that you have to know concerning Igloo, particularly its Sportsman coolers.

This organization, which we already secured, has been guaranteeing that clients have the hardest cooler prepared for any sort of party since 2013, giving highlights that assistance whatever things you’re keeping inside be in the correct condition for the event. On the off chance that you need to ensure that your refrigerator can deal with what you have gotten ready for it, read on in this Igloo Sportsman cooler audit.

Igloo Sportsman™ Cooler Lineup

Igloo Sportsman 20 Igloo Sportsman 40 Igloo Sportsman 55 Igloo Sportsman 70

Igloo Sportsman 20

Igloo Sportsman 40

Igloo Sportsman 55

Igloo Sportsman 70

30 12-oz cans
20 quarts (18.9 liters)
56 12-oz cans
40 quarts (37.8 liters)
90 12-oz cans
55 quarts (52 liters)
105 12-oz cans
70 quarts (66 liters)
Dimensions (“):
Dimensions (“):
Dimensions (“):
Dimensions (“):

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Igloo Sportsman Cooler Review – Let’s Talk Features


No compelling reason to stress over the Sportsman refrigerator experiencing difficulty managing natural elements like solid breeze, rain, hail, rock and soil, as this alternative accompanies a roto-formed development to shield these elements from being an issue.

On the off chance that you wind up dropping it while conveying it to the excursion territory for a party on the lake or a porch at your companion’s home, you won’t be able to detect any scratches, as the outside of the cooler is essentially indestructible. This has picked up an incredible measure of acclaim in online surveys for the Sportsman cooler, with numerous clients calling attention to how well it can deal with itself in various circumstances.

In the event that eventually you or somebody you know feels like you require a breather and the majority of the seats and seats at the social affair are possessed, this cooler is sufficiently solid to go about as a seat so you can regain some composure and appreciate a frosty pop or lager.



At whatever point you’re searching for another cooler, or your initial one, something that you have to ensure it can do is give chilly beverages and solidified meat for grills so nobody needs to agree to warm soft drinks or suppers with meat that isn’t cooked all around. Because of Igloo’s 2 in.- thick froth in the gasket top and 1.5 to 2. in-thick body froth, your items will be in prime expending condition.


In the event that you require additional confirmation that your ice and things remain chilly, the cover hooks are sufficiently secure when closed that you won’t need to stress over your things dropping out if the cooler is thumped over or if the ice will escape and abandon you with a refrigerator loaded with softened ice.

Disposing of water and liquefied ice toward the conclusion of the party won’t be an issue, either, as one of the highlights of this refrigerator is a strung deplete plug with the goal that you can purge the cooler in a brisk and organized form while keeping it clean. A tie is additionally included to forestall superfluous loss of ice.


While the size and weight of a cooler can influence how simple a period you have conveying it to your companion’s porch, so does the accommodation that its producer gives in holding it. That isn’t an issue with Igloo, as the Sportsman refrigerator accompanies swing-up handles on the sides so you can convey it effortlessly all alone on the off chance that you have a light add up to bring, or in the event that you bring enough beverages and nourishment for everybody and have some assistance next to you.While you’re conveying the refrigerator, the side handles help ensure that it remains level so your things inside remain still and don’t skip forward and backward while you’re strolling. This additionally makes it less demanding for you to store your things appropriately on the off chance that they are of various sizes and you require a course of action that permits everything to fit in.

In case you’re stressed over your beverages and nourishment dropping out while you’re conveying the cooler and causing a major wreckage that you’ll have to tidy up, the T-handle cover hooks are made of elastic to guarantee that the refrigerator stays bolted.

Swing-up handles


While scanning for the correct cooler, it can some of the time be anything but difficult to botch coolers that are indestructible to likewise be sufficiently huge where conveying it to your destinaation is an issue regardless of the amount you’re conveying to the party.

