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If you can’t imagine your life without travelling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, than this article is for you. If you are a real outdoor man, than you must have heard about IceMule coolers. This brand occupies one of the leading positions and is in a very high demand worldwide. IceMule coolers have achieved such tremendous popularity thanks to their bright, modern and convenient design and high performance, of course. From the first view these coolers are like usual backpacks that are able to hold an ice, but lots of people affirm that IceMule coolers is a real breakthrough in soft the coolers world. It is ridiculous to compare these coolers that are related to soft cooler bags with traditional hard coolers, because they are completely different and have different purposes for using. Thus in this article we will speak about only IceMule characteristics without comparing them with such giants as Yeti or Grizzly coolers.

On the market you will be able to choose your IceMule cooler from three available models. You can find the IceMule Pro Catch, the IceMule Classic and the IceMule Pro in this popular lineup. Here we gonna take a closer look on each of these models, so sit comfortably and enjoy reading our review.

Available IceMule Coolers.

IceMule Classic Cooler IceMule Pro Cooler IceMule Pro Catch Cooler
• Insulated, waterproof roll-top bag
• Sling strap
• MuleSkin™ EV
• IM Air Valve™
• Backpack-style straps
• Padded, ventilated cushion
• Elastic mesh pocket
• MuleSkin™ EV
• MuleSkin™ ET
• IM Air Valve™
• Fishing Bag Cooler
• Tapered kayak and SUP design
• Welded straps, clips, and elastic strings
• Sling strap
• MuleSkin™ EV
• MuleSkin™ ET
• IM Air Valve™
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Three Available Options for IceMule Coolers Fans

In this paragraph we will consider each of IceMule coolers options more deeply, but before doing it, let’s clarify generally what the IceMule coolers are. In fact IceMule cooler lineup consist of soft and very portable coolers in a form of backpacks that are made of extremely durable material. Manufacturers of IceMule coolers stated that they have created ‘real’ coolers that will be able to hold ‘real’ ice and be easy to carry for a long distances. Well, we can surely say that they have succeeded in it.

#1 – The Ice Mule Classic Cooler








Small 10L                                                        Medium 15L                                          Large 20L

8″ x 16″ when closed                                    10″ x 16″ when closed                        12″ x 16″ when closed
6 – 8 Cans + Ice                                             12 Cans + Ice                                       18 Cans + Ice
4 Wine Bottles + Ice                                      5 Wine Bottles + Ice                             5 Wine Bottles + Ice

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First option in our list is the IceMule Classic cooler. This model is waterproof and has a good insulation. Actually this is an original soft cooler n a form of roll-top bag that is equipped with one convenient and durable strap for easy carrying on the shoulder. Unlike the Pro option this cooler is not created as a backpack.

Based on

We have already mentioned that IceMule cooler are made of durable material, but let’s consider its structure more deeply. Each cooler is created from several layers. The external layer of the cooler has an IM AirValve™ that makes the air fully squeezed out when you decide to roll-up cooler in the case when you don’t need it. Also the external layer of the IceMule coolers is made of a durable MuleSkin™ EV that is separated from the unique one-piece welded inner liner with the PolarLayer insulation that is proprietary by the IceMule manufacturers.

You may think that it hardly ever will be convenient to carry completely filled cooler on your shoulder, but actually thanks to specially designed durable padded carrying strap you will not even feel the real weight of this cooler.

IceMule coolers have a great popularity because their different sizes and bright colors. The IceMule Classic option is produced in three different sizes and colors. You can choose it in sky blue, orange or olive color and pick up the appropriate size among large (20L), medium (15L) and small (10L).

The duration of ice retention period of this model is 24 hours (if you will not leave your cooler under sun rays).

#2 – The IceMule Pro Cooler






Large 20L                            X Large 33L                             XX Large40L                    Large 23L                            X Large 33L

17″ tall, 14″                          20″ tall, 14″                             23″ tall, 14″                       17″ tall, 14″                          20″ tall, 14″

wide, 11″ deep                    wide, 11″ deep                       wide, 11″ deep                  wide, 11″ deep                    wide, 11″ deep

when closed                       when closed                           when closed                           deep                                     deep

18 Cans + Ice                     24 Cans + Ice                         36 Cans + Ice                    18 Cans + Ice                      24 Cans + Ice

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The second option of the IceMule lineup is the IceMule Pro Cooler. This model differs from the previous one with its size and presence of some additional features in its design. In fact it is an enhanced version of the IceMule Classic cooler.

