Looking for the TOP Portable Ice Makers? Here they are! Six Best Options for You.

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Mysterious ice maker. What is it and how to use it properly?

As in one famous TV series people were worried that “the winter is coming”, for many people nowadays no less significant problem is that “incredibly hot summer is coming”. Just imagine, sun is shining, you finally waited the weekends and went with your closest friends to the beach. After perfect swimming in chill water the one thing that can make you the happiest person in the world is the sweaty bottle of cold lemonade. But what do you see? It is warm! What can be worse, right? The mood is spoiled, and you think that nothing can fix this problem until you die from the thirst, but actually there is a magic solution. Ice maker. Or rather say portable ice maker. This guy can make ice (not surprisingly, hah) in a shortest time period and chill everything you need very quickly. In this article we are going to present you the best six portable ice makers that can become your best friends at summer BBQs, picnics or camping trips.

Top six Portable Ice makers. Let’s compare!

Product Model Ice Batch (Time) Rating Price
DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker

6 minutes 4.4 See Price
TG22 Portable, Counter Top Ice Maker 

6 minutes 4.0 See Price
Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

6 minutes 4.5 See Price
Red Counter Top Ice Maker
6 minutes 3.9 See Price
Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker
6-8 minutes 3.8 See Price
DELLA 048-GM-48201 
6 minutes 4.1 See Price

All secrets of ice makers’ work.

It’s time to discover all the mysteries and tell our readers how these guys work. The ice makers will do all the work, all you have to do is to fill your ice maker with a certain amount of water, wait from six till eight minutes and …actually that’s all. In the shortest time period the necessary amount of ice cubes will be ready. Thanks to the full process automation you don’t have to fill the special form with water to get the ice cubes, carry it to the freezer and wait several hours. Less than ten minutes and you will be provided with the desired amounts of ice for all your needs.

Prior to the start our list of TOP six ice makers we want to answer some the most common question from our readers.

The most common question from readers:

  • What to expect from the ice maker?

If giving the definition, the ice maker is a special device which work is fully automated and which is able to produce the certain amount of ice cubes in a certain time period. Instead of the traditional way to make ice cubes when you need to fill the trays, put them into a freezer and wait several hours, this machine will be able to make the same ice cubes in around six minutes. Just fill it with the water, plug it into a power socket and push the button.

  • Where can I buy ice maker?

If you care about a price tag, it will be the best way for you to make order on the Amazon, where you will be able to find all options that you need and all colors available. But also many options are available for purchasing in the market.

  • How much should cost a good ice maker?

It’s not a surprise that good products cost more, so if you are searching for the really high-end product from the reliable manufacturer, be ready that it won’t be the cheapest option. Actually this question doesn’t have one answer, because it’s up to you how expensive option can you afford and which exactly features do you need to fit all your requirements.

  • What are the main features to pay attention while choosing the new ice maker?

Prior to the start searching you should clearly understand what exactly features do you need form your new ice maker. It can be the amount of ice made per day, the time of batching, size of the machine and material it is made of. So, firstly decide where you are going to use it, whether it will be bar, hotel, restaurant, yacht or kitchen and think carefully about the needed features. These features will be the most important things to pay your attention while choosing.


Six TOP Portable Ice Makers or everything to simplify your choice.

We don’t want our readers to serf the Internet by searching for the best ice maker. SO we did our best and collected the top six options that are considered to be the best ice makers in this year and added advantages and disadvantages of each of them. So, all you have to do is to read them all, look at their pros and cons and make you final choice basing on this information. Let’s begin!

Option #1 DELLA 048-GM-48201

The first option in this list will perfectly fit you if you are searching for the portable ice maker and water dispenser in one “bottle”. We gave a title of “the best option for home” to this model. With the tank for water (three or five gallon capacity) this guy will become an excellent water dispenser and at the same time ice maker for your home. The weight of this option is thirty five lbs and the time of ice batching is equal to six minutes.

More details:

Time of Batching: 6 minutes

Level of Efficiency: Efficient

Size of a Bucket (twenty four Hours): 40lbs

Type of Material: Stainless Steel


  • Esthetic look and modern design
  • Portable ice maker and water dispenser in one
  • Good time of batching


  • Tray must be emptied every time to prevent overflow

Option #2 MachineTG22

This model will please you with the ability to choose the desired size of ice cubes. Large, medium and small cubes can be chosen. The time of batching is also equal to six minutes which is a very good result. With this option you are able to make up to twenty eight pounds of ice per day.

More details:
Time of batching: 6 minutes

Types of ice cubes: 3 different sizes: small, medium, large

Size of a Bucket: 2.2 pounds of ice

Type of Material: Stainless steel

This option can boast of good high-end characteristics and has a high demand on the market nowadays. With the six minute time of batching and ability to make up to twenty eight pounds of ice per one day it can be an ideal choice for a bar, restaurant or hotel. The durable body is made of stainless steel while the design of this option is laconic and very stylish.