Fortunately, that won’t be an issue with Igloo’s Sportsman refrigerators, on the grounds that as extreme as they may be, the weights are 16.5 pounds for the 20 QT alternative, 23 pounds for the 40 QT choice, 26.8 pounds for the 55 QT choice and 30 pounds for the 70 QT choice. Therefore, the trouble you took in conveying the cooler to the party is altogether in view of the amount you’re keeping inside.

The measurements of this fridges shouldn’t hinder a simple convey to the porch, either, as the 70 QT choice measures 33.2″ x 17.97″ x 18.68″, which isn’t too wide and long, hence making the 20 QT and 40 QT coolers much simpler conveys.


Igloo likewise ensured that you have a lot of color choices in the event that you need yours to stand out from the rest, giving you a chance to pick amongst White and Tan (all sizes), Pink and Purple Granite (for 20qt) and Realtree Xtra (for 55qt as it were).




The Sportsman’s guarantee will keep your cooler free from defects in material or workmanship for a long time from the date that you get it.

This puts the brand up there with names like Yeti and Pelican and settles on it a superior decision around there than RTIC, which will just keep you secured for one year.

Igloo Sportsman versus Sasquatch Tundra

With the achievement that Igloo’s Sportsman guarantees in enhancing the party going knowledge, it’s just common that we contrast it with the popular Yeti’s Roadie and Tundra, which remain most important among different brands in the cooler world and turned into a sort of benchmark items.

Igloo Sportsman versus Sasquatch Tundra

With regards to estimate and the quantity of brews and containers you can convey, and Starting with the littlest choice, the Sportsman 20QT isn’t too far-removed from the Roadie 20, which has around a similar weight and measurements. They both have a roto-shaped development to guarantee that whatever you have inside is sheltered and sound and that the outside is free of scratches, imprints and different types of harm that nature brings to the table.

Running up with estimate, correlations with Yeti’s Tundra arrangement is the place we begin to see significantly more contrasts. While this party offers coolers around an indistinguishable size from the Sportsman’s, some of which are even somewhat littler, it goes up paths higher from that point, with the greatest alternative, the Tundra 350, measuring 89 beats without anyone else and estimating 24.75 in. X 23.25 in. X 63.5 in. outwardly.

This is on account of Yeti’s bigger contributions are intended for conveying game after a hunting or fishing trip. While the Sportsman is awesome for use in the outside, regardless of whether it’s for an outdoors trip or a party by the lake, it doesn’t have enough space to fit the deer or bass you’re bringing home.

While both Igloo and Yeti are both surely understood brands, Yeti has the edge in name acknowledgment and has a tendency to be considered as a top notch, top of the line cooler. In any case, that shouldn’t prevent you from looking at what Igloo’s Sportsman cooler brings to the table, as it can perform similarly also in similarly the same number of conditions.

In case you’re not a devoted fanatic of either alternative, we suggest looking at which one will give you to a greater extent a value for your money, and additionally consider what you will utilize it for. On the off chance that you anticipate sparing cash, we recommend staying with Igloo.

Igloo Sportsman Accessories and Parts

Wire Cooler Basket

Each item accompanies extras and additional parts that, regardless of having a different cost, you simply need to get for a total client encounter. For the Igloo Sportsman, one of them is the wire cooler bushel, which proves to be useful on the off chance that you need to shield the greater part of your things from getting wet before you offer them to visitors at a party.The steel, erosion safe covering helps ensures the ice, water and different fluids in icy lockers don’t influence your beverages and sustenance. The matrix design shields littler things from failing through, and cool air is coursed through the rack with the goal that your items remain chilly.Get it on Amazon here

Wire Cooler Basket

Igloo Sportsman Seat Cushion (for 55QT)

In the event that you require some place to sit if the greater part of the seats at your party are taken, you’ll be upbeat to realize that you can get the 55-quart situate pad, which remains decent and tight over the cooler because of the stainless steel snaps on each of the four sides. Mounting equipment is additionally included to include additional security.

This pad centers around both ease and usefulness, as it has the 3 in. of froth for an unwinding sit alongside water-safe, overwhelming obligation vinyl with shape inhibitors to deal with the most exceedingly awful of common conditions, from substantial rain to sun harm.

