TOP 8 Thermoses That Are Ahead of All Others

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Save your food warm and don’t starve to death

Ok, maybe we have exaggerated a bit and you’ll not starve to death because of cold food. But still it’s not the best scenario wherever you are, right? When we buy a thermos we hope that it will serve long and be maximally effective. When we buy a good thermos we don’t even think that it can let you down because we are confident in its quality. But how to choose the option not to regret about later? In this article, we are going to consider TOP 8 thermoses that you can purchase today.

We all know that it’s much better to pack a lunch than to eat at the local restaurant. It’s not only cheaper but also healthier for your child. But the problem of saving the food warm has been actual over the years. Tasty hot food at home can turn into cold tasteless mass until lunchtime. The result – your kid doesn’t want to eat it and each morning the procedure of packing meals is like a small battle. Each of the presented thermoses has been designed to prevent it.

Some of the options collected here will be a great choice for kids, while some will suit both kids and adults. Each of the thermoses presented can boast not only its quality but also unique and bright design. With any of these options, your kid will be enjoying every moment of his lunchtime. Let’s start!

Thermos #1: Best Beverage: Magnum Solace

Magnum Solace

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As you can guess from its name, this thermos has been designed to keep your favorite beverages cold for hours. The Magnum Solace will please you with a cold can of cola or soda during the day and will be an integral part of the lunchtime for those who get used to taking drinks with lunch. Besides the effectiveness, this thermos is also available in different colors so you can choose your favorite one.

Thermos #2: Best Thermos for Lunch: Bentgo Kids—Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box


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Better than thermos can be only lunchbox. Or rather a good lunchbox. Our second option designed by Bentgo will be a great choice both for adults and kids. Thanks to five separated compartments your food will not be mixed or spilled and the temperature of meals will be different. This is great because you will not get the mixed flavors and the strange taste of food because of its incorrect temperature.
Speaking about design it should be mentioned that this option is available in different bright colors which will definitely please kids. As for parents, this lunchbox can become a good purchase because it can be used in microwave and dishwasher.

Thermos #3: Best Thermos for Kids: Thermos Foogoo Food Jar


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When we saw this option each of us regretted that we are not kids anymore. This option is just COOL. And first of all because of its design. Bright colors of its rubber lid and bottom together with the body made of insulated steel make this thermos one of the most stylish in our list of the TOP options.
In addition to the design, this guy can also boast of its quality and durability. Its body is scratches-resistant and doesn’t sweat. Even if your child accidentally drops it, this thermos will not be damaged. It a perfect option for the school where, because of its rhythm, almost everything that has been bought for your kiddo is damaged in a month or less.
The food in Foogoo stays warm during five-seven hours that make it ideal to take not only for lunch but also for various after-school activities. Choose your color and design and be sure that your child will not miss a lunchtime.

Thermos #4: Best Soup: Thermos Stainless King Food Jar


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The fourth option in our list is designed for adults. With our work, many of us nowadays skip lunch just because we don’t have time for it. With this guy from Stainless King Food Jar, you can have a meal wherever and whenever you want it. Your food will stay hot till the end of the day, so even after the exhausting meeting you can take a break and enjoy your hot soup.
The insulated body of this thermos is made of the durable metal and can hold up to 16 ounces of soup. Among other pros of this option is its built-in convenient spoon and different colors to choose from.
With this thermos, your habitual working days will be brighter and you will be healthier. Combine office rush and normal lunch? Easy with the King Food Jar!

Thermos #5: Best Stackable: Ospard Steel Insulated Lunch Box


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No, it’s not a new rocket by Elon Mask as it may seem from the first view, it’s just a thermos. However, this option is not just a usual thermos, it is a convenient lunchbox with the set of different containers for your favorite meals. Having three different containers the Lunch Box by Ospard will not take more space than the usual thermos but allow you to have the full-fledged lunch of three meals. Pastel colors of this lunch box also will not make you indifferent. Compact size, nice modern design, and three different containers make this option one of the best choices today.

Thermos #6: Best Budget: Chefcoo Stainless Steel Food Flask


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Speaking about versatility you will hardly find a better option than the Chefcoo Stainless Steel Food Flask. This thermos or rather set of thermoses allows you to take foods of different temperature that can’t be mixed together. This set consists of one large container and two smaller thermoses that can be carried in a convenient and durable bag.
With this set of thermoses, you can easily take hot soap, cold vegetables, and even ice-cream or yogurt wherever you go. You can carry all these products together and don’t worry that they will be spilled or their temperatures will be mixed.
Your soap will stay warm for six hours that is a good result for thermoses while the whole construction will not take much place in your backpack. Bright design, durability, and versatility are among the main reasons to purchase this thermos.

Thermos #7: Runner-Up, Best Overall: Hydro Flask Food Flask


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The guy which occupies the seventh position in our list has been created for people with the positive attitude to life. Agree, it’s impossible not to smile when seeing such bright design and positive print! Being prefect choice both for adults and kids, the Hydro Flask Food Flask thermos will charge you with a great mood for the whole day.
Convenient small size and durable body are one of the main advantages of this option. The thermos is available in two different sizes – you can choose either 18-ounces or 12-ounces option depending on your needs.

Thermos #8: Best Overall: Thermos Brand Funtainer


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The thermos with a stunning rating of more than 5000 positive reviews closes our leaderboard. Thermos Brand Funtainer up to now has conquered hearts of thousands of users and still occupies top places in many charts of the best thermoses available today. Why it’s so popular? Let’s have a look on its features!
First of all, we can’t skip its bright stylish design and compact size – this option will fit into any backpack. Then the combination of price and effectiveness. In this case, it’s almost ideal. For the affordable price, you can get a really effective durable thermos which is able to keep your food hot for five hours. Not bad, yeah?
All these features together make this option one of the most popular nowadays and the great option to finish our list of TOP 8 thermoses with dignity.