The difference that immediately catches the eye is the presence of durable backpack-style straps unlike the single carrying strap that the previous model has. Also in this model you will find special padded, ventilated cushion for your back that you will definitely appreciate when you will be carrying 20L or even larger options of the IceMule Pro coolers. We also recommend you to read our tips about backpack safety.

We have already said that this option is an enhanced variant of the Classic option. Because of this fact the external layer of the Pro model is created with the additional, super heavy-duty 1000-denier MuleSkin™ ET layer for more durability. One more thing that differ these two options is the elastic mesh pocket on the front of backpack for stashing little odds and ends.

As the previous option the Pro cooler is produced in three colors and sizes. You can find it in Realtree camo, olive or grey colors and choose the necessary size among Large – 20L, XLarge – 33L, and XXLarge – 40L.

Like the previous option this cooler also has the IM AirVent™ feature that allow you to roll it to the incredibly small size.

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#3 – The IceMule Pro Catch Cooler








     Small 22 Inch                                                 Medium 32 Inch                                     Large 42 Inch

22 inches long                                                                       32 inches long                                                           42 inches long

19 inch wide opening at top                                               19 inch wide opening at top                                    24 inch wide opening at top

9 inch base                                                                            9 inch base                                                                 9 inch base

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The last representative of IceMule coolers is the IceMule Pro Catch Cooler. This cooler has been created specifically for fishermen to use it in their kayaks or for using in SUP (stand-up paddleboard) fishing. This option is also often called as the ‘fish catch cooler’.

In fact this model is very similar to the Pro model, but with some unique additions. First thing that differ this model is its tapered design. Also it is equipped with clips, welded strips and elastic strings for lashing it to the kayak when you are going fishing. This model has one shoulder sling as the Classic model of IceMule coolers that was described in the first position of our list. This option like the previous both models is manufactures in three sizes. Choose the best option for you among large (42” long), medium (32” long) and small (22” long).

The construction of the Pro Catch option is the same as Pro cooler has. It is also made of the same super-durable 1000-denier MuleSkin™ ET exterior and can boast of the same IM AirValve™ feature.

Speaking about performance, we can’t state that it has better features than some options from other leading fish bags out there, but it will become a great companion in your kayak fishing. Good and well-thought-on model for convenient fishing.

Accessories for IceMule Coolers

Any world famous brand can not do without specially created accessories for its coolers. Being among world leading brands IceMule manufacturers decided to please their users with unique and useful accessories that can become a great addition to their coolers.

#1 – IceMule Dry Pack 10L

This accessory is created to protect your sandwiches or snacks from getting completely soggy and wet after contacting with the ice inside your cooler. This high-quality dry pack will keep them cold and completely dry. A great addition for those who are tired of eating wet bread in their sandwiches.

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#2 – IceMule Pro Pack

This accessory is really very useful in each your trip. This small pack is waterproof and has zippers for holding such important and necessary things as wallet or mobile phone. Created specifically to fit external elastic pockets of Pro Catch and Pro models it will become an integral thing of your trip.

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#3 – IceMule Koozie 6-pack

This kit of branded koozies was created for true fans of IceMule brand. This kit consists of 6-pack of koozies among which you will find two orange, two camo and two blue koozies with the IceMule company logo. Will be a great addition to your collection of IceMule products.

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Where Can I Buy My IceMule Cooler?

Many our readers are often interested where they can purchase IceMule coolers and get a discount. We happy to answer on this question. IceMule is popular, but not a gigantic brand. You are able to find it in some of local stores across your country, but we will recommend you to purchase it on Amazon. Among the main advantages of purchasing IceMule coolers is on Amazon is their price (the cheapest price in comparison with other places to buy) and availability of all sizes and colors. In addition to this you will be able to read reviews from other users about model you liked.

Conclusion Words.

If you like an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors by hiking, travelling or doing other activities like fishing these coolers will definitely fit you. The backpack construction of the IceMule coolers will make your hands free and don’t bring you any inconveniences even when your cooler is completely filled. With the convenient design you will not even feel its real weight. When you don’t need your IceMule cooler you can easily roll it to the very small size and it will not take much space. Bright colors, wide range of available sizes and highest quality from well-known manufacturers have made these coolers incredibly popular among youth and not only.

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