Get it on Amazon here

Igloo Sportsman Seat Cushion

Rapidflo Drag Plug

A few coolers are sold with their drain plugs not included, and the Sportsman is one of them, yet the Rapidflo Drain Plug makes it justified, despite all the trouble. This attachment accompanies a gasket that can seal sufficiently tight to shield anything from spilling out, and the raised finger grasp makes it simple to open and close.

The fastened affix makes it simpler to take the fitting off while the tie screw does the inverse, and the protected center enables the attachment to abstain from sweating, along these lines ensuring that there’s less to discharge when your social affair is finished.

Get it on Amazon here

Rapidflo Drag Plug

Igloo Sportsman Nearest Competitors


RTIC Coolers

Each effective item accompanies contenders that can go about as a test, and for Igloo’s Sportsman, one of them is RTIC, which makes its coolers usable for comparable events as those for the Sportsman, including local parties, campouts, chasing trips, angling trips and social affairs on the shoreline.Sizes and limits are very similar here, and as a decent illustration, let us investigate the littlest choice: the measure of containers and jars that the RTIC 20 can bear is generally the same as that for the Sportsman’s 20qt fridges, which is 24.

The roto-formed development is additionally included to help the cooler handle the most noticeably awful of climate and characteristic conditions, and the measurements are around the same as those for a portion of the Sportsman coolers. You’ll get 5 to 7 days of frosty ice with the Sportsman, yet the RTIC is fit for pushing out this cooler in the insulation classification.

Check RTIC coolers on Amazon or read our review here




K2 Summit

Another choice that can keep the Sportsman up and running for its cash is the K2 Summit cooler arrangement, which gives choices that can coordinate the Sportsman’s capacity to manage rain and hail while staying away from marks and scratches because of its tough, roto-shaped contruction.

Another comparative quality that K2 Summit gives its contributions is being UV safe, which ensures that the sun won’t bring about you opening the cooler up and being welcomed with warm pop and lager. The expansion of a shoulder lash (Summit 20) additionally makes it simple to convey.

The K2 Summit coolers are somewhat littler within than the Sportsman alternatives, which implies that you’ll have more fortunes putting away a substantial number of beverages in the last mentioned. Be that as it may, it accompanies comparative ties, drain plugs, hooks and different highlights that are important to continue keeping everything inside cool and secure.

Check K2 Summit series on Amazon or read our K2 coolers review for more information.

K2 Summit

ConclusionWhile RTIC and K2 Summit represent a test for the Sportsman with comparable highlights and circumstances for use, Igloo has a history and demonstrated reputation that may make it a more dependable alternative.

Where to Buy Igloo Sportsman Coolers

We prescribe going to Amazon, keeping in mind the end goal to get your hands on the Sportsman, as it has all that you have to settle on the correct acquiring choice, from audits done by individuals who have utilized the cooler in the past to the alternative to return it on the off chance that it doesn’t execute as you trusted.

In case you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have access to the free delivering, which guarantees that your wallet will remain full.

Igloo Sportsman Cooler – The Bottom Line

With regards to finding a cooler that has the capacities and in addition does what you require it to in an assortment of circumstances, Igloo is the approach, particularly in case you’re likewise depending on a more known brand name. Regardless of whether it’s a party at your companion’s home, a campout by the lake or a day in the sun on the shoreline, the Sportsman will ensure that whatever beverages and nourishment you’re keeping inside remains icy.

The outline and security highlights with this choice guarantee that everything inside remains there and that the outside doesn’t have any knocks or scratches on it before the day is over. In the event that you need these characteristics for your next cooler, give Igloo’s Sportsman arrangement a shot.

Ice Retention


With regards to finding a cooler that has the capacities expected and in addition carries out what you require it to in an assortment of circumstances, Igloo is the approach, particularly in case you’re likewise depending on a more known brand name.

Regardless of whether it’s a party at your companion’s home, a campout by the lake or a day in the sun on the shoreline, the Sportsman will ensure that whatever beverages and nourishment you’re keeping inside remains cool.


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