  • Free scoop for ice
  • Twelve months of warranty
  • Easy and fast operation


  • The comparable high price tag
  • Batteries are not included in this option

Option #3 Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker

The machine made by such world famous and reliable manufacturer as Hamilton Beach simply can’t disappoint you. The time that you will need for ice production is equal to the eight minutes maximum, it can even takes around six minutes. With this machine you will be able to produce up to twenty six pounds of ice per one day without making any efforts. The main distinctive features of this option are its quiet work and very simple operation. Just push the button and wait from six to eight minutes to get up to ten ice cubes at once. Also this model offers you to choose among two different sizes of ice cubes available. You can choose either large or small cubes depending on your needs. Reliable manufacturer and durable construction together with effective work make this option very popular today.

More details:
Time of Batching: 6-8 minutes

Type of ice cubes: 2 differently sized ice cubes

Size of a Bucket: 1.5 pounds of ice at a time
Type of Material: BPA free plastic


  • Affordable price tag


  • It can take up to eight minutes for each batch
  • Batteries are not included
  • Two (not three) sizes of ice cubes available
  • Lower capacity of production in comparison with other options

Option #4 Igloo ICE103

One more present to humanity from the world well known brand. Igloo manufacturer is famous for the high quality of its products and coolers made by this brand often occupy the TOP positions in many charts. The portable ice maker from this manufacturer is considered to be one of the best products available for purchasing today if speaking about portable ice makers. The current model will suit perfectly to the bars or restaurants as it can hold up more than two pounds of ice at once. High efficiency and minimalistic cool design are also here.

More details:
Time of a Batching: 6 minutes

Types of ice cubes: 3 different sizes of ice cubes: small, large and medium sizes
Size of a Bucket: 2.2 pounds ice bucket

Type of Material: stainless steel


This model made by so well known brand simply can’t has bad characteristics. It will provide you with more than two pounds of ice at once and it will take only six minutes to get your fresh ice cubes. By the way with this ice maker you will be able to choose the desired size of ice cubes among large, small and medium sizes available. With the high productivity level of this machine you will get up to twenty eight pounds of ice per day. These features together with simple operating and modern design of stainless steel durable body make this option be in a high demand for using in various bars and restaurants. Reliable manufacturer and good price tag will also be among main reasons to purchase this machine.


  • Easy and safe operation
  • Availability to choose the desired size of ice cubes among three sizes available
  • Large capacity of ice maker’s bucket


  • Current model doesn’t include batteries

Option #5 26 Lbs Counter Top Ice Maker

Bet you are have immediately fallen in love with the bright and modern design of this fancy guy! So we did. But this option can please you not only with outstanding stylish look but with its high-end features too. Actually this model is the best combination of effectiveness and price that you can find in our list. The capacity of the counter is equal to the twenty six lbs, while the time of batching is equal to six minutes that is the best result for ice makers available nowadays. This option is available in a cherry red color and can easily become a perfect and bright accessory to your kitchen. With this ice maker you will be able to make up to twenty eight pounds of ice per one day. Users call this option “the kitchen candy” because of its lovely design that has made this model incredibly popular nowadays. This machine s the previous one allows you to choose among two different sizes of ice cubes produced. So, you can choose either small or large cubes depending on your needs. If you appreciate modern look and want to find something more than just good ice maker, this option will perfectly fit your requirements.

More details:
Time of Batching: 6 minutes

Type of ice cubes: 2 different ice cube sizes

Size of a Bucket: 2.3 Quarts

Type of Material: Plastic


  • High speed of work
  • Quiet work
  • Capacity of more than two quarts
  • Affordable price tag
  • Incredibly stylish and modern design


  • Model is not very reliable for extensive operations
  • Model doesn’t include batteries

Option #6 DELLA 048-GM-48183 – Best Portable Ice Maker

The final option in our list is the last (but not the least) representative of six TOP options available today for purchasing. This model is made by Della manufacturer. With this option you will be able to make up to twenty eight pounds of ice and the time of batching will be less than six minutes.

More details:
Time of Batching: 6 minutes

Types of ice cubes: 2 different selectable ice cube sizes

Size of a Bucket: Half a gallon


Type of Material: Plastic


With this portable modern ice maker you will be able to get your ice cubes in less than six minutes. It will not take many efforts from you to make it. Just plug this machine in the power socket, fill it with water, push the button and in less than six minutes you will get your ice cubes. Thanks to the small size and good portability of this machine you will be able to find place for it even in a very small kitchen or put it in the bar or restaurant. With the current cooling device you don’t have to make any special installations or read boring instructions about its using. All you need is a power socket. And water of course. This device will make everything without your help. Thanks to the properly installed special storage bin you don’t have to worry that your ice maker will cause a leakage.


  • All you need is to plug it in the power socket
  • Any special installations needed
  • The batching is less than six minutes
  • Simple and fast operation


  • Batteries are not included into this option.